HOMCOM Power Massage Recliner Chair Review

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Massage recliners are a popular choice among the elderly. These types of chairs are supremely comfortable and help you relax after a long hard day at work.

The HOMCOM power massage recliner brings a new feature to the table: an electrically powered recliner & footrest. It does come with a small drawback.

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3 Reasons You Should Buy the HOMCOM power massage recliner chair

HOMCOM power massage recliner chair

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It’s comfortable and easy to clean.

Comfort is one of the primary factors of a recliner. This chair’s PU leather is comfortable and easy to clean. The backrest, headrest, and armrest are thick and overstuffed to provide that “sink-into-but-cant-get-out” feeling.

Recline with a press of a button.

This chair is one of few on the market with electric-powered reclining capabilities. It helps because most older folks struggle with cranking a lever on the side, especially when it’s hard to reach.

It’s a modern style.

It’s all black, and covered in high-quality PU leather. It has a standard recliner look and thus fits with any type of home decor. The recliner buttons add a hint of hip and tech to the mixture.

Features And Benefits

The first thing you notice about this massage recliner is that it’s covered in glossy, durable PU leather. It’s black and has an extra cushion on the armrest, backrest, and leg rest. It’s super comfortable and works with all types of home decor.

One distinguishing factor about this chair is that it’s electric, meaning you press a button to recline. This is helpful for those who don’t enjoy putting extra effort into pulling a lever, which sometimes can be cumbersome.

Also, keep in mind that the electrical outlet is not the standard 3-prong that many were accustomed to. Many will need an adapter to power this chair.

In total, the massage covers four zones: legs, thigh, lumbar, and back. It’s neat that even a recliner with rudimentary massage functions has the capability of targeting specific muscle parts.

The power recliner can pull the backrest up to 165 degrees. This is a bit above average, which is 140 degrees. It won’t lie flat but most recliners don’t so that’s not a big deal.

The heat is located in the lower back / lumbar area. It’s nice to have heat applied to your muscles because it makes them tender for the massage to be extra effective.

One thing we liked about this chair is the simple intuitive remote. It has thumb-sized buttons and lights, diagrams, and an LED screen that gives you information.

The assembly takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. It’s not too complicated and doesn’t require a handy person to complete it. It requires no extra tools to set up, all the pieces snap together and plug in.

The plug and power cord is UL certified. This means that a third-party organization called Underwriters Laboratories have found this product to pass their safety test. It’s always nice to have peace of mind especially if you’re gifting this to someone you love.

HOMCOM Massage Recliner Chair – Review Conclusion

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in deciding whether the HOMCOM massage recliner chair is right for you. As you can see, this is a sleek, modern massage chair that will suit any interior decor.

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