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Welcome to our article on the Best Massage Chairs.  We’ll help you find your perfect massage chair from our list of Best Massage Chairs over $5,000

Best Massage Chairs over ,000

Massage chairs come in all shapes and sizes. Only a few are designed to replicate a world of comfort offered by the human touch at a spa and they are in no way cheap. On the bright side, you get what you pay for: cutting-edge massage technology with seating contours that envelop your entire body in soft cushions.

In this detailed review of the Best Massage Chairs Over $5000, we’ve collected the best at-home devices with features, specs, things we liked, and other customer reviews so you don’t have to go anywhere else for the best massage chairs over $5000.

For a quick comparison have a look at our comparison table below.

Osaki OS-Pro
Maestro 4D
6 x4
Smart Scan
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading +
Kneading +
Manual Massage
Zero Gravity
Foot Rollers
Heat Therapy
Auto ProgramsEightSixTwenty fourSixFourteen
Heated Rollers
Space Saving
Leg Extension
Maximum Load
260 lbs250 lbs250 lbs260 lbs260 lbs
Upright height: 48.1”
Reclined height: 36.9”
Reclined Length: 79.5”
Wall Clearance: 5”   
User height: up to 6’ 3” 
Max weight: 260 lbs 
Auto Programs: Eight
Techniques: Six
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Rollers
+ 32 Airbags
+ Zero Gravity
+ Kneading Foot Massage
+ Feeling of more than one person massaging
WHAT IT MISSES– Functioning App Control

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D

Osaki has been serving at-home massage chairs for nearly two decades and offers more than 40 massage chairs, but Osaki OS-Pro Maestro takes the crown for the best Osaki massage chair.

When spending more than $5000 on a massage chair you should look for features that replicate the experience of an authentic massage and you’ll find the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro comes close to organic adjustability, real kneading imitation, and a feeling of many hands gently squeezing and turning you.

Maestro 4D comes with an auto-scanning feature that sends rollers up and down your spine to cater the massage to your height and spread. Once the scan is complete, all pressure points are located for a stress-relieving massage. 

The 4D rollers can apply mild heat as they massage your back and follow the entire contour of your spine and glutes. 

4D rollers can move in and out along with three other axes to provide precise motions and pressures used by a skilled masseuse. 

32 airbags found on Osaki OS PRO Maestro hold you snugly and rhythmically and apply pressure to increase blood flow in your arms, hands, legs, and shoulders. 

While all these mechanical massagers are working, the rollers can increase the intensity of the infrared heating to penetrate through to the overworked muscles for an unforgettable relaxation session. 

Many of the features are standard budget massage chair features but are much more effective. Many users found the zero-gravity to remove the weight on their back and extend their spine to relieve all the built-up tension. 

Where it really shines is the lower body. Osaki OS-Pro Maestro offers calf and feet kneading massage with complete coverage of the soles with reflexology features. 

In terms of tech, you’ll find a great touch remote, shortcut keys built into the machine, Bluetooth connectivity, and speakers. 

You can adjust the rollers to eight intensity levels, and five air bag pressures, and choose from eight auto massages including shiatsu and stretch. Four manual massage modes can be combined to offer unique styles. 

As usual with massage chairs, the mobile app is buggy but offers more control.

Maestro comes as close as a massage chair can to the human touch and investing in this massage chair will save you thousands throughout its long-lasting massage sessions. It has everything an expensive massage chair should and doesn’t cut any corners to personalize the massage experience. 

One user reviewed the Osaki Pro Maestro as 

This chair is much more comfortable to sit in and gives amazingly good massage. Yes, it’s not better than human hands but it is close enough.”

Upright height: 50”
Reclined height: 30”
Reclined Length: 68” 
User height: up to 6’ 5” 
Max weight: 250 lbs 
Auto Programs: Six
Techniques: Six
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Great Lower Back Massage
+ Recommended to patients and backed by doctors
+Heated lumbar
+ Zero Gravity
+ Kneading Foot Massage
+ Strong Shoulder Massage
WHAT IT MISSES–Voice activated functions

Medical Breakthrough 6

Medical Breakthrough is not a traditional massage chair company. The people behind the Medical Breakthrough 6 are doctors and chiropractors who wanted to replicate back healing sessions through a machine. More importantly, recommend a massage chair to patients with back issues. 

Have you ever had a massage session and heard your back pop and crack sensing the tension being released? Well, that’s the sort of massage Medical Breakthrough hopes to give with the Medical Breakthrough 6. 

