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IDODO Foot Massager Review

Welcome to our review of the IDODO Foot Massager. This foot massager asked me to marry it, and I said “I do, do.”

Alright, our jokes are not the greatest.

What is great is this foot massager by IDODO. It’s one of the few foot massagers on the market that massages the heel comprehensively. It’s also got one of the highest ratings on Amazon for a foot massager.

From Shiatsu-style massages to air compression therapy, this little bucket of relaxation can take you from soreness and tiredness to pure calm and serenity.

Read my full review to get the know-how on this product.

Let’s begin.

The IDODO Foot Massager – 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy. 

Deep kneading Shiatsu massage

This foot massager is strong and uses the best massage techniques to tackle the toughest health issues like neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and poor blood circulation.

Good Air Compression massage

Strong, effective air compression massages are hard to come by. Other foot massagers give a tickle of an air compression massage. This one is effective.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with this foot massager, you can return it for a full refund.

IDODO Foot Massager Review

2 Reasons Why You Might Consider Another Foot Massager

The massage is strong

For those not accustomed to foot massagers, it can feel harsh. It may feel like the massager is “tenderizing” your foot.

Keep in mind this is a common complaint that a small percentage of customers submit.

The heat is mild

The heater in the foot massager is notoriously minimal. This foot massager is no exception.

If you want something that lights a fire under your feet, this may not be a good option.

IDODO Foot Massager – Features And Benefits

The very first thing you notice about the IDODO foot massager is its simplicity.

Covered in a black glossy texture, it’s got two inserts for each foot and a button panel between them.

It measured 14 inches wide, 16 inches in length, and 10 inches tall. Aesthetically speaking, it impresses us and goes along with many kinds of home decor.

Inside the machine, several mechanisms at play ultimately provide the massage.

The air compression provides force from the back of the heel and the top of the foot which pushes the feet into the rollers for a more effective massage.

Different massage techniques are applied in this foot massager. Rolling, Shiatsu & Kneading, Heating, and Air Compression.

These are what we called the “big 5” in the massage industry. They are pretty standard but that’s because they work very well.

The IDODO foot massager is one of the few foot massagers that offer full coverage from ankle to toe. Many competitors have spotty massages relative to this one.

Also, one thing I liked about this massager is that you can feel the air compression.

Often, we see foot massagers that have weak and ineffective air compression massage to the point where customers label it as a tickler.

The touch button panel is sleek and minimal. There are four options: heat, choose intensity, choose the mode, and the power button.

Other massagers have a dozen buttons which may be confusing and oftentimes don’t work.

The max size that can fit inside this massager is US men size 11. It’s about average size.

The design of the rollers support reflexology which pinpoints different organs in your body by targeting certain parts of your feet.

It’s great that the foot inserts are detachable and washable.

You can keep it clean for your friends and family.

One improvement we see is that it does not come with a remote. So you’ll have to bend over if you want to change functions.

Overall this is a solid investment in your foot relaxation.

Thousands of people have purchased this product and are satisfied.


If the IDODO foot massager isn’t quite right for you. Check out our complete Best Foot Massager guide to browse other models that may be more suitable for your needs.

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