Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair Review

Welcome to my article about the Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair!

Below I’ll go through the features, pros, cons and my personal opinion of this massage chair, so you can decide if it’s the right one for you.

But first, let’s discuss who Daiwa are as a company.

Who Are Daiwa?

Using the Japanese word for “harmony” as their company name, Daiwa is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of personal and health wellness products.

Their mission is to provide personal wellness through innovative and therapeutic massage chairs.

The company takes pride in offering the following:

  • Excellent customer support
  • Innovation in design
  • Quality control
  • Reliability and dependability

Daiwa operates from Gardena, California, where they create designs and send them to their manufacturing facilities in China.

They use state-of-the-art technology and innovation to come up with high quality products that last for years.

Their research and development are always customer-centric to guarantee satisfaction for each and every buyer.

Daiwa Legacy 4 Massage Chair Review

daiwa legacy massage chair

The Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair has powerful features that stem from a combination of an advanced design and cutting edge technology.

Before I get into it’s pros and cons, let’s take a closer look at some of its main features:

L-Shaped Massage Track Design

This feature is the foundation of all massage chairs. Unlike an S-Track which runs from the neck to the lumbar area, an L-Track starts at your neck and continues all the way underneath to your glutes and hamstrings.

As expected, the Legacy 4 is equipped with an L-shaped massage track design that provides long massage strokes from the neck to beneath the seat.

This means that your glutes and the back of your thighs will be well massaged along with your back, offering extra relaxation and tension relief.

Zero Gravity Experience

daiwa legacy in zero gravity mode
The Daiwa Legacy in Zero Gravity Mode

The Daiwa Legacy 4 uses zero-gravity technology to distribute body weight to ease the pressure on the joints and organs.

It reclines so that the user’s feet are above the line of their heart, giving a floating feeling similar to what astronauts experience in space.

This helps decompress the spine and stimulate circulation, while also offering tension and paint relief.

3D Full-Body Smart Scanning

This technology allows the Daiwa Legacy massage chair to scan the shape of your body and adjust it’s massage to ensure it’s accurate and precise.

This allows you to receive a personalized massages that follows the contours and curvature of your body, without being too hard or too soft.

This is also a great feature for large families where many members might want to use the massage chair, as it ensures each person receives a massage that is specifically tailored to them.

Air Massage Mode

This massage chair is equipped with 48 airbags that inflate and deflate rhythmically to relieve pain, ease muscle tensions, and improve blood circulation. 

Heat Compression Leg Massage

The Legacy 4 massage chair comes with a leg massager that provides heated massages to the calves and knees.

This is an amazing feature that I don’t often see in massage chairs. I think the calves and knees are some of the most injury-prone parts of the body, so this feature is great for anyone who experiences pain in these areas.

In addition, this massage chair also has heat in the lumbar area, which can help provide soothing relief for anyone with a sore lower back as well.

Auto Massage Programs

To cater to the massage needs of multiple users, the Legacy 4 comes with nine auto-massage programs to choose from, with 3 different time settings each, for a combination of 27 auto programs. 

This means you can choose from a gentle and quick relaxing massage, to a high-intensity deep massage, or anything in between!

3D Massage Rollers

Following on from the automated massage programs, the Daiwa Legacy also comes with 3D massage rollers.

These next-generation rollers can provide up to 5 levels of massage intensity.

You can adjust them according to your needs and preferences.

Rolling Foot Massage Feature

This massage chair promises to relax the user from head to foot, which it does through it’s airbag foot massage feature.

The airbags move in a rotating pattern to soothe aching feet and calves, and promote circulation.

It also has built-in grips to hold your ankles in place so they don’t fall off if you fall asleep during the massage.

Extendable Headrest Cushion

The Legacy 4 is equipped with an extendable pillow to give you an additional layer of padding between you and the massage rollers. 

This can be removed when not in use if you prefer a stronger massage.

I think this makes a great addition for those who might need extra support in the back, or who want a softer massage experience.

Automatic Leg Extensions

This massage chair comes with leg extensions that can add up to 5.5 inches to accommodate taller users.

Bluetooth and Charging Station

As mentioned earlier, the Legacy 4 is host to many high-tech features.

One of these is it’s Bluetooth function that lets you connect your smart device to the massage chair.

Using an app, you can access the chair’s controls.

It also has a USB charging port in case you run out of power while using your device.

Surround Sound Speaker

To allow you to enjoy your massages more, the Legacy 4 is equipped with surround sound speakers.

This lets you listen to your favourite music while relaxing in the chair without having to wear uncomfortable headphones. 

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair: My Personal Opinion

The Daiwa Legacy massage chair certainly has a lot of great features.

I’m particularly impressed with the heat compression leg massage. It’s rare to find a calf massager on a massage chair to begin with, let alone one that also incorporates heat.

In addition, this massage chair also has an airbag foot massage function, and triple reflexology foot rollers.

These two combined ensure that your feet and legs are as well massaged as the rest of your body – a feature that is hard to find in most other massage chairs.

I think this makes the Daiwa Legacy an excellent choice for sports players, or those who are on their feet all day, as your feet and legs will be well taken care of when you come home.

In addition, this massage chair has a lot of other high-end features that I think come together to make it a worth-while purchase.

I like the leg extension capability that means that tall users can enjoy this massage chair too. I also like the removable cushion so you can choose how much back support you get. Finally, I think the quality of the L-track and the number of auto programs make it a relaxing, high quality massage chair.

Yes, this chair is quite expensive, but my personal opinion is that it’s well worth the cost if you regularly have aches and pains or tight muscles.

You can certainly find more affordable chairs on the market, but I don’t think they would provide a massage that is anywhere near as soothing and relaxing as the Daiwa Legacy.

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair: Pros and Cons

Here are its pros and cons to help you make a guided decision:

  • Comes with 3D rollers to massage even the hard-to-reach areas of your body
  • Made with high-quality premium synthetic leather
  • Comes with multiple massage modes that transition smoothly
  • Has heated foot and calf rollers which is a rare feature in massage chairs
  • Provide pre-programmed massage modes as well as manual massage options
  • Suitable for people with a height range of 4’8” up to 6’6”
  • Has built-in pockets to provide you with extra storage space
  • Has a removable cushion at the back to provide extra back support if required
  • Comprehensive 3D body scan means you can share this chair with the whole family and still receive a tailored and accurate massage
  • Quite expensive
  • Has a long assembly time of about one hour

Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair Review: Conclusion

I hope you’ve found this review of the Daiwa Legacy 4 massage chair helpful and informative.

To summarise, this massage chair costs a pretty penny, but if you want to make a long-term investment in your health and wellbeing, it’s worth every cent!

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