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How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost?

Welcome to our article about how much do massage chairs cost! Our team has analyzed thousands of massage chairs and their associated costs and specs.

You probably heard that you “get what you pay for” when it comes to massage chairs. This is not exactly true, according to our data analysis.

So, as a very quick guide massage chairs range from $1,500 up to over $10,000.

However, there are recliner/massage chairs for under $1,000 and massage cushions for less than $500.

We advocate some of the least expensive massage chairs on the market while discouraging our readers from buying super expensive $10,000 massage chairs (most of these are from off-shore and have no reviews from real customers).

We’ve done some real data-crunching analysis to give you our breakdown of massage chairs at different price points.

Let us begin!

Best Massage Chairs Under $500

There aren’t many massage chairs under $500. We’ll name a couple but we do not advise purchasing them if you expect fully-fledged features like zero gravity, foot rollers, and body scan technology.

Here are some quick facts after searching “massage chairs” on Amazon:

  • 54% of results were massage cushions
  • 23% were massage chairs for therapists
  • 23% were regular massage chairs

Before we talk about massage cushions, here are some interesting numbers:

  • Average rating of 4.26 with an average number of 294 reviews

Although massage cushions are cheaper and come with less functionality, we noticed that the data showed that many of the customers were very happy with their purchase.

There are several key differences between a massage chair and a massage cushion:

  • massage cushions do not have foot rollers
  • massage cushions do not have a track system (L-track nor S-track)
  • massage cushions are not stand-alone; they must be placed on a bed, couch, chair, or another sturdy piece of furniture
  • massage cushions require a little effort from the users to make the massage effective as they don’t “cage” you into the seat like a massage chair.

Surprisingly massage cushions come with:

  • Shiatsu rollers
  • heat capability
  • multiple adjustments (rollers, speed, intensity)
  • a strong massage (probably the biggest worry that customers have)

The Best Massage Cushions

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

The Comfier Shiatsu massage cushion is one of a kind; it uses heated shiatsu rollers and airbags to deliver the massage. It’s able to target the majority of the neck and back areas with the right amount of pressure. It’s got an adjustable flap so you can wash it as well as adjust the intensity of the massage.

This product comes with a 24-month warranty. Comfier will replace the unit if it does not work after usual wear and tear.

We recommend that you place this massage cushion on an upright chair. Sofas aren’t great options because the backrest is usually not rigid enough.

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Snailax is a trusted and reputable brand. This neck and back massage cushion is rated 4.5 / 5 with 1000+ reviews.

Combining Shiatsu-style massages with heated nodes and vibrations, this massager delivers deep massages after a hard day at work. Choose one from 3 massage zones full back, upper back, and lower back.

Different types of massage chairs under $500

The majority of massage chairs under $500 fall under these categories:

  • Recliner chairs with massage capabilities
  • Massage chair with a footrest ottoman
  • Rocking chair with massage capabilities
  • Foldable massage chairs

If you are thinking about buying a massage chair with full-blown features, we recommend you increase your budget by a couple of hundred dollars. Between $500 and $1000 prices you’ll find more massage chairs with modern features.

Best Recliner massage chair under $500

Recliner massage chairs are recommended for the elderly or older folks. They do not have sophisticated features and are easy to control. They also fit in well with home decor as it looks just like a regular recliner chair that one would put in the living room.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright offers a durable and safe-to-use massage chair recliner that is specialized to be high in satisfaction and comfort. Made in durable PU leather and a strong metal frame, this recliner chair is meant to last a long time. It also has a nice remote and several massaging options.

Best Massage Chair With Ottoman under $500

A massage chair with an ottoman reduces bulkiness. If you don’t need a foot massager, it can save you a couple hundred (or even thousands) of dollars. It leaves less footprint in your house and has similar torso massage capabilities as other chairs.

