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Kahuna Chair LM 6800

Welcome to our extensive review of the Kahuna Chair LM 6800.

Kahuna is a well-known brand in the massage chair market.  They have higher-end expensive items that showcase many of the forefront technology in the massage industry.

From Zero-Gravity to extensive warranty, they offer a full suite of features that one would expect in a luxury massage chair.

Let’s dive in.

Kahuna LM 6800 Massage Chair Features

Kahuna LM 6800 massage chair features

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Smart Body Scan

When a massage chair does a body scan, it’s essentially trying to custom-tailor the movement of the rollers on the track. If you recall – or just think about it – the rollers move up and down and side-to-side for almost all massage chairs. The smart body scan tells the rollers, by using pressure sensors when to stop.

For example, when a shorter person is seated in the massage chair, the roller goes up until it doesn’t sense any pressure then comes back up to a position where it always stops (everyone’s backside is placed at the same spot regardless of height).

The Kahuna Chair LM 6800 has that capability so that you have a better massage experience. It’s great for shorter customers since you don’t get that awkward few seconds of no massage when the rollers are going up.

36 Air Bags

Kahuna claims to have 36 Airbags on this particular chair. I’m not sure how they have so many; it makes me question what they qualify as an airbag. However, it’s noteworthy to understand where and how these things make for a better massage experience.

Airbags essentially give you a compression massage. The technology behind it can get a bit complicated since there are so many different people. I.e people with wide shoulders, hips, and calves fit much differently than their skinnier smaller counterparts. It’s also nice to feel different massages on a massage chair as it emulates a real masseur/masseuse much closer.

The LM 6800 has them in four different places: the shoulders, the hips, the calves, and the feet.


If you’re in the market for a massage chair, you probably know the difference between L-track and S-track. We won’t get into a lot of detail but here’s the basis: L-track is newer, better, and massages your butt. The track that the rollers move on is extended past your butt area so it gives a fuller massage. The Kahuna LM 6800 has the L-track.

We can probably guess that the “L” in “LM” stands for L-track.

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Space Saving and Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a great feature for a massage chair. It will recline the chair to the point where your legs are above your heart. This has therapeutic effects as it relieves tension from your spine much like an inversion table does.

The Kahuna LM 6800 is different from other brands since it addresses some of the painstaking side effects of a zero-gravity chair. More specifically: chairs that have zero gravity take up too much space!

So the LM 6800 is designed in a way to only take up 5 – 6 inches from the wall. This way you don’t have to bring out the measuring tape and experiment with the massage chair to figure out how far away from the wall you want to place it.

Auto and Manual Programs

A lot of features are awesome but they only matter if the entire chair can run in harmony together. In other words, you can have a car with nice tinted windows, cool rims, and awesome detailing. However, if the engine doesn’t work well, then it’s all for nothing. In a similar sense, the programs of a massage chair dictate what you can do with massage chair.

The Kahuna LM 6800 is pretty expansive in that sense. There are ways to target specific areas of the body:

  • Neck to Waist
  • Waist to Lower Back
  • Lower Back to Butt
  • Neck to Butt
  • Butt to Mid Back

The two special auto programs are Yoga stretching and SH-Chiro. The Yoga stretching program will stretch you through a combination of reclining and adjusting the legs.

The SH-Chiro program is their signature program and it targets the spinal area more directly.

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The Kahuna LM-6800 chair features a ton of advanced features for its price point. It delivers life-like massages and is on the cutting edge of massage technology.

If you want to come home to a relaxing weekday evening, purchase the LM-6800!

If the LM 6800 isn’t quite right for you? Read about our other favorite Kahuna Massage Chairs!

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