Inner Balance Massage Chair Review

Welcome to our article about Inner Balance Massage Chairs! Below we’ll go through a detailed review and opinion of the 3 most common inner balance massage chair models.

But first, let’s discuss who Inner Balance is, and why you should consider one of their massage chairs to begin with.

Inner Balance: Who Are They?

Inner Balance Wellness is a division of the fitness equipment manufacturer Johnson Health Tech.

They are based in Taiwan and have become one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies of their kind.

They have been in the fitness industry for over thirty years producing quality health solutions with many brands under their umbrella corporation.

In 2020, they acquired a 60% ownership share of Fuji Medical Instruments, maker of the Fujiiryoki line of massage chairs.

This is in line with the company’s vision of becoming a leader in the industry of manufacturing top-quality massage chairs.

Their focus on customer experience, stress relief, fast shipping, and quality make their Inner Balance massage chair line well worth a look at.

Let’s now dive into a comparison table of the three top Inner Balance Massage Chairs, so you can compare them side by side.

Inner Balance Massage Chairs: Comparison Table

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Jin 2.0
Massage Track
SL track
SL track
L track
Space Saving Tech
Yes, 6 inches required
Yes, 2 inches required
Auto Pre Programs
Manual Techniques
Zero Gravity
Yes, 3 Stage
Yes, 2 Stage
Yes, 3 Stage
Yes, calf and lumbar
Yes, lumbar
Yes, forearms, lumbar and calves
Foot Massage
Body Scan
No of airbags
Max User Weight
285 lbs
297 lbs
300 lbs
Item Weight
198 lbs
203 lbs
212 lbs
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A Note On L and SL Tracks

You will notice that Ji and Jin 2.0 have SL tracks, while Jin only has an L track.

These are stated in the table as these are the official tracks that Inner Balance advises in their model specs.

However, please note that SL and L tracks are the same things.

Typically an S track ends at the lumbar area, while an L track continues underneath to the glutes and hamstrings.

The name “SL” track probably came about by other manufacturers wanting to make their models seem more attractive. However, an SL track is simply an L track.

So all the models in the Inner Balance range have the same track!

Let’s now dive into a quick summary before we get to the reviews.

Inner Balance Massage Chair Quick Summary

Overall, the Inner Balance Ji is the best massage chair to go for.

This model offers excellent features for the price and is the best value for money overall.

Inner Balance Massage Chair Reviews

Inner Balance Wellness Ji Massage Chair

Best Value for Money!

inner balance ji massage chair
Click Price Here

For a relaxing full-body massage at an excellent price, go for the Ji Massage Chair.

This model is the most recommended of the Inner Balance massage chairs.

It comes to your home fully assembled so you can start the massages right away.

It holds a cETLus (certified and tested for use in the United States) certification, so it’s been rigorously tested for safety before shipment.

With this chair, you can enjoy your massages in the zero-gravity position, meaning, your legs will be elevated above the heart, relieving pressure from your spine.

It offers three stages of zero gravity that will give you the feeling of weightlessness much like what astronauts feel when on space missions.

This position will help you reduce your heart rate, stimulate blood flow, and relieve tense muscles.

The Ji massage chair operates on an SL track meaning that the massage rollers will reach under your glutes to the top of your hamstrings. This is great if you often experience aches and pains in your hip or pelvis.

The S track ensures that the massage rollers will adapt to your back’s natural curvature.

On the other hand, the L track will extend from your neck down to your lower back. This will wrap the back of your thighs to give you that full-body relaxation.

This massage chair has a sophisticated body-scanning feature to identify the acupressure points of your body.

Once it scans your body, it will adjust the rollers to customize its massages according to your body type, height, and build. This is vital as different bodies require different massages.

For massages after a long day at work or for cold winter nights, the Ji chair offers heat therapy. It specifically targets your lumbar area to soothe tired and aching muscles, relieve aches and pain, and rejuvenate your whole body.



Why It’s Such Good Value:

The Ji massage chair is my top pick for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s got the same number of auto pre-programs, more airbags, more stages of zero gravity, and more heat than its more expensive sister model, the Jin 2.0.

This alone gives it excellent value for money and makes it a better choice.

Yes, it requires more room in its space-saving technology, but that’s the only place that it falls short from the other models in the line.

