How much do massage chairs cost?

Having a good and reliable massage chair at home is nothing less than a blessing.

It can help you in recovering from previous injuries, pain, and anxiety.


Before buying a massage chair, you must get detailed know-how of the price range.

What to look for in a massage chair?

The massage chairs’ market is so saturated that new buyers can easily get confused with the features.

To invest your money wisely, and to protect you from buying a nearly useless massage chair, let’s learn about the must-haves of a massage chair first.

  • Who will be using the chair?

This factor is imperative in decision making as everyone has different endurance capacity.

For example:

If an elderly woman uses this chair, the power of vibrators and stimulators must be low or adjustable.

Old folks cannot bear extensive massaging because their joints are weak.

Similarly, if an athlete will have the massage session, he must get a full-body gentle massage.

As more physical exertion means more chances of muscle strain and pain.

High-end massage chairs have potent vibrators, supportive L-track, zero-gravity feature, and air-bag massage too.

And obviously, a chair with all these features will cost you a whole lot.

So, before proceeding with your buying decision, ask yourself, do I really need all these features?

  • Do you have any specific need?

Many people buy a full-body massage chair, even though they just needed a foot massage.

This is not a wise thing to do, pal!

Before making any kind of investment, you must consider all the pros and cons.

Imagine you spent some 7k dollars on a full-body massage chair and never used many features it offers.

That’s something which must be considered before a buying decision.

  • What’s in your pocket?

Though there are many massage chairs available in a vast price range, you should still be clear how much you can spend.


Decided what you need, and what you can spend?

Now let’s dive into the price range dilemma!

How much should you take out for a massage chair?

Here’s a thing:

Price of massage chairs varies drastically.

This range is from 300$ to 12000$, crazy no?

I have divided the price range into 3 sections so that you can pick one as per your budget.

Low budget massage chairs

Wish of having a good massage which is also cost-effective is something many people can relate to.

We do not want to spend a fortune on a massage chair, but the wish to get rid of continuous muscle strain keep bugging us.

This is when low-budget massage chairs come as your guardian angels.

You do not have to loan money for buying a massage chair. You can get a pretty reasonable massage chair by spending 500-1000$.

BestMassage builds high chairs which have all essential features and don’t drain your money.

Notable features you can get in this price range are:

  • Back massage from in-built small vibrators
  • L-track for spine and lower-back’s support
  • 1 position zero-gravity massage
  • Foot rollers
  • Medium power air-pressure bags

These low budget massage chairs are an excellent fit for those who just get these sessions for calming down the body and stretching the tired muscles.

There are not many options to alter the settings of these chairs, but you can still enjoy your calming sessions.

Saving some extra money is cool, and you can easily do that by paying a reasonable sum for these chairs.

If you have some kind of injury-history, then the list of chairs preferred for you is about to start.

Mid-ranged massage chairs

If you can extend your budget a bit, then RELAXONIC chairs have got your back.

Price of these chairs ranges from 1100-5000$.

RELAXONIC chairs is a brand known for producing mid-budget but high-quality chairs.

REALAXONIC chair will provide you with:

  • 2nd generation L-track
  • Shiatsu massagers
  • 3-position zero gravity massage
  • Manual massage options
  • Airbag pressurized massages

RELAXONIC has 10 options for your which range from 1100$ to 2500$.

This must sound like a considerable amount of money, but the benefits are endless.

You can alter the massage duration settings, can have a calf, foot, and neck massages along with a heated lower-back massage.

These chairs will go easy on your pocket if you want to enjoy simple, soothing, and painless massages at home.

Although not chronic pains, you can still get rid of pulled muscles, swollen ankles, and stiff neck by throwing yourself at a mid-ranged massage chair.

When we move a step ahead from mid-ranged massage chairs, some sophisticated options await us.

High-end massage chairs

People who are enthusiastic about buying high-quality things which also soothe their aesthetic sense, these chairs are just for them.

High-end massage chairs will cost you 10000-15000$.

HXLSXROMIDA is the pioneer in making high-quality, sophisticated massage chairs.

Although these chairs will leave a large hole in your pocket, they are worth it.

From having full-body wrapped massages to enjoying the zero-gravity session, most high-quality chairs will make you feel like floating in space where there is no weight, no stress, and no pain.

These massage chairs are most preferred by orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists.

Because they can do wonders for those, who have chronic pains.

The chairs which are above 7000$ range, are mostly built for full body massages.

Neck, arms, foot, hips, spine, and calves, all parts will receive great massage sessions.

Advanced robotic technology is incorporated in these high-quality chairs to make them an ultimate fit.

Smart features like a palm-sized remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, and extreme inclining angles, all are accumulated in these.

Things you must remember

As I already said, you must make a decision while keeping in mind your medical history.

If you are pregnant, have muscular pain or had a bone injury in the past, then you must consult a physiotherapist before opting for a massage chair.

If your doctor allows you to have extreme massage sessions, then start saving for a high-end massage chair.

And if you are lucky enough to not have any health problem, the low-intensity and low-budget chairs are there for you.

Happy shopping, mate!

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