Massage Chair with Ottoman by Best Choice Products

Massage Chair with Ottoman

Covered in black LeatherSoft upholstery, this chair provides the relaxation and comfort you’re looking for after a hard day at work. Mahogany is wooden-based and has a lever for reclining positions. It comes with 5 preprogrammed massage modes and 9 levels of intensity adjustment.

Best Rocking Massage Chair Under $500

Rocking chair massage chairs are great for the front porch and come with various massage capabilities. The typical wooden arch base is sturdy and provides a nice rocking mechanism that is soothing as the massage. They are very lightweight and easy to assemble and carry into the house, especially useful if purchasing for elderly folks.

Silvox Massage Chair

Silvox Massage Chair

Silvox massage chair is a sturdy hard wood-based massage chair that combines both the comfort of a rocker as well as the functionality of a massage chair.

It uses two sets of massage nodes: the lower back and the neck area. You can adjust the height of the neck massager, and the vibration intensity, and even pinpoint the massage nodes to a specific part of the back. All these features are wrapped up in a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best Foldable Massage Chair Under $500

Foldable massage chairs provide mobility while sustaining massage features. They usually come with a pair of shiatsu balls that massage the back and have heating capabilities. To our surprise, many customers report that these chairs provide a deep-tissue massage.

The Best Massage Chairs are Between $500 and $1000

There are a couple of hundred massage chairs between $500 and $1000 on Amazon. On average, they had a 4.2 / 5-star rating.

There are two dominating brands: OOTORI and RealRelax.

Typically these chairs include a fixed point massage system which means there is no roller-track system in play. The track and the overhead to move the rollers is the most expensive part of a massage chair and naturally, that is the first thing cut out in the manufacturing process when decreasing the retail price. This means that you won’t get the “hands-gliding-across-body” experience.

The second way the manufacturers save money is to make the chair smaller sized. Most of the massage chairs in the price range will fit up to 6 feet and 200 lbs. This is quite small for American users.

If you have a smaller frame and enjoy a fixed-point massage system, these chairs are ideal for you.

Real Relax Favor 2022

Real Relax Favor 2022

Real Relax is known for its low-cost massage chairs that have features of high-end massage chairs.

Its 8-point massage system combined with air compression massage delivers powerful, stress-relieving massages. The 3-stage zero gravity effectively reduces heart pressure and stimulates blood circulation. The two heating pads in the lower back area combined with vibrations improve blood circulation.

Real Relax has responsive customer services, the package arrives on time, and the assembly is intuitive.

OOTORI massage chair recliner

OOTORI massage chair recliner

OOTORI is another brand that is known for its budget-friendly massage chairs. Their chairs are covered in high-quality synthetic leather and are FDA approved. The users can customize their massage in various ways. They place a lot of importance on quality assurance and have a 3-year manufacturer warranty to back it up. You can also expect the most modern massage technologies in their chairs.

Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner by BestMassage

Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner by BestMassage

This massage chair by BestMassage is elegant and classy with the functionality of an expensive chair.

The massage and the air pressure are perfect for those who want a deep-tissue massage and like to be wrangled. The extendable footrest is convenient because it accommodates a larger range of people of different heights. The zero gravity feature will recline the chair to a 145-degree angle between the back and the feet, effectively reducing the stress on the spine.

This chair is inexpensive and many users report high satisfaction.

The Best Massage Chairs Between $1000 and $2000

This price range is what we consider the “sweet spot” of massage chairs. We highly recommend getting a massage chair in this price range. This is when the massage chairs start coming with all-out features that many consumers enjoy. As we climb the price ranges, the features get slightly defined and enhanced but this is when those features are first introduced.

This category has the highest average weighted review of 4.4 / 5 on Amazon.