It also has a max user weight that is 10 pounds less than the others, so this chair is not suitable for heavier users.

However, when compared to the other two models in the Inner Balance range, the Ji Massage Chair offers the best value.

Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair

inner balance jin 2.0 massage chair

Overall the Jin 2.0 may not be worth the investment when compared with the Ji massage chair.

But there still are aspects of this chair that are excellent.

To begin with, it has the capability of scanning your body to measure the length of your spine. This allows the chair to form a contour that provides an excellent massage from your neck to the top of your hamstrings.

This massage chair comes with armrests that are ergonomically designed. Your arms will fit perfectly using a U + C compression system that holds them in place.

This means that your arms will get a thorough massage as they will remain in contact with the chair, whatever your position may be.

The Jin 2.0 has 7 inches of wide-leg massage sections that are larger than similar chairs in its class. This will allow multiple-size users to reap the benefits of wonderful foot and calf compression massages.

It also comes with an extendable leg rest that will slide out to provide extra room for tall users.

This massage chair also offers lumbar heat therapy to help stimulate blood circulation, relax tired muscles, and relieve aches and pains.

Its zero-gravity position feature lets you enjoy the feeling of weightlessness that’s designed to relieve the pressure on your spine and lower back.

Points to consider:

Despite several great features, for the price, Jin 2.0 doesn’t measure up in value.

It has more luxury features than the Ji, such as Bluetooth speakers, which makes it a bit more special to use. But when it comes to the actual massage, Jin 2.0 may fall short.

It has less heat and fewer airbags than the Ji. It also has fewer zero gravity stages and the same number of auto pre-programs.

The trimmings might be nicer or more luxurious, but the quality of the massage seems to be about the same, if not worse, than the Ji.

Doubtful that the Jin 2.0 is worth the money.

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair

inner balance wellness jin massage chair

Jin is the most expensive Inner Balance massage chair. So that means that it must be the best one, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Starting with the good features of the Jin massage chair. 

Pros of Jin Inner Balance Massage Chair:

To begin, the Jin massage chair has a mechanical calf massager that offers Shiatsu massages for your lower legs, something that isn’t common in massage chairs under $4000.

This gives you the perfect balance of a Shiatsu and a therapeutic compression massage that’s designed to relax the lower part of your body, which I like.

Its innovative shoulder and head adjustment system allows users of varying heights to enjoy its massages.

It comes with extendable leg rests to accommodate tall users with ease.

This massage chair uses an L-track system that travels down to your glutes and hamstrings to ease tension or pain for a relaxing full-body experience. 

The Jin massage chair offers heat therapy on three crucial regions: the forearms, the lumbar, and the calves.

This feature dramatically relieves muscle pains, reduces the tightness of your joints, and eases the stress on your back and neck. For those with chronic back pain, the Jin massage chair is an excellent option.

This massage chair is equipped with a zero-gravity feature that raises your lower legs higher than your heart.

This will help ease the pressure along your spine, lower back, and pelvic region. It helps with spinal decompression and reduces the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Cons of the Jin Inner Balance Massage Chair:

For the extra $1000 as compared with the Jin 2.0, the Inner Balance Jin massage chair is not worth the extra money.

Firstly, this is because it doesn’t feature space-saving technology.

This technology can be found in almost every massage chair on the market, including ones much cheaper than this model.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have it, as it means you’ll need to ensure you have enough room in your home to enjoy the zero gravity feature of this massage chair.

Speaking of zero gravity, Jin has practically the same zero gravity functions as the Ji massage chair.

For the extra cost, I would expect zero gravity in Jin to be much more advanced.

In addition, Jin only has 3 more auto massage programs than the other two models. For the extra price, I would expect more.

Jin has more heat than the other two models, but only marginally. Compared to Ji which has heat on the lumbar and calves, Jin has heat on the lumbar, calves, and forearms.

More heat could be expected from a more expensive massage chair than just forearms.

Overall Jin is not a bad massage chair, and if you have the money to spend, you would be disappointed with it.

But when comparing each model to the other in the Inner Balance line, Jin doesn’t offer the same bang for your buck as the Ji.

Inner Balance Massage Chair Reviews: Conclusion

Hopefully, you’ve found this article about Inner Balance massage chairs helpful and informative.

In summary, we feel that the Ji massage chair model offers the best value for money out of the entire line.

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