Earthlite Harmony DX Review

Welcome to our review of the Earthlite Harmony DX.

Do you know what I appreciate the most about a quality portable massage table? That it doesn’t squeak. The Earthlite Harmony DX doesn’t. 

I know, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal but you’ll be surprised how small details like that can affect your massage experience. After all, it’s supposed to be a very quiet Zen-like experience.

If you’re looking to avoid mistakes buying cheap tables, you came to the right place. I can assure you that the EarthLITE harmony DX massage table has a lot to bring to the table (you see what I did there?).

Today, I’ll walk you through my personal experience using the EarthLITE Harmony DX table.

Let’s begin.

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Earthlite Harmony DX – The Good Stuff

You know when you first get into a hotel room, you just have to jump on the bed?

We were tempted to do that on the EarthLITE Harmony DX table. Good thing we had a little self-restraint because we might not have had this review if we didn’t.

Jokes aside, the sturdiness of this table is real. We had several people lay on it and move around on it. Even in the higher range of 250 lbs to 300 lbs, our testers felt that this portable massage table was stable and not wobbly.

We’re not surprised since the working weight (the metric that matters more than static weight) of this table was an astounding 600 lbs! The table is made out of maple wood and aircraft-grade plywood decking.

Now, let’s talk about the width and length of this table. Cheaper tables have narrow tables to cut costs. Narrow tables are annoying because your arms dangle on the sides. The EarthLITE Harmony DX table is 73 inches long (without the headrest) and 30 inches wide. This kind of dimension will fit most people very comfortably (as they did for us!).

Other less obvious parts of this table make it of high quality. To name a few: stable foot design for more contact with the ground (so the table doesn’t move), wooden corner blocks, and ergonomic knobs.


earthlite harmony dx underside view


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EarthLITE also has a patented adjustable face cradle with proprietary Cloudfill poly-gel. What does this mean for you or your clients? It means that the face cradle is very comfortable and adjustable since every person has a differently shaped head.

EarthLITE gives our lifetime warranty on the frame and construction and a 3-year warranty on the foam and upholstery. That’s a company that will stand behind its products!

I’ve laid on hundreds of massage tables as a client. The one thing I can’t stand is thin cushions. Who wants to feel the hard decking beneath the cushions? Not me. So it’s nice that the EarthLITE Harmony DX has 2.5 inches of dual-layer cushioning.

Earthlite Harmony DX – The Bad Stuff

No massage table is perfect. We try to nitpick it so you know what you’re getting.

The first unit we had is the indentation above the fold of the table. If you were to graze your hand across the table, you would feel a very slight bump in the middle where the two deckings are hinged together by the piano hinge. Again, not a huge deal but something to be aware of.

The headrest is also a little loose, although comfortable. It doesn’t have a snug fit on the table.

Lastly, the EarthLITE Harmony DX table is not lightweight. It weighs 40 lbs and the nylon carrying case makes it a little difficult to carry, especially without thick shoulder padding on the strap.


The EarthLITE Harmony DX table is a great buy for those looking to purchase a sturdy portable massage table. It has thick cushions; it’s sturdy and the price is not too steep.

The brand is very green so you’ll be happy to purchase toward a good cause.


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