We would call these claims a gimmick but all of their massage chairs have 4D rollers which shows their dedication to a real massage. 4-D rollers can push in and out, pressing on pressure points along the back, relieving stress and knots, and softening overused muscles. 

It has an intelligent scan system to adjust the length of the rollers to your height and locate all the tension points by applying slight pressure and feeling resistance. The leg extension is adjustable and very accommodating. 

Over 20 massaging airbags work together with the SL track rollers to cover the entire back and legs down to foot reflexology. 

The selling point of this massage chair is the lower back massage. The rollers are strong but not to the point where they feel stiff and painful. The rollers knead, roll, and stretch the lower back to alleviate discomfort, and airbags around the lower back provide compression and decompression to the region which reduces inflammation and muscle tension. 

The hip twist function is a small detail many expensive massage chairs miss. Imagine having hip or lower back problems and being stuck in a massage chair the whole time. Medical Breakthrough 6 swings the seat in a figure 8 motion to engage the hip and provide mobility. 

There is a heated lumbar section that adds to the relaxation and a wide shoulder airbag that provides a robust massage to broad shoulders. 

Foot massages on the massage chair come with complete coverage of the soles and airbags that knead from the top. The rollers are set to stimulate the reflex points on the foot to promote relaxation.

Naturally for this price, zero gravity, stretching, Bluetooth connectivity, and speakers come included but it would be nice to have voice-activated functions. 

From a dynamic perspective, one of the customer reviews mentions

I have friends who are planning to get this same chair, they are so impressed with it. Two thumbs up from me!”

Upright height: 48”
Reclined height: 32”
Reclined Length: 77” 
Wall Clearance: 3”   
User height: up to 6’ 2” 
Max weight: 250lbs 
Auto Programs: Twenty-Four
Techniques: Five
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heat Therapy
+ Calf Rollers
+ Zero Gravity
+ Kneading Foot Massage
+ Many Auto Programs
WHAT IT MISSES– Better Padding and Cushions
– Softer Massage Settings

Kahuna EM8500 Elite

Kahuna has previously served the budget massage chair range really well and it was about time they entered the pricey massage chair market. 

Kahuna EM8500 Elite is one of those massage chairs with a unique blend of functions and features that you won’t find on any other massage chair. For instance, the 24 auto programs that serve every person sitting on the chair. 

As with most massage chairs over $5000, Kahuna EM8500 Elite comes standard with 4D rollers and airbags that cover the entire contact area of your body. 

It comes with an L track that covers your spine and glutes and an automatically adjusting footrest. Standard features for expensive massage chairs. 

Their unique blend starts with offering dual foot rollers and heat therapy that runs from the back, down to the calves and feet.

The heat therapy is unmatched and offers the relief of a lifetime. Heating penetrates the muscle fibers and you can feel them get loose and relieve stress with a gradual gentle kneading of the 4D rollers. 

Separate sets of rollers continue the massage on the calves where airbags inflate and deflate regulating the blood flow. 

The dual foot roller works in combination with the squeezing airbags to provide the perfect reflexology massage. 

This massage chair is great for improving blood circulation as the zero gravity feature can be adjusted to 3 positions. EM 8500 tilts your body into a fetal position and the airbags compress you tightly. When decompressed you can feel fresh blood rushing through the decompressed arms, calves, and legs. This helps with overall blood circulation.

Kahuna EM8500 is also called the King’s Chair and this might be an advertising gig, but so many auto programs do make you feel like a king. There’s no need to fuss with custom settings or waste your limited time. Simply sit and choose from the different massage styles available. 

You can create a custom massage and add it to your favorite list, listen to music from Bluetooth speakers, and enjoy the soft LED lights at night. You can control Kahuna EM8500 using a touch screen or shortcut keys. 

Here’s a consumer review for Kahuna to help you decide

I have back issues and am on my feet 24/7 as a health care worker and this has made my life so much better.”

Upright height: 49”
Reclined height: 36”
Reclined Length: 77” 
Wall Clearance: 6.25”   
User height: up to 6’ 4” 
Max weight: 265 lbs 
Auto Programs: Fourteen
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Rollers
+ Calf Rollers
+ Zero Gravity
+ Kneading Foot Massage
+ Many Auto Programs
+ Swing Doors
+ Kneading Headrest
+ Aroma Therapy
WHAT IT MISSES– Better padding and long-lasting seat cushions.