4 major brands dominate this price range:

  • Kahuna
  • Relaxonchair (Different from Real Relax)
  • Osaki / Titan

Our data shows that these massage chairs have:

  • 50+ inch SL-track
  • Average height and weight limit of 6 feet 3 inches and 284 lbs, respectively
  • Body Scan Technology
  • Dramatically nicer aesthetic appeal
  • FDA approval with a 3-year warranty
  • 50% had the popular Yoga Stretch program that customers love


Relaxon MK-11 Chair

Striving to embody exceptional quality and affordable prices, Relaxonchair MK-II Plus comes with all the bells and whistles of an advanced massage chair all while fitting American-sized users (by far the biggest complaint that users have).

Awesome features of the MK-II Plus:

  • 3 stages of zero gravity
  • Buttocks massage l-tracking system
  • Deep tissue massages
  • Easy 3-step assembly
  • 4 automatic programs and 5 massage techniques
  • Computerized Body Scan
  • True 180-degree zero gravity position

Read our full review of the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Here!

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers – LM-6800

Kahuna Superior Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna is one of the biggest known brands in the massage equipment industry. Their model LM-6800 is among customer favorites. This chair accommodates all types of body types up to 6 feet 5 inches and 320 lbs. The 6 rollers feel like 6 hands massaging your body. It comes with modern technology like a computerized body scan, triple hip airbags, 5 levels of intensity option, 9 auto programs, zero gravity, and more.

Awesome features of Kahuna LM-6800 Include:

  • Large seating and large shoulder width; 21-inch wide seating area and 24-inch wide shoulder area
  • 5 levels of air massage intensity
  • Space Saving Technology with 3 stages of zero gravity
  • LCD remote with a 30-minute maximum timer
  • Luxury design

Read our comparison of the Kahuna LM6800 vs LM6800S Here!

Osaki OS-4000

Osaki OS-4000

OSAKI/TITAN is one of the leading distributors of electric massage chairs. Their number one goal is to help customers relax. And indeed, that is what they do.

The Osaki OS-4000 sports a true ergonomic S-track that contours your spine. This maximizes the effectiveness of the massage by keeping the rollers at a minimum distance between the surface.

This chair is one of the few on the market that comes with two controllers: a full-sized and a wireless compact remote. This makes it easier to operate the massage chair without fussing around for the remote(s).

Awesome features of Osaki OS-4000 include:

  • Auto Leg Scan (Automatically adjusts so that the rollers touch the bottom of your feet)
  • 2 stages of zero gravity
  • Computerized Body Scan
  • Air compression massage
  • Comfortable
  • Lumbar Heat Support

Using Japanese engineering, OOTORI has been one of the leading revolutionists in the massage chair market. Their craftsmanship and desire for perfection have made them an international star.

The RL900 is very sleek and has a unique design. The technology is specifically made to help with health issues like sciatica. Their mechanical foot rollers simulate reflexology zones. It comes with many of the best massage chair features.

Awesome features of OOTORI RL900:

  • 3 stages of zero gravity
  • L-track massage
  • Yoga Stretching program
  • Leg extension
  • Computerized Body Scan
  • Bluetooth

The Best Massage Chairs are Between $2000 and $3000

These massage chairs go the extra mile to provide exceptional quality. Many features of these chairs extend the capabilities of their predecessor.

The chairs in this range have special niceties like:

  • Fully assembled chairs
  • 3D massage control (can control depth of massage)
  • Multiple language settings
  • Up to 1 hour of single massage session
  • 13+ auto programs
  • Multiple foot massage techniques
  • iOS and Android apps enabled

We recommend purchasing the massage chairs in these price points if you want the extra amenities that come on top of chairs between $1000 – $2000; many of the chairs in this range offer similar if not exact features in the price range below it.

Kahuna 7300S

Kahuna 7300S massage chair

Kahuna is a reputable brand and one of our favorites. It is one of the few brands that has a team of informative and knowledgeable support team. They do not hire a foreign team to do the customer support.

The 7300S is packed with goodness. It has a total of 13 auto programs and a one-hour long timer (one the longest timer we’ve seen in this industry!). Android app-enabled and premium speakers give the user extra relaxation. The 6 roller system and zero gravity feature make for an awesome deep massage.

