Forever Rest Massage Chair Review

Welcome to our review of the Forever Rest Massage Chair!

In this article, we’ll discuss a bit about who Forever Rest are as a company so you can get an idea of whether their massage chairs are something you’d be interested in purchasing.

Then a quick comparison table of their most popular 3 massage chairs so you can easily pinpoint which model might be the right one for you.

Finally, a detailed review of each model including features, pros, and cons.

By the end, you should be an expert in Forever Rest massage chairs!

Let’s dive in.

Forever Rest Massage Chair: Company Summary

Operating from Murrieta, California, USA, Forever Rest has been doing business for over 12 years.

They continue to manufacture and sell massage chairs and massage products even through tough economic times.

They say this to assure clients they are committed to caring for them and keeping their business growing.

Forever Rest offers a wide selection of massage chairs with varying designs and features.

From heated to zero-gravity massage chairs, Forever Rest sells directly or online to customers all around the globe.

They take pride in the quality of their products and offer warranties.

They blend art machinery and the most advanced technology to manufacture products that will provide only the best in comfort and relaxation.

Even with only 25 employees on their roster, you can be assured of the best customer support.

After all, with a $5 million revenue and a myriad of positive reviews on online marketplaces, you know they mean business.

Now let’s dive into the detailed reviews of their massage chairs!

Forever Rest Massage Chair: Comparison Table

Here you can compare the most popular 3 models of Forever Rest massage chairs side by side.

If you’re on mobile, scroll across the table with your finger!

Product Image
Track Design
Super Long L-Track
Roller Mechanism
Lightweight Quad Rollers
6 Heated Rollers
4D Quad Rollers
No. of Auto Massage Programs
No. of Manual Massage Modes
Lower back only
Built in roller heating from head to buttocks, plus calf heating
Lower back, legs and feet
Space Saving Recline
Remote Control
✔️ Touchscreen
Bluetooth Speakers
Foot Rollers
✔️ Triple Foot Rollers with Extension
✔️ Triple Foot Rollers with Extension
Zero Gravity
Full Body Airbag Massage
✔️ Hi-Fi Surround Sound
Air Head Pillow Massage
Body Scan Technology
AI Voice Controlled
Thai Stretch Massage
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Forever Rest Massage Chair Reviews:

Here is a summary of the Forever Rest massage chairs:

  • Forever Rest FR-6KSL (Best Value for Money)
  • Forever Rest FR-9Ks (Best for Heat Therapy)
  • Forever Rest FR-10K (Most Luxurious)

As you can see, these chairs increase in features and price from 6K to 10K, and the right model for you will depend on your circumstances.

The FR-6KSL is the most affordable model and the best value for money in my opinion. It’s got many features of other high-end massage chairs without the price tag.

If you are looking for a sturdy, quality massage chair that doesn’t break the bank, I’d recommend this one.

The FR-9Ks are unique in that it has heated rollers from your head to your buttocks. This is a feature that I haven’t seen in massage chairs before (and I’ve been in this industry for a while!) and I like how relaxing and comfortable it is.

If you’re someone who often suffers from aches and pains and finds relief with heat therapy, I’d recommend investing just a little bit more to get this model – your body will thank you.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, luxurious massage chair, I recommend going for the FR-10K.

Whilst this massage chair isn’t cheap, it’s got many more massage modes than the other two models, giving it the ability to suitably relieve any kind of ache or discomfort you may be experiencing.

It’s also got wonderful creature comforts like AI voice control and surround sound speakers that make the whole massage experience so special.

Forever Rest Massage Chair – FR-6KSL

Best Value for Money!

ForeverRest FR-6KLS massage chair

As mentioned above, the Forever Rest-6KSL is the most affordable Forever Rest massage chair, and the best one for those on a budget who want a massage chair with great bang for their buck!

In addition to its great features, its sleek and sophisticated design makes it stand out in any room.

The FR-6KSL model is a combination of two other Forever Rest massage chair models which makes this one of their best massage reclining chairs.

Here are a few of its best features:

True Zero Gravity

One of the highlights of this chair is its true zero gravity feature.

It allows you to relax in an almost weightless position as it lessens the pressure on your spine and relieves all muscle tension.

SL-Track Frame Design

This is the FR-6KSL feature that uses its smart back-quad rollers to move down from your neck, back, and down to your buttocks.

This ensures that you get a massage that targets many ache-prone areas of your body.

Smart 3D Body Detect Scan

This massage chair scans your body with this feature to give you customized massages each time.

This scanning system will detect the size and width of the user to give the most precise massages in the areas you need it most.

Airbag Massage System

Forever Rest’s full-body airbag system will not only relieve aches and pains but will also help improve blood circulation.

Its built-in, multi-layered airbags provide 5 intensity levels that can massage your shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet.

Space Saving Technology

When you sit on the FR-6KSL, it will slide forward when you start to recline. Make sure that the chair is an inch away from the wall so you can recline it fully.

This feature lets you place the chair even in tight areas.

Multiple Massage Techniques

This Forever Rest massage chair can provide you with the following massages:

  • Tapping
  • Pressing
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Knocking
  • Kneading with Tapping

It is equipped with 8 automatic massage programs and 6 manual massage modes to give you a wide range of massage types. 

Built-In Heat Feature

This reclining massage chair has a built-in heat feature that helps relieve tension, stress, and tightness in your lower back.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

If you suffer from aching calves and feet, you’ll love the mechanical foot roller feature of FR-6KSL. It extends up to nine inches to allow your lower legs to relax while in the chair. 

