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Regular massages can greatly reduce stress and tension, but these sessions have become a luxury a few can afford. Massage chairs are a simpler option and many can replicate that luxurious relaxation at home. This guide helps you decide the Best 5 Massage Chairs for $2000 – $5000 from the myriad of options available.

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Let’s dive in and have a look at the options available to you. You don’t want to compromise on quality and features, so the massage chair has to have some therapeutic features that help relieve stress instead of the flashy LEDs that we’re so accustomed to seeing on lower-budget models. 

We made sure we covered the long-term usage of these massage chairs and scanned through hundreds of verified reviews to bring something more than the initial impressions you’ll see on the internet.

Quick Comparison

OS Pro AdmiralKahuna 6800TMassaMAX 2024Human Touch 8.0iRest A710 2024
Smart Scan
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading +
Manual Massage
Zero Gravity
Foot Rollers
Calf Rollers
Lumbar Heating
Calf Heating
Toe Heating
Auto ProgramsSixteenTwenty-fourEightSevenTwenty-three
Space Saving
Leg Extension
220 lbs207 lbs300 lbs285 lbs330 lbs


Osaki OS-Pro Admiral


SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 239 lbs       Upright height: 50”       Reclined height: 40.6”     Reclined Length: 74.8”       Wall Clearance: 2”                                    User height: up to 6’ 3”    Max weight: 220 lbs    Auto Programs: 16 Techniques: 6
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section   + 24 Airbags + Zero Gravity + Heated Calf Massager + 3D Roller Intensity Settings
WHAT IT MISSES– Weight limit is 220 lbs only

Osaki has been a customer favorite for a long time. Their massage chairs are reliable and long-lasting and they’ve been making massage chairs for almost 15 years.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral has all the bells and whistles that bring it to the top of our list and then a little more. 

It comes in a subtle black, grey, and brown color or a taupe that dominates the aesthetic in any room. 

OS Pro Admiral has 3D L track rollers that follow the curve of your spine and run under the seat for a glute massage. Starting from the neck and shoulders down to the hamstrings, the body experiences a deep-tissue massage supported by all the different massage styles. 

Osaki massage chair is remarkably accommodating. Osaki OS-Pro Admiral is capable of a strong massage, but if someone else prefers a lighter experience, the 3D roller technology allows for 6 intensity settings, protruding and pulling back the rollers for a soothing massage to all family members. 

There’s an auto-body scan that can adjust the seat according to the user’s height. Furthermore, it scans all the acupressure points on your back and neck, positioning the rollers for an accurate massage. 

24 airbags provide a full-body compression massage. These airbags also tuck you in and hold you for an effective stretching program. 

Of course, it covers the entry-level massage chair features like zero-gravity, lumbar heating, foot rollers, and Bluetooth speakers but offers them in a much more premium package. In addition, to lower back heating, it can also heat the calves for better blood circulation. 

Here’s the full review of the Osaki OS PRO Admiral. 

Most people just want to jump into the coziness of massage chair cushions and skip all the settings and massage selections. 

Admiral has 16 auto-massage programs and the most innovative one is the ‘text neck’. This auto program quickly targets the neck and shoulders for much-needed relief from a hunched back and days’ worth of strain and tension from looking at your phone.

Kahuna 6800T Massage Chair

SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 207 lbs          Upright height: 45”          Reclined height: 33.5”        Reclined Length: 74.8”         Wall Clearance: 3”                                   User height: up to 6’ 2”    Max weight: 220 lbs    Auto Programs: 24 Techniques: 5
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section   +32 Airbags + Zero Gravity + Heated Foot Rollers
WHAT IT MISSES– Heated Calf Massagers – Shiatsu Massage  

Kahuna LM6800T

A good budget opens many options, but it’s not necessary to spend what you came in with. Kahuna 6800T has a great price-to-performance ratio. It seems impressive from the initial specs but we found a few places it cut corners. 

Kahuna LM 6800T is a reimagined model of the previous LM 6800. The upgrade comes after taking months of feedback from customers and improving the LM 6800. 

Kahuna LM 6800T comes in a two-tone camel/black or camel/white aesthetic. We’re personally not the biggest fan of the color choice and think the white/black looks far superior. 