Our favorite feature of this chair is that it accommodates taller and bigger users (up to 6 feet 5 inches and 320 lbs).


OOTORI N900 massage chair

The N900 is OOTORI’s flagship product and is equipped with one of the largest SL double tracks we’ve seen: 59 inches.

The entire chair is packed with health benefits and equipped with the latest technology. Computerized body scans, acupuncture arm air compression massage, and 3-stage zero gravity.

My favorite part about this massage chair is the smart rollers. There are a total of 6 wheels attached to a pair of rollers that enable all different types of massage techniques. It makes the massage so much more effective than a fixed-point massage system.

Awesome features of the OOTORI N900:

  • SL Double tracks
  • Thai Yoga Stretching
  • Smart Body Scan
  • Fully wrapped foot roller
  • A lot of control over speed, intensity, and air pressure

The Best Massage Chairs are Between $3000 and $4000

This price range is what we call “the blind spot” of massage chairs. Less than 1% of the massage chairs we researched on Amazon had this price.

The massage chairs in this price range are typically specialized in some medical capacity. They usually offer patented technology and revolutionary features that give you health benefits beyond the lower-priced chairs.

Medical Breakthrough v4

Medical Breakthrough v4 massage chair cost

Created by a CEO / founder who lost his most beloved family member: his grandma, who had a stroke due to lack of exercise.

The only massage chair we’ve seen that is recommended by more than 26 Medical Doctors.

Recommended by Dr. John Riehm (GE / Zerox Engineer / MD), Dr. Peter Kim (Providence Regional Medical Center, Surgeon), and Dr. Linda Elyad (Standford University, Chiropractic Doctor).

This is the chair that provides the highest level of customization. No limit to how much you can recline the chair and choose from a bunch of massage types and programs.

The Best Massage Chairs are Between $4000 and $5000

Between $4000 and $5000, there are a lot of foreign chairs, more specifically Japanese products. These are high-quality engineered massage chairs. However, customer support and instructions have not been the greatest with these chairs. The terminology of the product descriptions might throw you off. For instance “SL rail” refers to SL-track. Overall, these chairs include a boatload of top-notch features and some of them have won design awards.

Because these chairs have a smaller amount of reviews, we recommend doing further research into the company website before purchasing.

The most popular brands:

  • Osaki / Titan
  • Infinity
  • Ogawa
  • ch-air

Features of massage chairs that are unique to this price range:

  • 3 – 5 year premium warranty
  • Reinforced massage motors for longer durability
  • User memory options (for saving custom settings)
  • Complex airbags that can grip body parts efficiently
  • Instant replay buttons

Bali Human Touch Massage Chair

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost - Bali Massage Chair

This chair is the only massage chair we’ve seen where there is a set amount of vertical height where the rollers don’t go past the notches. In total, there are 9 said notches.

This chair supports newer technology like Acupoint detection and a fuller scope of 21 massage techniques.

This chair has won the prestigious Design Journal Awards for Design Excellence(ADEX) for its ergonomics, fashion, and function.


  • Supported by Human Touch Wellness Council and wellness experts – specializes in back pain
  • Endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic
  • Long range of height accommodation: supports 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 5 inches users
  • feel immersed in the massages
  • Premium 5-year warranty – 1-year in-home labor, 3-year parts, 5-year frame


  • No Zero Gravity

Infinity IT-8500

Infinity IT-8500 massage chair

Infinity invented a new word to remove constrictions and restrictions as it pertains to athletes in their pursuit of leveling up: unlimited. This word describes who they are as a company and this chair the IT-8500.

Waist twisting and spinal decompressions are a few functions of the IT-8500 that make it unique from its competitors. It’s packed with other features that will help destress your body.


  • Decompression stretch – recline as airbags grip feet and shoulders, relieving pressure off the spine
  • Reflexology – foot rollers specifically target points associated with the rest of the body
  • Body scan positions roller to your body shape and size
  • Air compression massage


  • No L-track – doesn’t hit the glutes or hamstrings

The Best Massage Chair Between $5000 and $6000

In this price range, you’ll find features that are super specialized and expensive patented technology.