Other Features

The Forever Rest FR-6KSL massage chair is equipped with many other features such as:

  • Smart remote control with three languages to choose from
  • Lightweight quad roller mechanism
  • 9 auto programs
  • Soft glow LED light
  • Three adjustable width levels

Forever Rest Massage Chair – FR-9Ks

Best For Aches and Pains!

Forever Rest FR-9Ks

To experience a therapeutic massage at home, you no longer need to spend a ton of money. Forever Rest has introduced one of its best mid-tier models, the FR-9Ks.

It is an updated version of an old model so it has more features and is the perfect option for those who have a physically demanding job or who experience constant aches and pains.

In addition, the Forever Rest FR-9Ks Air Float 3D Full-Length, L-track massage chair won’t break the bank.

Here are its best features:

Super Long L-Shaped Rail Design

A longer rail design means more coverage area. The full-length track will massage your entire glutes and even go past them.

It will also provide massaging relief to your hamstrings right up to your lower back. If you’re suffering from sciatica, this is the massage chair for you.

Built-In Heating Support

This chair is equipped with heated pads on the back and calf areas to ensure you of a warm and soothing massage.

It comes with back rollers that will automatically heat up to relieve muscle pain and relax your stiff joints. It lets you control the heat through its remote control. 

True Zero Gravity Positioning

The FR-9Ks has a true zero gravity positioning feature that lets you enjoy your massage sessions as if floating on air.

With it, you will recline back to your neutral body position.

This will raise your legs higher than your heart level and will evenly distribute your weight along your body.

This feature will reduce the pressure on your spine, lower back, and pelvic area.

This makes it the ideal chair for people looking to decompress their spine and lessen the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Multiple Manual Massage Techniques

This chair offers eleven manual massage styles to give you a wide range of techniques to choose from. It offers the following:

  • Kneading
  • Knocking
  • Pressing
  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Back Rubbing
  • Stretching
  • Finger kneading (most commonly known as Shiatsu)
  • Combination massages

Thanks to the chair’s advanced rollers with a built-in speed reversing feature, you can enjoy all these. 

Full Body Airbag Massage Feature

The FR-9Ks provides a full-body airbag surrounding massage that simulates the pressure you feel when a human massage therapist is doing the massage.

It gives soft air pressure massages on your shoulders, lower back, waist, calves, and feet.

This makes the chair ideal if you want to promote good blood circulation, relax your muscles, and eliminate fatigue.

Air Head Pillow Massage

If you think massage chairs aren’t capable of massaging your head, think again.

The FR-9Ks does, thanks to its built-in airbags located on the head pillow to help relieve headaches from stress.

Plus, the speakers provide rhythm massages to follow whatever music you want to listen to.

Forever Rest Massage Chair – FR-10K 4D Gold Series Massage Chair

Most Luxurious Option!

Forever Rest FR-10K

Forever Rest takes pride in the FR-10K 4D gold series as it is one, if not, their most advanced model to date.

They claim it to have the features of massage chairs in the $8,000 to $10,000 price range chairs, however, this chair is much more affordable than that.

If you’re on the market for a massage chair that has all the bells and whistles but won’t break the bank, the FR-10K is your best bet.

The following are a few of its best features:

4D Deep Tissue Massage System

Forever Rest’s advanced 4D technology quad-roller massage mechanism lets you enjoy extreme deep-tissue massages.

This feature is unheard of in some massage chairs in its category.

Your whole back and the area around your neck will experience the full healing potential of a massage thanks to its massage rollers that protrude deeply.

One-Touch Zero-Gravity Feature

With a single touch of a button, you’ll enjoy the weightless feel of the FR-10K massage chair.

This allows you to feel the effects of the reduced pressure the chair brings when you recline it. It takes the pressure off your heart to give you improved blood flow and circulation as well as relieve aches and pain.

Full-Body Stretch Function

This is the FR-10K feature where the chair holds your hips in place.

Your legs are pulled down to stretch the whole of your back very much similar to an advanced Thai stretch program.

This is a solid choice if you’re looking to decompress your spine.

Body Scan Technology

This massage chair uses advanced accurate body scanning technology.

This means that the chair will scan your body and customize the most accurate massages for you.

It uses sensors and state-of-the-art technology to determine your size, weight, and curvatures, giving you personalized massages.

Built-In Heat in the Feet and Lumbar Region

The FR-10K massage chair is equipped with a built-in heat function to concentrate on your back, legs, and feet areas.

It effectively reduces muscle spasms, eases tension and pain, and increases blood flow in these areas. 

Full-Body Airbag Massage System

If you’re suffering from stiff joints and muscles, the FR-10K is an excellent choice.

It provides airbag compression massages that help alleviate stiffness, increase blood circulation, and stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins from your body.

AI Voice-Controlled Commands

This massage chair uses Forever Rest’s Smart AI voice control feature that lets you say commands to the chair such as Power On, Switch Off, Zero Gravity, Heat On, or Neck Care.

You won’t have to find the remote control to do these commands as you can just say them out loud.

Forever Rest Massage Chairs: Conclusion

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed my article about Forever Rest massage chairs!

As you can see, Forever Rest have a range of massage chairs to suit everyone’s needs and budgets.

And this article has helped you pinpoint exactly which model is right for you.

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