How often can you use massage chairs?

If a friend of yours said “my ankles have pain all the time even though I use massage chair 4 times a day”, then tell her that it is because you are over-using your massage chair.

This statement raises the question of how often can we use massage chairs? The answer is, 3-5 times a week, and the duration of these massages should be a maximum of 15 minutes.

Over-using the massage chairs leave many adverse impacts on our muscles and joints, and to know what those impacts are, keep reading.

The preferred duration for using massage chairs

Mostly, when people buy a new massage chair, they develop a routine to sit in it and get benefits from the money they’ve invested.


Over time, many users start feeling weird sensations in their lower legs or in the neck.

That happens when someone gets a massage for prolonged periods.

You know it is said that:

Excess of everything is bad

Same goes for these chairs.

You must develop a schedule for using your massage chair.

According to orthopedic specialists, the duration of these massages should be between 1-2 hours per week.

That duration depends on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Muscle condition
  • Joints’ health
  • Physical exertion

If one does immense physical activity throughout the day, he/she must get long massage sessions to keep the body’s system running smoothly.


If you are a lazy bum who doesn’t move much, then sitting on the massage chair for more than an hour per week will trigger your hormones.

How should you plan your massage duration?

You should divide this 1-2 hours duration into short intervals.

Most massage chairs offer 15 minutes sessions (which you can alter through the settings button), and that is precisely what doctors suggest.

Sitting in the same posture for more than 15-20 minutes of exerts pressure on the spine, lower limbs, and neck.

Which results in the pain which many massage chair users complain.

To avoid any backlash of this fantastic investment, you must plan wisely and come up with a balanced duration.

Too much or too less, both extremes won’t do any good to your health.

Why should you use a massage chair?

Today in the 20th century, people like to do everything fast as life has become mobile.

No one has enough time for visiting a spa every week.

We prefer things we can do at home (who can bear that honking traffic?)

The massage chairs were first developed in the 1950s with a motive to give people some relaxation.


Those old massage chairs only had vibrators and were not suitable for full body massages.

With the advancement in technology, new massage chairs have been introduced, which can give you immense relief after a hectic day at work.

Here are a few surprising benefits of these massage chairs:

  1. Comfortable massage sessions

As I already said, who can bear that honking traffic after a draining day at work?

After coming back from work, the thing one needs the most is relaxation (and a can of beer of course).

You can place a massage chair in your living room, and land directly at it after coming back home.

2. Save your precious bucks

Who doesn’t like so save a few dollars from therapists and spend them on buying his/her favorite clothing line?

I am sure everybody does.

And that’s precisely what massage chairs do for you.

No need to visit a spa which costs you a reasonable sum of money at every visit.

You can enjoy that leisure at home with this one-time investment.

3. Anxiety! You better run now!

When someone has a draining work routine or is facing any family disputes, he/she is prone to get anxiety.

And most psychiatrists and psychologists suggest that relaxing and calming the body helps people in overcoming anxiety.

No worries if you had a fight with your colleague or your partner isn’t picking up your call, sit in your massage chair, and control your temper.

People who have used these chairs are absolutely in love with them.

Things you must avoid while using a massage chair!

Although people think that “what’s a big deal in using a massage chair, you just have to sit there and enjoy” but it is not always that simple.

If you do these things, you may end up with strained muscles or swollen ankles:

  • Why are you moving so much, amigo?

Continuously moving while your massager is doing its job will definitely give you a strain.

To thoroughly enjoy your massage session, do not move during it.

Turn on some soothing music and sit there, without moving.

  • What did you say? Chips?

Would you believe that my cousin was munching on a packet of chips while having a massage? I know that’s crazy!

There is one golden rule, “no eating while getting a massage.”

When a body is being massaged, its blood pressure level and heartbeat rises to some extent.

And eating during that session will most probably give you an upset stomach, or you’ll feel nausea after that.

  • Hold on, you can work out later, pal! 

When our body’s muscles are triggered, they become weak.

And if getting a massage is your pre-ritual to start exercising, think again.

Once your massage session is finished, sit there for 5-10 minutes and let your body vitals become stable.

  • Make sure your pup is busy!

If your tabby/puppy/bunny jumps up and reaches your lap during a massage, ask it to come off your lap.

I am sure you might think that’s weird, but believe me, it’s not.

A good massage is that in which you are not disturbed by anything, not even your puppy.

It can disrupt the weight balance.


No pets and no children on your lap during a massage.

If your workload has increased, and you feel the need to get more extended massage session, that duration should be increased gradually.

Abrupt increasing the massage session will make you restless, and in worst cases may also disturb your vitals.

A thing to be remembered:

Brief massage sessions are almost useless.

You should develop a standard schedule and must follow it, to enjoy the chair’s benefits.  

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