The roller technology is an SL track with 3D rollers that move side to side, up and down, and in and out for a thorough massage. The SL track maintains contact with the back and glides over to the glutes without breaking contact with the body. 

Kahuna LM 6800T comes completely assembled, but this luxury will require a door width of at least 32”.

Where Kahuna beats other massage chairs is the auto programs. They start with a simple stretch and go all the way to an intense leg-only massage. With programs like ‘relax’ and back relief in between. 

You can switch to manual mode and choose any massage technique from kneading, rolling, tapping, or flapping at any fixed area. 

There’s a greater deal of manual control over zero-gravity than other chairs at this price and you can even raise or lower the ottoman according to your needs. 

It has a heated lower back massage and we were surprised to find heating in the foot section but not the calves. This makes it a great massage chair with perfect foot reflexology but a basic air massage for the calves. 

Overall, the chair checks all the necessary boxes and has most of the high-end features including speakers and body scan for a small price. 

MassaMAX 2024

SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 205 lbs    Upright height: 45”    Reclined height: 35.8”  Reclined Length: 68.9”   
Wall Clearance: 2”    User height: up to 6’ 1”    Max weight: 300 lbs    Auto Programs: 8 Techniques: 6
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section   + Zero Gravity  + True Yoga Stretch
WHAT IT MISSES– Auto Programs – Heated Calf Massager

MassaMAX 2024 is one of the smaller massage chairs on our list. It can accommodate people just a little above 6 feet and reclines completely under 70”. The space-saving design makes it ideal for smaller rooms and offices and the large weight capacity might be a reason to consider the MassaMAX a321 for your home. 

MassaMAX has managed to put together all the great features like a heated lower back massage, auto body scan, and a zero gravity function in this small package and even smaller price. 

The 3D rollers have a side-to-side spread of 8.2” and come together to massage the S curve of your spine and carry the massage to the glutes. The rollers can knead, tap, and shiatsu massage, and it would have been soothing to have calf rollers or heating. 

There is a little creativity with the massage control. Besides the handrail and remote, you can use voice-activated commands to take control of the massage and most users found it responsive and easier to use than a remote control. 

It falls short in the range of auto programs but has 6 massage techniques including a knocking action you won’t find on other chairs. 


There are a few other features that make it a worthwhile investment and you can find the complete review of MassaMAX 321 here

Human Touch 8.0 Massage Chair

SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 114 lbs    Upright height: 40”    Reclined height: 29”  Reclined Length: 66”   
Wall Clearance: 9”    User height: up to 6’ 2”    Max weight: 285 lbs    Auto Programs: Seven     Techniques: Five
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section   + Great Aesthetics + Conveniently Hides Calf Massagers + Lightweight  + Great Light Massage + Bodymap Pro + Simple Interface
WHAT IT MISSES– Zero Gravity – Heated Calf Massager – Speakers – Variation In Massage Techniques – Foot Rollers – No Arm Massage – No Airbag compression

The first impressions of the Human Touch 8.0 would make you wonder if it even is a massage chair. The design, colors, wood accents, and a hiding calf massager make it look like an extremely premium comforting chair. 

A closer inspection reveals some of the greatest technology in massage chairs and a package that weighs just 114 lbs. The real reason anyone would get this chair is because of its subtle minimalist design and light massage capability. 

Human Touch 8.0 does not have all the impressive massage techniques but uses its home-built 3D flexglide rollers that mimic a masseuse. The chair comes with an adjustable head pillow and removable padding to intensify the massage. 

The Human Touch 8.0 massage chair does not have the zero-gravity feature like other premium massage chairs under $5000, but it offers a degree of adjustable recline. More specifically, a 146° maximum recline. 

Massage chair features heated air that reaches your lumbar, relieving pain and providing relief from built-up lower back tension. The warmth and soft padding make the massage chair highly inviting but the lack of airbags makes you question the classic massage chair experience. 

The calf massagers have to be manually brought up because of the spring-loaded mechanism and the airbags provide an impressive massage. There are no foot rollers or heated calf massagers but the innovative cyclic direction of the airbags improves the blood circulation. 

Human Touch 8.0 controls

The chair can swivel up to 55° and there’s a USB port to charge your phone. The remote is not overly populated and has an easy-to-use interactive body map. Simply press any of the regions on this map and activate a localized massage to that section. 