The majority of the massage chairs at this price are made with Japanese engineering. The quality is typically higher than American or Chinese-manufactured chairs.

These chairs are covered in high-quality premium synthetic leather.

An interesting thing is that some of these chairs do not have zero gravity. Some of these Japanese companies believe that zero gravity is a fad and doesn’t provide health benefits regardless of what experts say.

Several brand names dominate this price target:

  • Panasonic
  • Kyota
  • Nirvana
  • Spa Dynamix
  • Fuhita
  • XYQC
  • Osaki


Panasonic MA73

Panasonic MA73 massage chair

Panasonic has been building massage chairs since 1918. Their roots run deep and the advancement of products over the century has been nothing short of amazing.

The MA73 was built to target all 1080 acupoints in the neck and back. A combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage, the chair provides deep tissue kneading.


  • Strong intelligent microprocessor that replicates real massages
  • Heated rollers
  • Rotating ottoman – the massage doubles as a comfortable armchair
  • Really quiet three-dimensional massage system


  • No zero gravity

Kyoto M680 Massage Chair

Kyoto M680 Massage Chair

A very well-engineered chair, the Kyoto M680 provides some of the most detailed craftsmanship we’ve seen in a massage chair.

The 6-node 3D roller system makes for a strong deep-tissue massage. There are many adjustment options available.

There are kneading rollers in the arms area (we’ve never seen this before!)

Multiple heating areas in the hands, back, and feet.

The Best Massage Chairs are Between $6000 and $7000

The massage chairs between $6000 and $7000 are a little bit “over the edge”, so to speak. These chairs have a variety of cultural inspirations (Turkish treatment, Egyptian massage, Greek stress relief) and fine-tuned features.

Many of them are equipped with reflexology foot rollers which are designed to target special body parts via foot massage.

You’ll also see advanced technology like rocking technology that enables a massage chair to rock back and forth while giving you a deep tissue massage.

Common brands include:

  • Medical Breakthrough
  • Osaki
  • Daiwa
  • Infinity

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4

Medical Breakthough 6 v4 massage chair

This massage chair is one of the only chairs that has a perfect 5-star rating with over 15 ratings on Amazon. A low number of ratings is expected since it’s a high-priced product.

It is infused with massage techniques from all over the world: Turkish treatment, Ancient Roman therapy, Egyptian-style massages, New Delhi Yoga Stretching, and more.

It’s got a medical body scan that is much more precise and serves to benefit your health.

My favorite thing about this massage chair is that it is endorsed by over 25 medical doctors. When medical professionals put their reputation on the line for a product, you know it’s gotta be good!


  • Endorsed and designed by over 25 doctors, chiropractors, pain specialists, and surgeons
  • Medical body scan is precise and outlines each massage to the contours of your body
  • Unlimited customization – adjust footrest, shoulder airbags, any height or width, recline as far as you want
  • Chiropractic backstretch effectively relieves stress from your spine


  • Expensive

Read our full review of the Medical Breakthrough 6 V4 massage chair here!

Infinity Riage X3

Infinity Riage X3 massage chair

The Infinity Riage X3 has a funny tagline: “We can’t promise space travel, but we can promise a great massage.”

However, its features are no joke.

This chair provides 3D massages on its lengthy 49-inch SL track. It will stroke your body from your neck down to your toes.

Customers have claimed that this is the “Most humanized massage chair ever seen.”


  • Luxury compared to Rolls Royce
  • Rocking Technology – metronome-based chair movement


  • Ships in 3 boxes and requires assembly
  • Does not have decompression stretch

The Best Massage Chairs Between $7000 and $8000

Massage chairs in this price range typically have:

  • More massage techniques, beyond kneading, knotting, tapping, and Shiatsu
  • Can target the neck specifically
  • Stronger heating
  • Adjustable arm massager
  • FDA, UL, and CE listed
  • Target Yangchi and Quchi points
  • Endorsements by big health organizations
  • Premium 5-year warranty

Fujimi Massage Chair EP7000

Fujimi Massage Chair EP7000

Sporting a 53-inch super-long L-track, the EP7000 provides a comfortable and specialized massage for those with hard knots throughout their body.

