Inner Strength Massage Table Review

Welcome to the Inner Strength Massage Table Review.

Inner Strength Massage Table Review – Introduction:

Why should you consider purchasing the Inner Strength Massage Table? Well, having a sturdy massage table is essential for your professional massage practice.

We heard many stories where customers would purchase cheap massage tables only to bottom out during a massage session.

Don’t let that happen to you, invest in a quality, durable table.

The table we’re reviewing today is the Inner Strength portable massage table by Earthlite, one of the leading manufacturers of massage tables.

This is a high-end table and is perfect for working with clients of all shapes and sizes.

Make sure to read our full review below!

Let’s begin.

3 Reasons You Should Buy The Inner Strength Massage Table

So comfortable, clients fall asleep

The cushioning is 3 inches thick and is made from 3 layers of pro-plush material: luxury wrap on the top layer, medium density in the middle, and firm support on the bottom layer.

Several customers report that it’s so comfortable that their clients fall asleep.

It’s portable

Many massage tables are not able to find the balance between portability and durability.

It seems like they lean toward one or the other. The Inner Strength is an exception, it is somewhere in the middle.

It weighs only 32 lbs and comes with a strong carrying case.

It’s strong and durable

It supports 600 lbs of working weight and 2400 lbs of static weight.

They are so confident with this product that it comes with a 5-year warranty.

Inner Strength Portable Massage Table

Inner Strength Massage Table: Features and Benefits

The first thing you notice about this table is that the plush top is very curvy and thick.

The light-colored base is made from birch wood with a lacquer finish, giving it a slightly glossier look. It is made from luxurious polyurethane vinyl.

The Reiki endplates allow the massage therapist to slide their lower body underneath the table to get closer to the patient.

This table is 30 inches across and 73 inches long. The height can be adjusted from 23 inches to 33 inches.

The aircraft-grade cabling system is durable and can withstand heavy weight.

It’s passed several tests, one including dropping a 400 lbs weight on top of it. It can hold 600 lbs of working weight.

There is a full-length piano hinge that holds the two pieces of tables together.

Other cheaper massage tables use partial piano hinges to save money on cost and of course, are not as stable as a full-length hinge.

The Adjustable non-wobbly face cradle is nice for accommodating clients of different head angle tastes.

The face pillow is comfortable and contours the shape of the head well.

This table is great for Reiki practitioners because the ends are open-ended and when sitting on a stool you can work without obstructions.

It’s great for beginners since the set-up is intuitive, easy, and fast.

It’s also not that heavy at 35 lbs so it’s portable.

There’s a 5-year warranty on the frame and 1 year on the foam/vinyl. The warranty is especially nice for those that want to purchase it on Amazon without first trying it.

Shiatsu Release Cables are there so that you can use the table without the legs.

It stands closer to the ground, tatami style.

It comes with a Nylon carrying case that has an adjustable shoulder strap and a handle on the zipper pouch. This is a sturdy and comfortable designed carrying case.

One thing we liked is that this foam is CFC-free and does not have any bad odor from the foam.

Cheaper Chinese-manufactured massage tables have a foul smell and can be noxious for your family environment.

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