The chair has many compromises and many innovations. You can tell from the name, the idea is to mimic a human massage instead of a compression massage from chairs. 

iRest A710 2024

SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 292 lbs    Upright height: 48.03”    Reclined height: 36.64”  Reclined Length: 70.87”   
Wall Clearance: 3”    User height: up to 6’ 3”    Max weight: 330 lbs    Auto Programs: 23  Techniques: 10
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section   + Heated shawl + Heated toes  + Zero Gravity + Calf Rollers + 4D Rollers + Voice command + More techniques
WHAT IT MISSES– Calibration and Changing Recline Angle Is Slow


iRest A710 2024 is a massage chair that does it all. If you’re looking for something that will never get you bored, the iRest A710 has a list of features that cover you from head to toe just like the massage it offers. 

The experience starts with an auto scan, that detects the shoulders, spine curve, and acupressure points to adjust the spread of the rollers. It also takes your weight measurements and adjusts the intensity of the rollers. 

iRest A710 has SL track technology but 4D rollers that provide a much more efficient massage and more effective massage by releasing pressure knots around your back. 

The added fourth dimension also increases the massage techniques and the rollers can twist, squeeze, and press along with the standard tapping and shiatsu massage styles. 

The airbags on this massage chair are worth the money. The high-intensity massage compresses your body and you can feel the blood rush when the pressure is relieved. This improves blood circulation. 

The heating is not like most massage chairs. There is lumbar heating and two heating pads that you can place on top of your body like a wide seatbelt starting from your shoulders and going to the hips. This is great for winter or colder places. 

Foot massage is out of this world. The foot rollers provide perfect reflexology and the covered toes provide ample air compression and heating. The only downside would be fit issues for really large feet. 

The calf massagers can move up and down like kneading and there are rollers built into the ottoman. 

In terms of technology, you’re not missing out on anything. There are Bluetooth speakers, a wireless charging pad, a USB accessory port, voice commands, and a touch screen to access all the features. 

It does not fall short in auto programs and has some great neck and relaxation auto programs.  iRest 4D massage chair competes with top-tier massage chairs that cost over $5,000 for the same features.


Which Massage Chair Is Right For You?

Massage chairs provide relief from a lot of stress and built-up tension, but having to decide between massage chairs can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Here’s a mini guide to help you decide on a massage chair


Having many features is ideal but this can quickly raise the price. You should look for features that are a necessity and avoid the extra gimmicks that are simply an excuse to empty your wallet. 

Features like heat therapy and reflexology have actual health benefits as opposed to mediocre speakers or LEDs. 


Massage chairs are not a cheap investment. You can get an entry-level massage chair but it likely wouldn’t be a close replacement for an actual massage. Instead, keep your budget in a mid-range and take a look at the best 5 massage chairs for $2000 – $5000. 


Not all massage chairs are built the same. Many have great back massages but lack in areas of calf and foot massages. Identify the purpose of your massage sessions. Do you want relief from back pain? Or are you tired of standing for long hours? 

Go for a massage chair that matches your purpose. Do not compromise between a great back massage and a poor leg and foot massage, if most of the relief you need is provided from a draining calf massage. 

More Auto Programs

This might be the least talked about thing by massage chair reviewers. The greater the number of auto massages, the easier it is to initiate a relaxing massage.

Having auto neck, and shoulder massages or specific auto programs like ‘lower back’, calf, etc is ideal. Having to set specific massage styles in different areas and saving them to the chair will ruin the laid-back relaxing process you bought the chair for in the first place. 

 Assembly and Warranty

Look for manufacturers who stand by their product’s quality and offer extended warranties on parts and labor.

This might come as a surprise, but massage chairs usually have some kind of assembly remaining. Usually, this is the touchscreen mount or the ottoman recliner. You can pay for a white gloves service or a chair with minimal and easy self-assembly.


Massage chairs have recently become an extremely competitive market. Fortunately, that’s great news as this keeps the prices down and features high. Our updated list has new massage chairs from 4D rollers to much simpler auto-gliding 3D rollers. Massage chair experience varies from person to person and the chairs featured on this list outperformed their competition in terms of value, design, and most importantly price point. 

You may also be interested in our article on the comparison between the big 2 – Osaki and Kahuna

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