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HoMedics Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion Review

HoMedics Shiatsu Elite 11 Massage Cushion


Welcome to our review of the HoMedics Shiatsu Elite II massage cushion.

Quite often our neck and shoulders hold a lot of tension. These days we are hunched over computers, tablets, phones and even books, and we end up with stiff necks and tight shoulders. The need for relieving stress is more than ever before so our team has had a look at one of the best neck, shoulder, and back massage cushions on the market.

If the cost of a ‘full’ massage chair is a bit daunting financially, or if space is tight, then an option is a Massage Cushion.

Being one of the leaders in their field HoMedics has worked hard to mimic the feeling of actual hands massaging your neck and shoulder.

Is it as good as a massage chair?

Probably not, but it comes a close second.

In this article, we have examined the HoMedics Shiatsu Elite II Massage Cushion to see how it performs.

The beauty of a massage cushion is its versatility. Easily moved from chair to chair, living room to bedroom, or study so you can have a massage while watching TV, or working.

When not in use it can be put away out of sight with its slim design and light weight – only 8.5 pounds.

The easy-to-use programmable controller makes changing and customizing the settings a breeze. Go from relaxing, spot massaging to shiatsu quickly and easily.

The height can be adjusted so the nodes fit exactly into the neck area.

Using the remote you can adjust the massage to concentrate on where it is needed most. The Spot bottom on the remote allows you to stop the massage and let the massage nodes focus in on a particular spot that needs attention.

Gentle heat warms and helps relax tired and stresses muscles.

With three zones of the back, you can adjust to work on your upper, lower, or entire back area with a gentle heat helping relax those muscles.

How Does HoMedics Elite II Massage Cushion Work?

The massage nodes work up and down the back part of the cushion in a kneading circular movement providing full coverage of the area.

Circular motion soothes and relaxes the neck muscles, relieving stress and tension.

For ideal relaxation, the Elite II comes with 3 massage types, 3 massage zones, and 3 pre-set massage programs.

Massage types include – Kneading and Rolling

Massage Zones – Upper Back Lower Back and Entire Back

Remote Control for HoMedics Elite II

HoMedics Elite II Remote Control


Pros of HoMedics Elite II

Lightweight. Easy to move from one chair to another. Think home to office, basically anywhere where you can plug into an electrical socket.

Easy to assemble. It is best for high-backed chairs to the full extent of the neck and should massage is appreciated

Cons of HoMedics Elite II

May not fit every chair so check that the straps will wrap securely around your chair or chairs that you wish to use.


How long should you use a HoMedics Shiatsu massage cushion?

15 minutes is the recommended use time. Of course, you can use the massage cushion a few times a day if required.

Is A Massage Cushion Good for You?

If you are looking to relieve muscle tension and achieve relaxation then Yes!, definitely. Customers also reported that their mood improved after a massage and they felt rejuvenated.

Summing Up:

Massage Cushions can be an excellent alternative to a ‘full’ massage chair considering they are easy to use, portable, and lightweight. Used correctly they can help relieve muscle tension, achieve relaxation and improve mood.


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