OHCO M.8 Luxury Massage Chair

When it comes to perfection, there’s nothing better than a made-in-Japan massage chair. After all, it is the birthplace of the first massage chair. 

OHCO M.8 comes with state-of-the-art massage technology. It has strong rollers in the back for a deep tissue massage and sensitive rollers above the shoulders that massage the neck and trapezius muscles. OHCO calls it the Movesync Dual Massage Mechanisms. 

If the heated 4D rollers weren’t impressive, OHCO M.8 has rear swinging doors that make entry and exit comfortably graceful. It is particularly useful for elder people, injured patients, and recovering athletes. 

Japanese perfection is built into the craftsmanship of this massage chair with a kneading and stretching headrest. 

This might be the sole selling point for people suffering from neck strain due to continuous computer and mobile use.

Unlike other massage chairs, the zero gravity feature can recline while giving a massage and performing stretches. 

If the neck massage had you sold, the heated calf massager will seal the deal. It works in sync with two-way foot rollers to relieve strain off your soles from long-standing sessions.

The goal of OHCO M.8 is to immerse all your senses. There’s an air ionizer that filters dust and sends clean air through vents near the headrest. 

You can choose a favorite scented oil to stimulate your sense of smell by just placing a few drops in the diffuser. 

In terms of technology, OHCO tried to automate the massage chair as much as possible, with automatic lighting as you approach, Bluetooth speakers, and storage slots to store your phone. 

You can choose from fourteen auto programs and six techniques with micro-adjustability in the manual mode. Some techniques you won’t find on other massage chairs include neck kneading and knead + pulse combination. 

One user reported   The chair has a ton of features. But when I was shopping, all I really cared about was what gave me a good massage that did not hurt – I sometimes have a terrible back and trouble sleeping due to the discomfort.”

All in all, OHCO M.8 is the pinnacle massage technology in aesthetic housing. There is no way you can go wrong with this award-winning massage chair. 

Should You Buy A Massage Chair Over $5,000?

Buying a massage chair over $5000 is hard to fathom for most people. However, when you compare an expensive one with a cheap all-purpose massage chair the difference is staggering. From comfort to materials, everything changes. 

All massage chairs on this list offer value to the customer and cater to a specific customer base. For older people, who find getting in and out of a massage chair difficult, the OHCO M.8’s swinging doors are irreplaceable despite the high price tag. For people standing for hours on end, Kaizen’s M680 brings kneading calf and double foot rollers. 

These features are truly remarkable in the way they comfort you, relieve stress and release knots in your muscle fibers. Multi-nodal 4D rollers come close to human touch with their kneading and tapping massage and the biggest advantage, is how quickly the massage is done all over your body which would take hours for a single masseuse. 

Another reason you should opt for an expensive massage chair is how purposeful it can be. Cheap massage chairs are not accommodating to different people but massage chairs over $5000 can accommodate broader shoulders, tall people and adjust the airbag compression for female and male users. 

How We Ranked The Best Massage Chairs Over $5000


Most massage chairs have mixed reviews. Some people find them great while others complain about the massage’s stiffness. That’s because the rollers’ intensity cannot be adjusted to softer settings. When choosing massage chairs, we specifically researched massage chairs with roller and airbag adjustability. 


Prolonged sessions every day can result in sore patches on your body. The most common bruise region is just above the hip near the spine. Because there’s mostly bone and thin muscle, repeated roller action can be off-putting. Massage chairs with softer padding and cushions avoid this issue altogether. For people, who like a strong massage, these pads can be removed. 


We wanted something that provided more than a few buttons to connect with the massage chair. Having an advanced remote or touch screen was key to accessing all the features you pay for. In our case, all chairs have these controls and some even have apps that connect with Bluetooth. 

Tiny Extras

When exploring the pricey massage chair market, there wasn’t a lot of difference. All systems offered a great massage, but checking tiny details can lead you to discover unique features. Multiple auto programs, palm heating, and neck rollers are all details that make the difference. 


Spending over $5000 on a massage chair comes with its expectations.

Naturally, this will become the center of attraction in the living room, at the office, or in a gym. Having features and adjustability that cater to all people and professions is important.

If you wish to invest in a single chair that will save you thousands in spa and massage treatments, then an expensive massage chair is worth it. Plus, these chairs have actual medical benefits and design awards that prove their worth.

Another great thing is the customer service and after-sales service you get with these at-home massage chairs. You don’t have to worry about longevity as most of these best massage chairs over $5000 have a warranty on parts and motors. 

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