Welcome to our review of the Best Massage Chairs under $2,000

You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a very good massage chair under $2,000. Below we’ll go through reviews, pros, and cons of the top 5 massage chairs under $2000, and then after that, we’ll discuss the important points to look for when considering a massage chair in this price range.

Whether you want a popular Osaki chair, an SL track, or a draining calf massager for your legs, there are options and this guide covers the best massage chairs under $2000.


Almost everyone knows the feeling of a great massage. 

Settling on a plushy massage table with tranquil music gives the sensation of well-being and with the first warm touch, your muscles start to unwind as the hands glide over the knots in your body. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can fish out the money every day or manage the timings of massage sessions. 

For people who suffer from tension in muscles, stress in some areas, or pain in others, a massage session at their convenience can do wonders. 

Buying massage chairs can be difficult with all the features and technology but price and affordability keep those choices at bay. 

Great massage chairs are usually priced between $2000 and $5000 but this guide covers the best massage chairs under $2000 that condense features at a small price and makes a worthwhile investment for people with less time and considerable tension. 

Quick Comparison

Relaxonchair MK11 PlusReal Relax Dual-CoreOsaki OS-4000 CSTitan Pro AlphaForever Rest FR6-SKL
Smart Scan
Massage TechniquesKneading
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading + Shiatsu
Kneading + Tapping
Kneading + Tapping
Manual Massage
Zero Gravity
Foot Rollers
Heat Therapy
Auto ProgramsFourSixSixSixNine
Space Saving Technology
Leg Extension
Maximum Load
280 lbs400 lbs260 lbs260 lbs260 lbs



Best Air Massage: Relaxonchair MK-III

Relaxonchair MKIII
Upright height: 46”
Reclined height: 32”
Reclined Length: 70” 
Wall Clearance: 12”   
User height: up to 6’ 2” 
Max weight: 280 lbs 
Auto Programs: Four   
Techniques: Five
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section
+ L-Track + Air Massage
+ Zero Gravity
WHAT IT MISSES– Foot Rollers
– Bluetooth and Sound
– More auto programs

Relaxonchair is a California-based company that works on medical devices.

Their massage chair lineup is not a gimmick show but has medical benefits from lowering stress levels to relieving tension in muscle fibers. 

While Relaxonchair has many models that push the price ceiling high, the Relaxonchair MK II Plus has many of the features of the higher-end massage chairs, including a built-in heating system right under the lumbar section of the massage chair for back aches. 

Some other notable features are zero gravity (a feature that reclines the chair, relaxing your spine and removing weight from your vertebrates) and a body scanner that measures your height and placement of pressure points to provide an effective massage. 

Relaxon MK II comes with an SL track that covers your curved spine and the roller track below runs underneath your glutes. 

There are three massage styles: kneading, tapping, and combo, and 4 auto massage settings. Relaxonchair MK II is an upgrade of Classic MK and features a handheld remote control with many shortcut buttons. 

You can adjust the air massage intensity, recline the chair to fixed positions, add a manual program, and change the speed among other things.

Filled With Features: Real Relax Favor-06

Upright height: 42.12”
Reclined height: 30”
Reclined Length: 79.48” 
Doorway size: 28.34”   
User height: up to 6’ 1” 
Max weight: 400lbs 
Auto Programs: Six
Techniques: Five
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section
+ L-Track + Air Massage
+ Zero Gravity
+ Thai Stretch
+ Bluetooth and Speakers
+ USB Charging
WHAT IT MISSES– Softer cushions
– Responsive touchscreen

Real Relax Favor-06

We recommend the Real Relax Favor-06 because it supports a massive 400-lb weight capacity, which is unusual for massage chairs. 

Secondly, it comes in a blue-and-white or black-and-brown color combination that can uplift any living setting aesthetic from home to office.

What makes this massage chair so great, is the foot rollers that can achieve reflexology to some extent, but combined with airbags hugging your calves, the ottoman proves itself to be the best part about this massage chair.

Real Relax Favor-06 is a 2D massage chair with an SL track. 

The rollers move side to side and the airbags apply pressure to your shoulders giving a soothing massage. 

