Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Review:

Welcome to our article on the Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 review. Are you thinking about buying the Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 massage chair?

We analyzed every nook and cranny of this chair to give you a comprehensive review. Read on to discover the pros, cons, features, and benefits of this massage chair. 

Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair: – Introduction

Human Touch is a company known for its innovations in technology and its relentless pursuit of perfection. They have written many patents; they are constantly investing in research and development of massage tech.

Many of their products are endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic.

They regularly go on Costco Roadshows, where they showcase some of their new product lines. Because they are so involved in the industry, they are one of the most expensive massage chairs on the market.

This whole-body massage chair is not for everyone. It’s for those who are willing to sacrifice a foot massager for all the other benefits of a high-end luxury chair. It’s also for those who enjoy innovative features (we guarantee you will not find some of these features on any massage chair on the market).

Interesting fact: This chair is one of the full-body massage chairs on the market that can swivel.

Let’s dive into features and benefits.

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Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Features and Benefits

Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 massage chair

The first thing you notice about this chair is its unique design. It’s got a normal flat backing with an extra padded headrest, a large area armrest on each side of the chair, and a calve massager/ottoman. It comes in three colors: black, bone(white), and espresso.

The 3D FlexGlide technology is a patented innovation that allows the rollers on the track to move seamlessly. Some other chairs may feel “jagged” because the friction between the rollers and the track is large enough to disrupt the rollers once in a while.

The Warm Air Massage Technology consists of 6 heating points on the backrest. This heat is hot enough to loosen your muscle for deeper penetration.

CirQlation Technology allows the calf massager to massage upwards toward the torso, enabling the blood to go back to the heart. It moves in a figure-eight motion in an almost wave-like fashion. The foot and calf massager also doubles as an ottoman so you can use this chair as a regular recliner. It’s also extendable which is helpful for those who are taller.

Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 massage chair

There are several options for customizing the massage. There are 3 stationary massages, a gliding massage, and a custom massage that is a combination of these. There’s also an option to set the range of the vertical movement of the rollers (especially useful if you are short). Using their BodyMap Pro Technology, you can massage a specific area (useful if you have a specific ache) by clicking on a map of your body that is on the remote.

There are a total of 5 automatic massage programs: full, upper, lower relax, and sleep. The programs don’t overlap with one another which is nice. Some brands like to tout the number of programs when most of them are similar.

The swivel base is nice for those who are active. Big massages don’t have this mobility and it’s a hassle trying to turn a big 300 lb massage chair 45 degrees. The Wholebody 7.1 provides more mobility. The swivel itself is 55 degrees and is smooth (no creaking or squeaking!).

One improvement we see is the leg massager. Your calves have to be thicker for the airbags to work. If you have thinner legs (like me), it’s less effective. The leg portion isn’t extendable either.

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We hope our review of the Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair has helped you decide if this is the right massage chair for you! 

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