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Best L-Track Massage Chairs

Welcome to our review of the best L-track massage chairs! We’ll review some of the top L track massage chairs a bit further down this article, but first, let’s discuss why you might want to invest in an L track in the first place.

Best L-Track Massage Chairs – Introduction

Looking for an L-Track Massage Chair? Then you’ve probably heard that an L-track system is the most modern technology employed in massage chairs. You are indeed correct.

Truth be told most high-end massage chairs have an L-track so sometimes it can be confusing to know what an L-track is and how it benefits you as a consumer.

We’ve researched thousands of massage chairs and done heavy data analysis to bring you our curated list of the best massage chairs.

What Is An L-track And Why Would I Want A Massage Chair That Has One?

An L-track allows the massage rollers to go past your butt onto the lower thigh area.

Essentially, massage chairs with an L-track will massage your butt and then some.

Although an L-track itself might not sound like a lot, our analysis shows that chairs that have an L-track typically have better, more modern technology.

A great way to remember the benefits of an L-track is to think of the shape of the letter “L.”

If you were to sit on a chair that is shaped like an “L” the seating would cover your butt and upper thighs.

If you ever hear the term SL-track instead of L-track, keep in mind that these are two of the same thing.

SL-track is technically more correct since most L-tracks are S-track with an extension.

Both will follow the curves of your body to give you an efficient massage.

Did you know that SL-track is typically synonymous with L-track?

What Are Some Alternative Track Mechanisms For A Massage Chair?

If an L-track is considered good, what is considered bad?

Its predecessor the S-track was the first track system that followed the curves of your body.

It was invented because the older massage chairs gave massages that weren’t consistent along the back. After all, it wasn’t curved.

A massage chair with an S-track will not go past your butt. It will stop at the lower back area.

The fixed point massage system is a much cheaper alternative to the S-track or the L-track.

When a massage chair is made using fixed massage nodes, it tends to be a lot cheaper since the rollers, the track, and the processor to control them tend to cost the most amount of money.

The Best L-Track Massage Chairs

This is our list of the best L-track massage chairs.

Many of these are award-winning designs and the brands behind them have made some noise in this industry.

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Massage Chair

medical breakthrough massage chair with l track rollers

Medical breakthrough massage is the only L-track massage chair we’ve ever seen that is endorsed by more than 25 Medical Doctors.

It’s got a Medical Body Scan that will tailor massages for different body shapes and sizes.

This massage chair can do things a real masseuse cannot.

One of those is part of the 4-dimensional arm massage technology feature.

Your arms, hands, fingers, and fingertips will all be massaged at the same time.

One thing I liked is that it has a lot of customization options.

Recline as far as you want and adjust the intensity, speed, and placement of rollers to where you would like.

Of course, it comes with many features of a high-end massage chair: zero gravity, lumbar heating, and air compression massage.

On Amazon, this chair has an average 4.9 / 5-star rating!

The Cheapest L-track Massage Chairs

When looking for a cheap L-track massage chair, make sure to read the descriptions and customer reviews.

Some brands may advertise as having an SL track but only have an S track.

Ootori massage chair l track review
l track massage chair review

BestMassage Shiatsu Chair

The cheapest L-track massage chair we were able to find is this chair by Best Massage which is just over $1200 bucks.

Best cheap l track massage chair

BestMassage is an up-and-coming brand and is not known as much as Kahuna or Osaki.

This chair does have all the key features of a high-end chair.

Zero gravity, SL-track, airbags, foot rollers, etc.

One thing we liked about this chair is the intensity of the airbags.

It’s pretty strong and adds extra to the massages instead of a weak pamper massage.

Another thing is that zero gravity reclines your feet above your heart.

Some cheaper chairs say they have zero gravity when the chair doesn’t recline that far.

Two things we would watch out for:

  • Customer service is not that great. They aren’t very responsive
  • Shipping is only done via freight. They will not deliver to your door if you live in a high-rise or apartment. They only deliver to buildings.

The Best 4D L track massage chair

A 4D massage chair means you can control the position of the rollers (2D), the depth of the rollers (3D), and the time (4D).

4D L track massage chairs are more common than you might think.

Most high-end chairs can adjust the strength and timing of a massage.

Kahuna SM-7300

Kahuna SM-7300 l track massage chair

One of our favorite brands is Kahuna. They have responsive US-based customer service and genuinely care about finding the perfect massage chair for you.

The SM-7300 is a great value chair and has a 4.4 / 5-star rating on Amazon.

It comes jam-packed with features like zero gravity, SL-track with 6 rollers, and Space Saving technology.

We like that this chair is wider and bigger than the average massage chair.

This chair can fit up to 6 feet 6 inches and carry 320 lbs of weight.

My favorite program is Yoga Stretching.

The chair will use airbags to grip your feet and shoulders as it reclines. It feels like it’s stretching your whole body!

Best L Track Massage Chairs – Conclusion

I hope this article has helped explain what an L-track massage chair is, and the benefits it can bring.

Even though an L-track massage chair can sometimes be more expensive, the extra massage on the lower half of your body is worth the investment, particularly if you suffer from leg or hip pain.

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