Combining this with tapping and kneading functions brings the rollers down your spine and lower back, where two heating pads start their heat therapy for better blood circulation. 

The rollers follow along to the bottom of your seat and massage your glutes for a complete body massage. 

Real Relax Favor-06 can recline to a 145 angle and the best use of this feature is either during the zero gravity position or our favorite: Thai stretch mode. 

Your body is gently rocked rhythmically and stretched to relax all the muscles. 

The interface is an interactive one, with a wide touchscreen and shortcut buttons all around it. There’s even an option to pair your phone via Bluetooth and listen to music through the built-in speakers.

Best Value For Money: Osaki OS-4000CS

Upright height: 47.2”
Reclined height: 33.9”
Reclined Length: 78” 
Minimum Doorway: 30.7” 
Wall Clearance: 5”   
User height: up to 6’ 4” 
Max weight: 260lbs 
Auto Programs: Six
Techniques: Six
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section
+ L-Track
+ Air Massage
+ Zero Gravity
+ Quality and Brand Name
WHAT IT MISSES– Foot Rollers
– Bluetooth and Sound
– Interactive remote (it feels like a 90s DVD player remote)

Osaki OS-4000CS

Osaki is an old player in the massage chair market. 

They have some of the best-selling massage chairs and finding an Osaki massage chair on this list under $2000 might be surprising, but it comes with a few sacrifices, especially for the legs.  Osaki OS-4000 CS comes in a black, brown, or beige color combined with two accent tones that give a little more elegant choice.

You’ll find the standard features of any great massage chair like an L track, footrest extension, and lumbar heating but the massaging techniques and quality are where Osaki outshines the rest. Osaki is one of the pioneers of space-saving technology. 

You can place the Osaki massage chair 4” from the wall, which will recline to its maximum length. Osaki OS4000CS is equipped with 24 airbags that provide a compressive massage to hips, shoulders, arms, calves, and feet. 

You won’t find any Bluetooth or speakers but the six massage styles including a combination of kneading and shiatsu will have you mesmerized. 

OS4000CS was released in 2016, but the features are still comparable to this year’s affordable massage chairs.

It still features a zero gravity mode and a full body scan that adjusts the path of the roller according to your spine. 

Most Affordable: Forever Rest FR-6 KSL

Upright height: 44.5”
Reclined height: 37.5”
Reclined Length: 69” 
Minimum Doorway: 30” 
Wall Clearance: 0”   
User height: up to 6’ 1” 
Max weight: 260 lbs 
Auto Programs: Nine
Techniques: Seven
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated Lumbar Section
+ L-Track + Air Massage
+ Zero Gravity
+ 3- Step Yoga Stretch
+ Bluetooth and Speakers
+ Foot Rollers
+ 9 Auto Massage Programs
WHAT IT MISSES– Plush Pillows

Forever Rest FR-6 KSL

Forever Rest is an American massage chair brand that has been operational for at least 13 years.

Forever Rest FR-6KSL is the most feature-filled massage chair for under $2000.

It’s impossible to get 3-D rollers at this price, but the RF-6KSL covers your spine and reaches under the seat to your hamstrings with ultra-thin rollers.

It also has a smart body scanner that can adjust the chair to your height, the ottoman can extend 9.75″ to accommodate tall people.

The best part is the 0 space-saving technology.

You can practically place it next to a wall and the chair will recline to zero gravity releasing pressure from your spine and decompressing it.

It goes one step extra by raising the foot extension even higher with just one button in zero gravity mode.

RF-6KSL has 16 airbags that might seem lesser than other chairs, but it makes up for it with a yoga stretching mode.

There’s also a heated lumbar section for pain relief and the foot rollers do their job with reflexology. 

Forever Rest comes with 9 automatic massage programs including an acupressure air massage.

The last thing to top it off is Bluetooth speakers for comfortable and relaxing jam sessions.

