Ideal Massage Chair Review:

Welcome to our review of the Ideal Massage Chair.

Before we get into the features, pros, and cons of this chair, let’s first discuss who Ideal are as a company, to begin with.

Ideal Massage Chair – Introduction

The Ideal line of massage chairs is manufactured by Forever Rest, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of massage chairs, massage guns, electric wheelchairs, and other mobility aids.

Their massage chairs are crafted from parts and components that were manufactured in China but assembled and shipped from their warehouse in the United States. 

It started as a company whose aim is to provide not only the best and most affordable massage chairs to its customers but to also provide excellent after-sales and customer service support.

They also include a free shipping of all their products to the lower 48 states, plus an impressive 5-year limited warranty on most of their chairs. 

The company may still be viewed as a newcomer to the industry, but its never-ending commitment to providing products of high quality and affordability has made an outstanding impact in the market, so much so that the Ideal Massage chairs are starting to be recognized as one of the best brands of budget massage chairs today

The Ideal Full Featured Shiatsu Massage Chair is an affordable massage chair that has several high-tech features that rival other massage chairs over twice its price.

Let’s now get into our detailed review of the Ideal Massage Chair!

Ideal Massage Chair Specifications

ideal massage chair

Here is a quick rundown of the specifications of the Ideal massage chair:

Upright Dimensions33” x 55” x 49”
Reclined Dimensions33″ x 31″ x 68″
Seat Dimensions17” x 18.5” x 19” 
Arm Height (Floor to Arm)31″
Leg Height (Top to Bottom)19″
Back Height (Seat to Top)35.5″
Minimum Door Width32″
Weight200 lbs
Maximum User Capacity320 lbs
Voltage120 Volts
Frequency60 Hz
Energy Consumption230 Watts

Ideal Massage Chair Key Features


This chair has one of the longest SL-track systems available today at 38”.

Along with the airbags situated strategically throughout the chair, it provides a more comprehensive and therapeutic full-body massage.

You can enjoy a massage from the neck to the glutes and even up to the upper hamstrings. This is great for those who suffer from all-over body aches and tension.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is one excellent feature of a massage chair.

It lifts your body off the ground and places it at a near 180-degree angle, balancing out any strain on your back, stimulating blood flow, and reducing stress on your heart and chest. 

The Ideal massage chair offers not just 1 but 3 modes of zero gravity, allowing for a level of elevation perfect for your body.

10 Auto Massage Programs 

The Ideal massage chair comes with 10 pre-set massage programs including

Swing Sleep


Upper Back

Lower Back


Full Back



Swedish and Activate

All are designed to give you the best therapeutic benefits a massage chair can provide. 

The pre-set massage programs allow for your selection without having to think or spend time programming the chair.

10 options are higher than normal for a chair priced as affordably as the Ideal is, so to me, this is a stand-out feature and excellent value.

6 Massage Techniques

You can enjoy 6 different massage techniques including:

  1. Kneading: Unties and releases tension in stressed muscles
  2. Tapping: Short but rapid “taps” designed for soft tissue pain and soreness
  3. Knocking: Short but continuous “knocks” that relax knotted muscles in your back
  4. Combo kneading and tapping: Combined “taps” and “knocks” for a whole-body relaxation
  5. Spinal rolling: Stretches the back with up and down rolling effects
  6. Shiatsu: Application of alternating soft and strong pressure on the reflex points of the body

Again, this is an amazing range of massage techniques for a chair in this price range. It also makes the Ideal massage chair “ideal” (see what we did there!) for those who sometimes want a gentle, calming massage, and other times need a deep tension-releasing massage and everything in between.

Body Scan Technology

A body scan is performed at the start of any of the pre-programmed massage modes to determine body measurements and customize pressure points for the specific user.

This feature is great if your massage chair is going to be used by more than one person in the house, as each user will have a massage specifically tailored to them.

Auto-height Detection

The footrest automatically adds around 5 – 6 inches in length when you press forward with your feet as you sit on the chair. The pull-back tension can also be adjusted by either undoing or removing one of the 2 springs that are located underneath the footrest.

Ideal Massage Chair Additional Features

This chair is equipped with a dual-layer head cushion on the adjustable headrest which is heavenly to rest your head on.

ideal massage chair heating diagram

The built-in heat in the back, seat, calves, and feet helps complement the 3D massage for more effective and relaxing massage therapy. The heat can also help relieve pain from stiff or arthritic joints and helps promote blood flow.

The latest generation of multi-chambered airbags provides efficient acupressure massage to the arms and shoulders. This chair also provides arm and hand relief with its multi-purpose, dual-zone airbags.

The electronic rollers under the foot will massage your tired and aching feet, while the calf acupressure massage relieves the daily strain on your legs.

You can access everything through the user-friendly remote control. It has 3 language options: English, Chinese, or Korean.

ideal massage chair remote control

You can choose which massage program you want, set the duration of your massage, and choose your level of massage intensity, as well.

If you want a quick massage, you can just set the timer and relax for 5 or 10 mins, knowing the massage will stop at a certain time.

The Ideal massage chair is designed in such a way that the chair slides forward when it reclines so that only a mere 4 inches of wall clearance is needed.

This makes it a great option for those who live in small apartments or studios.

It comes in durable synthetic leather upholstery that resists cracks, heat, and friction. The accent stitching is appealing and blends well with any interior décor.

Maintenance is a breeze as you only need to wipe the whole thing down occasionally with a dry towel.

The frame is made of high-grade alloy steel and the back leg is made of an integrated plastic and metal material.

High-quality foam material fills the seat and back.

It also features an automatic safety shutoff system and removable seat and back cushions. 

The 5-year warranty covers the steel frame while all electronic parts are covered by an exclusive 3-year warranty.

But the best part in all of this in my opinion is the price tag.

At well under $2000, considering the array of features this massage chair comes with, it has to be one of the best value massage chairs we’ve ever come across.


  • Amazingly affordable massage chair
  • Excellent massage quality and intensity
  • Provides deep tissue massage that is almost human-like
  • Manual mode allows versatility and customization
  • Comes to you almost assembled


  • Arms sometimes get squeezed out of position during arm massage
  • Delivery is limited to the curbside only
  • Needs to hire someone else to set it up on the upper floors
  • If no one is available to receive the delivery, a re-delivery fee may be charged to you.
  • Some users found the foot massage disappointing as it lacks adequate intensity
  • Users also found it a bit loud due to the absence of noise-reduction technology

Ideal Massage Chair – Conclusion

The Ideal Full Featured Shiatsu Massage Chair is an exceptional massage chair considering its price range. It is loaded with features that are typically only found in significantly more expensive models.

It is ergonomically engineered, and the Shiatsu technique brings about much-deserved rest, relaxation, and relief from body fatigue. Its deep levels of soft tissue massage are unseen in brands and models of similar price ranges.

There are some slight cons to this chair such as the slightly weak foot rollers, and limitations with delivery.

However, all things considered, I think the Ideal Massage Chair is an excellent investment for anyone looking for a quality massage chair on a budget.

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