Is It Okay To Fall Asleep In A Massage Chair?


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Massage chairs have been increasing in popularity over the last few years…and rightly so. Just think about the benefits of being able to pop into a massage chair whenever you have had a bad night’s sleep, or have jarred your neck, and have immediate relief. There is no waiting for days to make an appointment with a massage therapist and having to get there, park, pay, and so on.

Studies have shown that up to 70% of Americans suffer from sleep problems. So, is having a quick nap or snooze after a massage a good thing?

To the question of if it is okay to fall asleep in a massage chair?

You are probably asking that question because you have either fallen asleep in a massage chair or would like to, so you want to know it is safe.

Falling asleep in a massage chair is a pleasurable thing to do. If you fall asleep after your 30-minute massage, it shows that you are totally relaxed and have enjoyed the experience. However, it may not be suitable for some people with particular medical conditions, health issues, or if you need to take some medications.

If you are pregnant you may want to consult with your healthcare professional. Sleeping in a massage chair does not allow you to turn over or move around very much so lengthy time in the chair can be very restrictive.

Studies have also found that chronic depression and obesity are linked to sleep disorders. Having a nap in the massage chair can be very beneficial if you suffer from acid reflux or are recovering from surgery.

The type of chair may also play a part in whether it is advisable to fall asleep in the chair. If the chair is comfortable it is easy to fall asleep after a relaxing massage as you will continue to relax and enjoy the experience.

Turn on your favorite music, set the heat settings to gentle and let yourself drift away. It will be very beneficial for both your body and your mind.

A deep, relaxing sleep after a massage is hugely beneficial allowing you to continue to relax and your mind to unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

Benefits for insomnia sufferers

If you set a timer after your massage so that you awake fully refreshed and relaxed then you will probably sleep better. Even if you are a bad sleeper, the benefits of having a massage may leave you relaxed and ready for a deeper, longer sleep. Many people who suffer from insomnia, or other sleep disorders have told us that massage helps them sleep better.

If you have a physically demanding work life then a nap after a soothing massage will refresh you. Falling asleep in a chair can often facilitate muscle recovery.

The benefits of using a massage chair then continuing to relax in the chair either sleeping or just deep relaxing is enormous in our very busy, stressful lives.

A relaxing massage, followed by a short sleep or nap can assist with mental fatigue like stress or anxiety.

Safety Issues with Falling Asleep In A Massage Chair

There are some rules surrounding fall asleep in a massage chair which need to be considered.

Many massage chairs have timers or automatic switch-off features to prevent overuse, but some do not include these features.

Overuse of a chair can lead to stiffness because of pressure on the body, or be aware of that. Ensure that you are totally comfortable in the chair and that it is not too big or too small for you as that can cause misalignment or lack of support, leading to strain on ligaments or joints.

Remember that massage chairs are designed to give you a great experience but are not beds. Beds are designed for long-term sleeping, moving around, with a pillow to support your neck and shoulder area.

Zero gravity chairs are designed to put you into a position of no pressure on your body, however, staying in one position for too long is not the best choice.

Pregnancy and falling sleeping in a massage chair

Pregnant woman in massage chair

Pregnant women should consult with their health professional before using a massage chair and talk to them about the benefits and pitfalls of remaining in the chair for sleep after the massage.


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