Best OOTORI Massage Chairs: Real Honest Review!

Currently, we’re ranking on the first page for our article on OOTORI as a brand in the massage chair market place.

That’s because we’ve been doing this for years and we’ve analyzed and reviewed THOUSANDS of massage chairs…

We want to out-do ourselves today. We want to give you an even better review.

We’ve are providing you a curated list of the BEST OOTORI massage chairs out there. These guys are the real deal. If you want a true relaxation station, take a listen.

Let’s begin.

4 Reasons You Should Buy From OOTORI

  1. They ship directly from the warehouse. This means retailers don’t mark up the price and ultimately less cost for you. They pass the savings down to their customers.
  2. They guarantee lowest prices and a 30 day return policy. They have one of the lowest prices on the market. They also offer a generous return policy.
  3. Amazing 24/7 customer service. We tested their customer service by chatting with them. They answered our question promptly which means they will answers yours as well.
  4. Royalty Design. Many of their top chairs have a royalty-esque feel and design to them. Some look like high-end luxury and other looks like an executive chair a CEO would use to command his army of employees.

Our Number One OOTORI Massage Chair: OOTORI Asuka A900 “The Kings Chair”

The Asuka A900 is nicknamed “The Kings Chair” for a good reason. It makes you feel like you’re in charge. It’s got an executive chair type of design and equipped with high-end functionality.

Also, it’s got tons of positive reviews. One in particular stood out to us.

Nancy from the United States, claims it is the “best massage chair I have ever found.”

It’s got one of the longest L-tracks we’ve seen. It clocks in at 59 inches. Longer means the rollers are able to hit more body parts, in particular the lower thighs and glutes.

The body scan is great for creating an effective and optimized massage experience. It will use sensors and an intelligent computer to calibrate the massage based on your body shape. It’s a great feature for those with a big family.

The S8 has 3 stages of zero gravity. At every stage you get 30 degrees of recline all the way to 180 degrees, at which point you are lying flat on the chair. 3 stage zero gravity is a rarity as most other chairs offer one or two stages. Zero gravity is associated with health benefits like increasing blood circulation and relieving pressure off the spine.

One thing I like about this chair is that it is Smart 3D rollers. This means the rollers are capable of not only going up and down and side to side, it can move toward the chair and back. The extra dimension adds deep-tissue massages to the table.

Also this chair accommodate a wide range of heights. So, if you’re a power couple with about a foot difference in height, rest assured the Asuka A900 can equally take care of you.

Another thing we like is that it comes pre-assembled. That’s right, no dealing with manuals in foreign languages, just plug and play!

Best OOTORI Massage Chairs


The Sofia S8 is a chair that contrasts the Asuka A900’s commanding design. It’s more in the beautiful and graceful department. It’s a little sleeker and simplistic in design but with great functionality still in tact.

Carrie Campbell from the United States first reaction is “Ahhhhh!” For her, this chair is the saving grace for all her chronic back pain. She has undergone all kinds of therapy and this chair is able to relieve her from her suffering pain.

The Sofia S8 has similar features to the Asuka A900 but slimmed down.

The L-track on this chair is 55 inches long compared to A900’s 59 inch L-track. Even at this measurement, it’s still miles ahead of its competitors who barely surpass 50 inches.

This chair was designed to save space. You can place the chair about 2 inches away from the wall and have it work perfectly, even in zero gravity. All of this is possible because the chair slides forward with you instead of going back.

The remote is slim and has buttons which make it easier to know exactly how to operate (as opposed to a touchscreen).

The rollers width is adjustable. This is especially important if you have people with narrow and broad shoulders in your household. Choose a distance between 1.57 inches and 4.72 inches (between the two rollers).

There is a 5.9 inch leg rest extension. This is great for those with people varying in heights in their households.

The seat vibration adds a nice complimentary sensation to the overall massage. It’s located underneath the seat and has mild strength.

One thing I really liked is the reflexology foot rollers. It’s awesome to know that the foot rollers were designed to help with certain acupuncture points that are associated with health benefits.

Another thing I like about this chair is that the massage strength is strong. When a chair is weak, there is very little you can do to make it powerful. However, when it’s on the stronger side, you can always dampen it with a towel.

Of course, the Sofia s8 comes preassembled just like the Asuka A900

Luxury Pick: OOTORI Nova N900

The Nova N900 is all about luxury. The primary focus for this chair was to showcase that a chair can look very beautiful and be packed with good features without costing a fortune.

