Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain:

Welcome to our review of Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain.

Why should you bother looking for the best massage chair for back pain?

Back pain is one of the most challenging things to deal with and can impact every part of your daily life. It’s important to face the problem head-on so you can be back on your feet and enjoy life as soon as possible.

When it comes to most types of back pain, massage is key to recovery, but can be expensive and a hassle. Back massage chairs can provide the same health benefits at fractions of the cost of massage parlor visits.

Finding the best massage chairs for back pain is essential.

The most frequent types of back pain are muscular back pain, sciatic back pain, and back pain for reasons like herniated discs or cysts. Each one of these varieties requires its treatment plan, and massage chairs can help each type in different ways.

Best Massage Chair for Muscular Back Pain

There are two muscles that most frequently affect back pain, the paraspinal muscles and the quadratus lumborum muscle. Often, muscle pain is caused when muscles get inflamed or spasm. Massage can help defray these effects.

Massage is primarily helpful with muscle pain in reducing inflammation. Reducing the inflammation in these aggravated muscles allows them to relax back to their natural states. The best massage chairs for back pain related to muscular issues involve S-track rollers that can massage these muscles until they’re as good as new.

Budget Option: The Apex AP-Odyssey Massage Chair

best budget massage chair for muscular back pain

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This is a great option for an S-Track chair if you are on a budget.

It features rollers that travel from the upper neck, through the back, down the back, and to the waist. It has airbags that can help massage all around you, as well as a footrest that will make any time spent in the chair as comfortable as possible.

The chair can be controlled by a remote, meaning it will be easy to operate, and allows you to recline back while taking a massage. With its low price tag and strong features, this chair is one of the best massage chairs for back pain.

Best Feature: Osaki OS4000D Model OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Full Body Massage Chair

Osaki os4000D massage chair for back pain

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The chair is a “smart chair” which can detect your body’s curvature and make adjustments automatically to ensure that your massage is as customized and useful as possible.

It has six automated programs to focus attention on your intention. You can choose from Circulation, Therapy, the Smart option, the Relax program, the Healthcare selection, or the Demo.

You can also adjust how wide or narrow you want the chair to be or use the air pressure massages to get whole-body relaxation.

The chair has six different kinds of massage programs. From Swedish to shiatsu, any preference will be well-suited in this chair. It’s customizability and a large suite of features make this chair one of the best massage chairs for back pain when it comes to muscular issues.

Best Massage Chair for Sciatic Back Pain

Several things can cause sciatica, like bone spurs, disk herniation, or a spasm of the piriformis muscle. If your sciatica is caused by a spasm of the piriformis muscle, the best massage chairs for back pain that will help your symptoms are massage chairs with L-tracks.

L-tracks are tracks of rollers that travel under the buttocks. Most massage chairs stop their rollers at the waist. If you want to relax that piriformis muscle, you are going to need to go lower, which L-track chairs can help with.

Budget Option:  Forever Rest RK-5ks L-track

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L-Track chairs are relatively new technology, which means many of them are quite expensive.

It comes with seven different kinds of massage variations. You can choose between a knocking sensation, kneading, rolling, or others. There are also four pre-programmed massages. These are designed to help you stretch, swing, recover, or relax.

It has space-saving features so it won’t dominate too much of your real estate. It also comes with foot and calf massagers so your entire body can be taken care of. With its price and features, for sciatic issues, this is one of the best massage chairs for back pain.

OSAKI OS-PRO MAESTRO Electric Full Body 4D Massage Chair

best massage chair for sciatic back pain

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This chair has all the features for maximum relaxation and comfort. The back rollers are heated, and heat can also help reduce inflammation. It comes tricked out with a Bluetooth connection for an HD speaker and a USB charger.

It has five different speed adjustment choices, five different levels of strength that you can choose from, and five different intensities of massages. 8 different levels of adjustment affect how wide and deep each massage is. With all of this customization, each person can design the perfect massage for themselves.

This chair also allows for zero-gravity relaxation, taking the pressure off of your muscles. All of these features add up to a steep price, however. With its L-track
accommodation and all of its amenities, this chair is one of the best massage chairs for back pain if you have sciatica.

Best Massage Chairs for Herniated Discs, Cysts, and other Pressure-Sensitive afflictions:

One of the hardest things for people suffering from these problems is when pressure is put on them. When just sitting down and relaxing aggravates your symptoms, it’s really difficult to make it through the day. The best massage chairs for pressure-sensitive back pain are massage chairs that have zero-gravity abilities.

As the name suggests, zero-gravity chairs allow you to invert so gravity is no longer putting as much pressure on your back. This can alleviate a good deal of pain and allow you to rest. Regular massage around the afflicted area can help prevent scar tissue, so massage capabilities are also important.

Budget Option: OOTORI Full Body Electric Massage Chair

ootori full body massage chair

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This massage chair comes at a very low price. It’s very inexpensive as massage chairs go and still has many of the features desired in high-quality chairs. This makes it one of the best massage chairs for back pain currently on the market.

With the zero-gravity features that this chair has, the pressure being placed on your herniated disc or cyst will come right off. The chair also comes with massage elements that can help protect from scar tissue development.

You can choose from several types of speed and intensity of massage, as well as pre-programmed massages. All of these attributes for its low price make this chair an excellent option for any consumer.

Good Feature Pick: OOTORI Full Body Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

ootori full body massage chair for herniated disc

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This chair has the best of the best when it comes to zero gravity. There are three different angles of zero gravity to choose from, and each will relieve the pressure that’s bothering you.

It also comes with six different massage programs that can help different body areas, at different speeds and intensities. You can ensure you will be safe from scar tissue by directing the massage to where it counts.

The chair’s body detection system automatically scans you and automatically adjusts to make sure it fits your body as well as possible.

This option comes with a steep price, but it is well worth the price. Its luxurious look, high-quality zero-gravity programs, and massage options make it a top choice of the best massage chairs for back pain.


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