Best Overall: Titan Pro Alpha

SPECIFICATIONSWeight: 191 lbs 
Upright height: 47.5”
Reclined height: 35”   
Minimum Doorway: 30” 
Reclined Length: 74”    
Wall Clearance: 6”   
User height: up to 6’ 4”
Max weight: 260 lbs 
Auto Programs: Six
Techniques: Four
WHY YOU’LL LIKE IT+ Heated lumbar section  
+ L-Track 
+ Air Massage  
+ Zero Gravity
+ Bluetooth and Speakers + Foot Rollers
WHAT IT MISSES– Massage Styles

Titan Pro Alpha

Titan massage chairs are some of the best you can buy worldwide. 

Their newest models feature a capsule that transforms your reality into a baby’s sleep with 4-D massage chairs and impossible features like scraping. 

Bring that notch down under $2000 and Titan offers the Pro Alpha.

Titan Pro Alpha has an L track that follows the curvature of your spine and rolls under your glutes massaging through and through. 

A feature better than others at this price is the two-stage zero gravity reclining. In the second stage, the ottoman is raised further above your heart level. 

The chair ergonomics are heavenly, one thing you will find odd is the arm placement. Instead of an armrest Titan Pro Alpha has a straight cavity for the arms where airbags hug your arms for a pressurized massage. It has lumbar heating, a full body scan, and memory settings to save your information for the next massage. 

Foot rollers alone provide great relief from a day’s tough walk but turning on the calf massagers with 3-speed adjustments totally drains all the exhaustion out. 

You can stream music with Bluetooth connectivity and a small remote can open a world of custom massage settings.

In our testing and scanning hundreds of customer reviews, the Tital Pro Alpha is crowned the best overall, but you might like the feature-filled Forever Rest RF6 KSL.

Before  stepping into the world of choices, take a look at the buying tips above and make a confident choice in your massage chair.


What to Look For When Purchasing A Massage Chair



S tracks follow the curve of your spine from the neck to your lower back. 


The rollers go along this track and can move in 2 directions, massaging the back, neck, and lumbar region. 


L-Track / SL-Track

L track or SL track follows the S shape of your spine and extends further under your thighs making an L.

The rollers are not only able to reach your entire back but also your glutes. 


Many unsuspecting buyers are under the impression that all massage chairs have airbags and rollers, but that’s not the case. 

When looking for cheap massage chairs, you can unknowingly buy a massage chair with only air compression massages. 

The best experience comes from massage chairs with rollers and airbags. 

Airbags are essential to relieve tension or stretch your body. 

They also provide relief in areas where the rollers aren’t effective like calves, shoulders, and hips. 

Heat Therapy

Massage rollers are great at mimicking the hand gestures and motions of a masseuse but undoubtedly, they provide better heated lumbar massage. 

The heat combined with the kneading mode can release endorphin hormones, popularly known as “feel-good” hormones. 

Reclining Angle

How far back your massage chair reclines is important for the quality of the massage. Remember, in a massage session, you’d preferably be lying on a massage table! 

The best reclining function is zero gravity. 

This is when the massage chair reclines at around 120℃ or more placing you in a position of weightlessness and taking pressure off your spine. 

Some massage chairs allow complete control of the reclining angle during the massage while others offer fixed reclining positions. 

Manual and Auto Massage Programs

You’re buying a massage chair to feel relaxed, energized and create your own retreat of tranquility without leaving your home. 

While it might seem like having a lot of customization is good, more often you would want to just start the massage. 

Many auto programs, from targeting specific areas to different intensities and motions, can be the best way to do so. 

Value vs. Price

New massage chair buyers are surprised at the price variation of massage chairs. 

You can find massage chairs for $999 and then there are those with 4-figure price tags. 

Finding the best value in those options is the best buying advice you can get. 

For starters, massage chairs just under $2000 will perform many of the essential functions of the pricey massage chairs but would just have an old interface, be an older model, or would miss some of the bells and whistles. 

They provide great value for a small price, but you can pay a couple more and get better features from this list of massage chairs between $2000 and $5000.


While agreeing upon one chair is impossible, the list above offers something for everyone.

In our testing and scanning hundreds of customer reviews, the Titan Pro Alpha is crowned the best overall, but you might like the feature-filled Forever Rest FR-6 KSL. 

Before stepping into the world of choices, take a look at the buying tips above and make a confident choice in your massage chair.

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