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3 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs:

Welcome to our review of the Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs. What are the best zero-gravity massage chairs? If you read our reviews, you’ll know we are skeptical of any feature that is quite the craze of the zero-gravity feature. It makes you feel weightless? “We’ll see about that,” we thought.

So we got our hands on some high-end massage chairs with this so-called space machine. We tried so many we figured… why not just write a compilation of all those that we tried. These massage chairs often carry hefty price tags so one could benefit from reading reviews from people that have tried them.

Without further ado, here are our top best zero-gravity massage chairs.

P.S.: read till the end to read our experimental rating chart. This will show what criteria we used to rate every zero-gravity massage chair on the market!

RelaxOnChair Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair

relaxonchair zero gravity massage chair

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Our top choice of a zero-g massage chair is the RelaxOnChair MK-Classic. Yes, it has quite a hefty price tag. However, we’ll explore how their features compensate (quite literally) for the higher price.

Market Differentiators

  • Comes 100% assembled. White Glove delivery (choose to opt out for a free foot massager)
  • Accommodates people from 5′ 2” to 6′ 5”
  • Contoured L-track System. One of the longest L tracks at 50 inches
  • 2nd generation body scanning technology

It is like the Bentley of massage chairs. From order to actual use, the entire process was smooth.

One of the biggest hassles of ordering a massage chair online is assembly and delivery.

The market seems to offer curbside delivery but no brand was offering to bring the chair to your house.

RelaxOnChair offers white glove delivery, meaning they will bring it into your home. So forget about scheduling movers to haul this behemoth into your home. Once inside the home, it’s a matter of plug and plays since the massage chair comes assembled.

People come in different shapes and sizes. More quantitatively, height and weight.

We like to give the zero gravity chairs that can accommodate the most types of people the higher rating.

The MK-classic will fit anyone from 5′ 2” to 6’5” and up to 300 lbs weight capacity.

The contoured L-track is exactly how it sounds. The track where the rollers are moving up and down is curved like a human spine. This is a vast improvement from the other zero-gravity massage chairs on the market that feature straight L tracks. Coupled with the body scanning, the rollers are smart enough to how high it should go so it doesn’t go past your neck and shoulders.

The body scanning technology is labeled 2nd generation. I wasn’t quite sure what ‘2nd generation’ meant since there isn’t any standard for body scanning technology (at least, not that I’ve heard of). When you first sit in, it starts to adjust for your body. It uses airbags and pressure sensors to gauge the length of your back. Compared to other chairs, it feels “smarter” as in it feels where your body is and adjusts the rollers as such.

Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna SM zero gravity massage chair

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Compared to the RelaxOnChair, Kahuna SM-7300 is more moderately priced but doesn’t sacrifice the big features you would expect from a zero gravity massage chair. It’s also a well-known brand and has excellent customer service.

Market Differentiators

  • Spacing-saving technology
  • Zipper leg extension coverings
  • Bigger and wider
  • 9 auto programs

There’s an inherent problem with zero-gravity massage chairs: they take up a lot of space.

Kahuna solved this via what they call Space-saving technology.

The idea is that the massage chair will move forward as the chair reclines to mitigate the motion going backward. The Kahuna SM-7300 will only take 3 inches off the wall when in zero gravity mode.

Got a big family? Expecting a lot of use out of this zero-gravity massage chair? Kahuna SM-7300 got your back in terms of sanitation.

The part of the chair that is arguably the dirtiest is the foot/calves area.

Because of that, the entire leg portion is removable by unzipping. You can clean it, wash it, or exchange it when it gets dirty.

According to t-nation, the average shoulder width is 18.5 inches. The Kahuna SM-7300 can account for up to 24 inches of shoulder width, 21 inches of seat width, and 12 inches long leg extension.

Ultimately you can fit up to 6′ 5” and weigh up to 320 lbs.

We love auto programs. The whole reason for purchasing a zero-gravity massage chair is so you can ultimately relax and destress. What good will it do if you have to manually set every setting to your liking? The Kahuna SM-7300 comes with 9 auto programs, 4 of them being special programs. They are:

  • Yoga stretching
  • Fast Recovery
  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Athlete
  • Office Person (Special)
  • Golfer (Special)
  • Senior Mode (Special)
  • Dynamic Sport (Special)

In particular, we like the Yoga Stretching. The chair cranks its gears to stretch your body and it feels wonderful.

Real Relax Shiatsu Massage Favor-03

best zero gravity massage chairs real relax shiatsu

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Some of you may be looking for a more economical alternative to a zero-gravity massage chair. Luckily, there is one that comes to mind. It is a Real Relax Favor-3 massage chair. Real Relax is on a mission to produce affordable massage chairs. They can offer massage chairs at such low prices because of the absence of the L-track or a track in general.

Market Differentiators

  • 8 points massage system in place of a track system
  • Cheap
  • Prompt customer service
  • Deep strong massage

Real Relax challenged the status quo of massage chairs by replacing the track system that is common in many high-end massage chairs. Instead, they have what’s called an 8-point massage system. Simply put, it is a set of 8 circular disks that have spherical-shaped solids fixed on the disks that go around in circles when turned on. I was quite surprised to find how strong of a massage this thing gave. I had to dampen the strength with a tower near my lower back.

Real Relax Favor-03 is for money savers. People who don’t want to dish out thousands for a massage chair with zero gravity. It is one of the cheapest in the marketplace.

Real Relax has great customer service. We contacted them before the purchase and after and they were more than willing to help us out. The instructions were difficult to understand but the assembly was easy enough to figure out on your own.

One of the biggest disappointments in the massage chair business is a weak massage. It’s one thing for it to be too strong, but if it’s too weak there’s nothing you can do about it. Well, I’m happy to tell you that this thing is strong. If you’re not used to getting wrangled and hit on your pressure points, you’ll need a towel or two to dampen the strength, especially near the feet and lower back.

Experimental Rating Chart (How we rated these massage chairs)

We take our zero-gravity massage chairs pretty seriously. We have our proprietary rating system. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Height and Weight(1-5)

The number one factor we considered in choosing our top 3 best zero gravity chairs is the height and weight capacity of the massage chair.

People come in different sizes and shapes; the massage chairs that can accommodate more variety deserve recognition.

In fact, after analyzing hundreds of complaints, reviews, and suggestions we realize that consumers were most peculiar about the height and weight capacity of a massage chair.

2. Assembly Experience(1-5)

What good does it do when your massage chair comes in pieces you can’t put together? How ironic would it be to stress out about a product meant to relax you?

Things we considered:

  • Do they offer white glove delivery or just curbside?
  • How easy is it to read the instructions? Is it even in English?
  • Do the components have a snap fit? Or do they require our inner handyman?

3. Auto Programs(1-5)

Usually, the more auto programs a massage chair had, the higher the rating for this category. If we felt the auto programs were close to one another in terms of massage types, intensity, and speed then we marked it low regardless of how high the auto programs were.

4. Available adjustments(1-3)

No massage chair is truly complete without the ability to make adjustments. These adjustments are things like speed, strength, and leg extensions. We gave higher scores to the massage chairs that had manual control of the rollers to target specific muscle areas.

5. Strength(1-3)

The last and final factor was simply the strength of the massager. We ranked stronger massagers higher because one could always dampen the strength with a towel. If it’s weak, then it’s almost impossible to make the massage stronger (unless you’re mechanically apt).

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