Inada Sogno Massage Chair

Welcome to our review article about the INADA Sogno Massage Chair.

Below we’ll get into the features, pros, and cons of this massage chair, but first, let’s go through why you might want to consider an INADA in the first place.

Why the INADA Sogno?

INADA’s corporate philosophy of contributing to society’s health through its development of high-quality products is evident in the Inada Sogno Massage Chair.

It cleverly combines the old and the new: the ancient art and mastery of Shiatsu massage and the unique ingenuity of Japanese engineering

The impeccable craftsmanship and the vast array of massage preferences that the Inada Sogno offers will give you an almost otherworldly yet stress-busting massage experience befitting its name, as Sogno is the Italian word for dream.

INADA Sogno Specifications

Inada sogno massage chair front view

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Its overall size is approximately 93 cm. wide, 139 cm. deep, and 121cm. high.

When the seatback is fully reclined, the leg rest lies flat, and the armrests are fully extended, its size becomes approximately 97 cm. wide, 210 cm. deep, and 76 cm. high.

It weighs about 115 kg. or a little over 250 lbs. Its power consumption is 170 W, and its power supply is AC120V, 60Hz in the US, and AC220-240V, 50-60Hz in Europe.

INADA Sogno Key Features

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S-Track Design

The Sogno is built around a standard S-track design, which guides the rollers smoothly along the curve of your spine to deliver an exceptional massage.

3D Body Scan

Its 3D Body Scanning Technology identifies your body’s pressure points to make fine modifications to the rollers to heighten the experience.

Zero-Gravity Seating

The Sogno offers Zero-G Seating, which allows the chair to recline in such a way that the user’s knees are raised slightly above the heart, causing your body to press a bit harder on the rollers, giving you a deeper and more satisfactory massage.

Almost Limitless Options

It provides an almost limitless number of massage options no matter what your massage preferences may be.

You can choose from the 16 pre-set massages, the first 8 options being full-body, full-body air, youth, quick, morning, night, stretch, and DreamWave.

The second set of 8 is the deep relaxation modes of the first 8 selections.

The Youth mode deserves a quick mention as it has been designed for younger users, so they, too, can enjoy the wonderful Sogno massage experience.

The Sogno also offers 6 massage techniques: human hands, kneading, double kneading, tapping, kneading and tapping, and Shiatsu.

The combination of techniques, roller adjustments, intensity, and duration of the massage gives you a myriad of options that are simply fantastic, to say the very least.

Air Massage Mode

The INADA Sogno massage chair’s Air Massage Mode is one of its best features.

101 airbags deliver a massage no other chair can equal.

Individual controls for the arm, shoulder, set, and foot airbags allow you to activate all or only the ones that you want.

Adjustable Timer

The duration of every massage option can be adjusted from the default 15-minute setting to a maximum of a half-hour at 5-minute increments.

Back and Seat Heat

Another great feature of the Sogno is its heat function.

You can choose to have the heat on your back and in the seat, or you can have the heat on your back but not in the seat, or vice-versa. As mentioned before, the options are almost limitless.

Back Vibration Massage

Oher massage chairs offer a seat vibration mode.

The Inada Sogno placed the vibration plates in the chair’s back, giving you a back massage that perfectly complements the other options you may choose to indulge in.

Body Stretch

Its body stretch function is another outstanding feature.

It gently but firmly stretches your body using the airbags and the automatic reclining feature to take the pressure off your spinal discs, very similar to a chiropractic adjustment.

Calf, Foot, and Sole Massage

This is a welcome feature if you spend a lot of time on your feet. The soothing massage on your tired legs will help improve blood flow, enhance sleep, and increase your overall energy level.

Extendable Ottoman

This chair features an ottoman with an extension module, allowing it to accommodate users up to 6’5″ tall, making it one of the very few to have thought of it.

Inada Sogno Pros and Cons

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The Sogno’s impressive line-up of features speaks for itself. The many options guarantee you a massage experience like no other. Quality is what you have always known about Japanese expertise. It truly is one of the best massage chairs available today.

Still, a few minor issues are going against it. While it is not the most expensive anymore, the Sogno is still quite costly and may be out of reach for most people.

The Zero-G seating is excellent but is limited to one position only. This is somewhat of a mystery considering that other similarly-priced massage chairs offer 2 or 3 seating positions.

The 2 heating zones can be heated individually, the only problem is the temperature cannot be adjusted.

These cons, however, do not distract from the fact that the Inada Sogno Massage Chair is one of the finest massage chairs available in the market today. 

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