The Polyurethane leather comes in high quality. OOTORI guarantees durability of this leather to last at least 5 years.

The N900’s hot feature is the double SL track. The S-track follows the curves of your spine and the L-track extends out to the butt and thigh region. This track technology optimizes the massage machine so that it knows the most efficient way to get the job done.

The quad style rollers simulate the feel of real hands. These 6 rollers have shiatsu massage balls at the tip that help with the shiatsu style massages. My favorite part about this rollers is the width control. Select one of 3 width options for broad, medium, or narrow shoulders.

The most rejuvenating program is the Thai Yoga Stretching program. During this mode, the airbags grip your feet and arms while the leg portion goes down and the chair reclines. It’s a very active and effective program on a massage chair and the N900 does it just right.

Before every massage section a computerized body scan will collect data on your height, spine, shoulder width, and so on to make adjustments so that the rollers can make the most efficient movements.

Like many other OOTORI chairs, the N900 comes preassembled.

High Technology Pick: OOTORI RL-810L

The RL-810 is a massage chair for those who want high technology and aesthetics combined into one. It’s also one of the cheapest L track massage chairs out there. However, don’t let that fool you. It’s still got effective air bag system, zero gravity, 3d rollers and more.

The RL-810L is a chair made for American-sized individuals. It can fit up to 6 feet 4 inches and carry up to 330 LBs. It’s also got one of the largest number of air bags in OOTORI’s collection: 60.

One of my favorite features of this chair is the slim remote that fits into the palm of your hands very nicely.

The SL double track is an advanced technology that follows the curve of your body while massaging the butt area. The track measures up to 51 inches, which is longer than most of its competitors but smaller than most of OOTORI’s chairs.

The shoulder width and legs are adjustable. Adjustable leg section is common but adjusting the roller’s width is not, especially not at this price point. The rollers measure 1.57 inches to 8.27 inches with 3 levels. The legs can extend 5 inches.

My favorite program is the Yoga stretch. Especially if you’re trying to increase your flexibility, you can feel it really pulling you apart.

Customer say it’s the “Perfect chair, nice appearance with great massage.”

Budget Performance Pick: Asuka A600

The Asuka A600 is our budget massage chair pick. It’s one of the cheapest S-track massage chairs you can find with good quality. It’s great for relieving shoulder and low back pain. If you can part ways with the fine tuned features of a luxury massage chair, this chair is perfect for you.

The S-track of this chair is specifically designed to be ergonomic. From neck to waist, it’ll target acupuncture points.

Even at a low-price, the A600 has a body scan. This will adjust the rollers accordingly to your neck, back, and waist size. Cheaper chairs without body scan will have spotty massages whereas chairs with body scans will be smoother.

The A600 has smart 8 wheel rollers. They are technically 4 rollers but are doubled in every corner. These do a great job at mimicking the human thumb.

One thing I really like about this chair is the intuitive LCD remote control. Nowadays, technology can be an impediment more than a benefit. This remote is simple and easy to use.

Customer say that the A600 is stylish and has good quality. They especially loved the body scan technology.

Even as our budget pick, this mode still has 3 stages of zero gravity. Elders especially enjoy this mode. It’s associated with therapeutics effects such as increasing blood circulation.

The carbon fibre lower back heating can reach temperatures between 104 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating feels great, almost like icing on top of cake.

5 levels of adjustment in strength and speed of the rollers. It’s very customizable and the levels are noticeable rather than marginally different. There are 3 levels of intensity for the air bags.

Overall the A600 is a great economic choice with good features!

Best Ergonomic Design Pick: OOTORI RL-900L

The RL-900L is more focused on ergonomics and targeting special muscles groups. The roller system is specifically made to target pirifomris muscles and help with sciatica issues.

The L-track of this chair measures 51.18 inches and does a great job massaging from the base of the neck all the way down to the glutes.

Like many other OOTORI chairs, this model also has 3 stages of zero gravity. The third stage places the body completely parallel to the ground.

The body scan delivers a unique massage to every individual differing in shape and size.

There are a total of 60 airbags in the chair. This is one of the largest number of in the entire OOTORI model line.

One thing I really liked is that it can accommodate a wide height range. From 4’11 to 6’3!

The integrated bluetooth is great for those who enjoy putting on your own tunes to set the mood.

Keep in mind that the RL-900, among other chairs, there is an option for white glove delivery. Very useful if you are buying gifts for the elders!

Customers say they are “addicted” to this chair.

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