How Much Does A Massage Chair Weigh?

Welcome to our article How Much Does A Massage Chair Weigh? If you’re wondering how much a massage chair weighs, then you’ve come to the right place! 

First of all, the weight of a massage chair varies from brand to brand. Since each model and brand differs, the weight varies as well. Our experts found that massage chairs are mostly padding, airbags, and cushions that can appear bulky but are in fact light. So weight will depend on features and materials. 

On top of this, most massage chairs have sturdy wheels and holding positions that spread the weight and make it easy to maneuver. Just because a massage chair is larger doesn’t mean that it will be heavier. Weight is calculated by the materials used, the motor, wheels, padding, and other criteria.

Please continue reading for a round-up of chairs and their weight.

how much does a massage chair weigh

How Much Does A Massage Chair Weigh – Quick Answer

A massage chair can typically weigh as much as 400 lbs or just about 181kg and the smaller-sized massage chairs with fewer features usually weigh between 150 lbs to 260 lbs.  The weight depends on the materials, technology, rollers, and the chair’s mechanisms. There is no “right weight” or ideal weight for a massage chair as each brand and chair is different.

Okay, let’s get into some more specifics now!

Massage Chair Weight Determining Factors:

Massage Chairs can weigh around 150 lbs but these chairs look more like recliners.

Real massage chairs that offer practical kneading massage and compression massages weigh close to 250 lbs.

There are various reasons for this large range; some high-end massage chair models can weigh more than 300 lbs.

Here’s a breakdown of all the factors that add weight to your massage chair.


Massage chairs are made of metal, plastic, foam, and motors. Depending on the quality of materials up to 50 lbs can be removed or added, with the same dimensions.

Plastic does give a cheaper feeling but reduces the weight considerably. Opting for a leather finish or padding over plastic can contribute to massage chair weight. 


Massage chairs come in different sizes. While their width is around 30″ for door clearance, their reclined length and upright dimensions are a telltale sign of what weight to expect. When choosing a chair bear in mind not only the weight of the chair, but size. A smaller chair can fit better into a smaller room, get through a doorway, and possibly cost less but not always. 


The bulk of the weight of a massage chair comes from its features. Things like infrared heat emitters, foot massagers, heated rollers, heated padding, and touch screens are all contributors. There are massage chairs that serve the primary purpose of a 3D massage and weigh under 200 lbs without these extra add-ons that replicate the human touch.


Weights of Popular Massage Chair Brands

Most popular brands and top massage chair companies have models with different features that suit a different customer base.

Some people are interested in a deeper foot massage while others prefer a calming soft massage. These features mean varying massage chair weights which is why we have collected the best overall massage chair, the best value for money, and the least expensive massage chair top brands offer.

Human Touch:

Human Touch 8.0 Massage chair

Human Touch massage chairs have a unique aura. The design, aesthetic, and color of these massage chairs are cherry-picked to conform to a wide variety of customers who are looking for a practical massage chair that doesn’t look bulky and space-demanding. 

However, Human Touch massage chairs come in larger sizes that are loaded with features.

In terms of maneuverability, lower-end massage chairs are fairly easy to move around.

HUMAN TOUCH Massage Chairs

Human Touch is another extremely popular massage chair brand. The brand has versatile designs and extremely beneficial massage programs.

Human Touch chairs have a weight ranging from 100 to 150 lbs and they can carry a maximum of 285 lbs user weight.

Some of the top model’s weight

Super Novo Massage Chair 

  • Item weight -320 lbs
  • The brand’s top-model massage chair with relatively larger than usual dimensions. The chair is intended to stay fixed but has wheels that can help adjust the position a little bit.

Circa ZG Chair

  • Item weight – 132 lbs
  • Circa ZG is a mid-tier model that is extremely lightweight. Other than the easy moving, the chair can swivel around and is easily carried.

WholeBody 8.0 Massage Chair

  • Item weight – 114 lbs
  • Packed up features including rollers and calf massagers. 

Users Weight capacity

Human Touch has a 285-pound weight limit for their chairs. They have also specifically mentioned in their warranty terms that the company will not be responsible if you weigh more than 285 pounds and cause any damage to the chair after sitting in it.

To read more about Human Touch 8.0 click here


Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro Massage Chair
Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro

Osaki is a massage chair brand that has grown into an industry giant.

Osaki has many best-selling lightweight massage chairs and has been in business for over 15 years.

Their chairs are more or less the same weight because all of their massage chairs are built to last and have many features like heat therapy and automatic leg extension. For instance, Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II is 239 lbs. 

One of their best chairs Osaki OS Pro Maestro can be discovered here!


Kahuna 6800T massage chair

Kahuna is a popular brand of massage chair that has only recently gained market share.

They specialize in full-body massage chairs that are production based in China but with headquarters in the US.

Kahuna have been in the market long enough to be a reliable brand and they have affiliations with many organizations.

Their chairs are generally bulky and follow a similar aesthetic across all variants with the main difference in their features. Also, they are not an expensive brand.

Kahuna LM6800T is 210 lbs. Read more about this chair here. 

Kahuna SM9300 is 250 lbs. Read more about this chair here.


iRest A710 massage chair

iRest is a Chinese massage chair manufacturer that has been making massage chairs for more than 2 decades.

Their chairs are light on the wallet but heavier in terms of maneuverability. They’ve made a range of massage chairs and foot massagers but only a few have been best sellers.

Their two top-model massage chairs are mentioned below

iRest A710 is 344 lbs.

iRest A710 is heavy, bulky, and takes up significant space. It is difficult to move laterally but can slide back and forth with two small wheels.

iRest A710 is 344 lbs.

iRest SL Track is 183 lbs.

The SL track is a basic massage chair that most people need for quick recovery. It weighs under 200 lbs and is compact enough when you think about all the massage features from head to toe. 

How much weight does a massage chair weigh – Summary

There’s a general misconception that heavier massage chairs are tougher or can handle more user weight. That’s not true and most massage chairs support weights up to 250 lbs. 

A quick round-up of the best-selling lightweight massage chairs shows the answer to how much does a massage chair weighs and the best value for money massage chairs weigh close to 240 lbs.


Is it hard to move a heavy-weight massage chair?

It can be challenging for a non-professional to move a massage chair from one place to another. But with proper guidelines, you can do it quite easily. No big deal, you just have to know a few steps and you are ready to go.

What is the ideal weight for a massage chair?

There is no ideal weight for a massage chair. The mechanisms and materials used inside the massage chair affect its size and weight.

As a result, you’ll see high-priced chairs also weigh a lot.

How Much Does A Massage Chair Weigh – Conclusion  

You can now understand that every massage chair is different, and the weight of the chair purely depends on the number of materials used to make it. Don’t forget to read through the manuals on the chairs so that you have a full understanding of each chair, what it offers, its weight and dimensions, its features, and whether a lighter or heavier chair is best for you. Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative!

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