There are 12 airbags in the human arm curve itself and is specifically designed to target Yangchi and Quchi points.

The carbon fiber infrared heating coincides with the wavelength of the human body thus the energy is absorbed into the body and promotes metabolism.

I especially liked how durable this massage chair is. One reviewer reported having it for 4 – 5 years with no functional mishaps. She’s also a registered nurse who endorsed this product as a big stress reliever.

Another feature I enjoyed is the fast buttons on the side of the chair. In the middle of intense relaxation, it’s nice to have buttons on the side to do quick functions instead of getting up and pressing a button on the remote.

Luraco Legend Plus

Luraco Legend Plus massage chair

Luraco is a very reputable massage chair brand that’s endorsed by the US military and other public entities. Companies like Google have bought their chairs for their office environment.

Luraco Legend has the latest technology in zero gravity, a track system, and a touchscreen remote. You can expect a handful of customization between 9 automatic present programs, and 5 levels of intensity, heat, and speed.

My favorite part about this chair is the patent-pending noise reduction technology. I don’t know about you but I love it when a massage chair does not make excessive noise (motors on competitors’ chairs sound like a jet engine!).

Another thing that I enjoy is the latest and intelligent sensor technology used in the body scan/self-diagnostic. It’s accurate so that it tailors the massage to all body shapes and sizes.

Also, this chair has the most safety recognition I’ve ever seen. It is FDA registered, CE labeled (Conformite Europeene – meets safety standards in the European Union), and UL stamped (Approved by Underwriters Laboratories, a private safety organization).

The Best Massage Chairs Between $8000 and $9000

In this price range, massage chairs have undergone intensive studies to prove that there are an array of health benefits associated with getting a massage from these chairs.

You can expect luxury features like an adjustable bicep and tricep massager, the ability to pause and resume a massage, 100 degrees heat therapy, and a 1-hour timer.

You’ll also see record-breaking features in this price range. One of these chairs has the longest L-track we’ve seen.

Some of these massage chairs have 4D massage heads, meaning you can control the depth, time, and position of the rollers.

Osaki OS-PRO Maestro

Osaki OS-PRO Maestro massage chair cost


  • 4D L-track – wider, deeper, and rhythmical than other rollers
  • A lot of adjustment options: 5 strength, 5 intensity, and 5 speed
  • Heated back rollers – just like hot stones
  • Automatic leg scan and extension
  • 52-inch L-track


  • It’s a bigger chair and needs 3 – 5 inches from the wall whereas many of the competitor’s chairs need 3 inches or less

Read our full review of the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Here!

Luraco i7 Plus iRobotics

Luraco i7 Plus iRobotics massage chair cost

This chair won more awards than Bruno Mars.

It was awarded “Best of Show” by Residential Systems, “Best Quality in Home Furnishings” by Today Magazine, and “Best of CES award” in Health & Fitness by the International Consumer Electronics Show.

The iRobotics is the first chair to run on a powerful operating system; this allows users to save custom settings.

One of the first massage chairs we’ve seen that integrates health monitoring features like heart rate and blood pressure. Of course, it’s patented.

The only chair that can swivel your body. Genius engineering.

Just like other Luraco chairs, it’s FDA registered, CE, and UL listed, and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty which they claim is the best warranty in the industry.

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost? – Conclusion

We hope this article has helped bring clarity around how much massage chairs cost, and what kind of features and performance you can expect at different price points.

As you can see, there is a wide range of massage chairs out there to suit every budget! The amount that you end up paying will depend on the kind of functionality that you’re after. 

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