InvoSpa Foot Massager Review: Should You Buy It?

Welcome to our review of the InvoSpa Foot Massager!

InvoSpa is a best seller on Amazon on neck massagers, handheld massagers, foot massagers, and seat massager cushions.

Their legal business name is Shaft Innovations UK Limited and do business as InvoSpa. They are located in Panama city, Panama.

One of their top hit product is their Shiatsu Foot Massager. It is able to tackle many health-related issues like poor blood circulation, plantar fasciitis, and neuropathy.

Today, I’m going to review the products features and benefits and tell you why this is one of the highest rated foot massagers on Amazon.

Let’s begin.

3 Reasons You Should Buy the InvoSpa Foot Massager

It has unique features

This foot massager has special features that we’ve yet to see in other foot massagers. It’s got bi-directional massaging mode, extra long 2 meter cords, and two independent foot chambers / rollers. Usually when I see a product go out of their to innovate, they tend to have a superior product.

Helps with health-related issues

Customers who have plantar fasciitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other pain aching issues in their feet have vouched that this foot massager helps them relieve their symptoms.

Works well and is relatively cheap

The price of this foot massager is on the lower-end and works surprisingly well.

invospa foot massager review

3 Reasons You Might Consider A Different Foot Massager

It runs small

This foot massager runs on the smaller side. It will be uncomfortable for anyone over US Men size 11. The perfect sweet spot would be around size 9 – 10.

The compression massage is on the weaker side

The compression massage is not very hard. Most foot massagers don’t have strong compression massage but this one seems especially light.

Not the best customer service

Their customer service is difficult to reach. Their contact page and email is listed here but response time takes awhile.

If any of these are deal breakers, check out our review of the Cloud Foot Massager. It’s a very strong medical grade foot massager made by a beautiful family of 3!

Features And Benefits

The style of the InvoSpa foot massager is common among many foot massagers.

There are two inserts for each foot, a control panel places vertically between them, and a small LED screen that shows alphanumeric characters to denote the massage mode and options currently selected.

Although slightly a cookie cutter design, it’s still more stylish than some of the medical grade foot massagers we’ve reviewed.

There are a total of 3 massage modes.

Deep kneading with rolling and pressing, reverse deep kneading with rolling and pressing, and only air compression.

The only air compression mode is unique, although I haven’t found much use to it since I enjoy the feeling of the rollers.

The intensity and pressure levels are adjustable.

This is great for sharing between people who have varying preferences in the strength of a foot massager.

There is infrared heating functionality but it takes several sessions to feel a real temperature change.

Heat is great for loosening up those muscles so that the massage is much more effective.

The cords that plug to an outlet are 2 meters long. This is a nicety that is often overlooked.

We all know the hassle of dealing with short phone cables.

Also, the inserts are removable and washable.

Feet are dirty so it is great to be able to keep the foot massager sanitary for guests.

One thing to remember to do is to put your feet all the way in for maximum efficiency.

The more pressure that is applied to the rollers on the bottom, the better the massage.

The air bags and the compression is moderately effective. It does a good job of pressing your feet down to the rollers.

The 15 minute timer auto shut off timer is convenient for those who tend to fall asleep.

On the flip side, some may prefer a longer timer like 30 minutes. If that’s the case, we recommend checking out Cloud Massager.

InvoSpa Foot Massager – Conclusion

We hope you’ve found this review article helpful in deciding if the InvoSpa Foot Massager is for you!

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