Kahuna Hani 2200 Massage Chair Review

With so much workload, together with poor sitting posture, back-pains seems to be unavoidable in today’s dynamic world. A well-administered massage seems to be the only option to alleviate back pains but sometimes, getting a decent massage may turn out to be expensive. Nonetheless, the rapid advancement of technology has seen the innovation of massage chairs such as the Kahuna Hani 220, which also doubles up as an all-purpose entertainment chair. In this review, we’ll delve into the Kahuna Hani 2200 Massage Chair taking a detailed look at the aesthetics, design, functionality, pros, and cons, and so much pertaining it.

Kahuna Hani 2200 Massage Chair Overview

The Kahuna Hani 2200 massage chair is an all-purpose entertainment massage chair that has been named “total entertainment massage chair” thanks to its enhanced massage and entertainment features. The chair comes furnished with powerful 3D Surrounding Bluetooth speakers with a base control for powerful 3D surround sounds. On top of the great entertainment system, it also comes with an excellent roller massage and air massage system for an out of the world massage experience. The modern and compact, ergonomic design makes the Kahuna Hani 2200 appear more of a gaming chair. Its space saving (due to the ergonomic half dome design) and lightweight (77 pounds) therefore making it a good fit for most home décor. Kahuna Hani 2200 is however short of customization options, present programs as well as massage techniques but still, it’s a solid choice for a massaging chair for a good, basic massage. 

Features of the Kahuna Hani 2200 Massage Chair.     

1. Adjustable Roller Massage for Multimodal Back and Neck Massage

The Kahuna Hani 2200 consists of dual rollers which are framed by an S-Track and are adjustable to deliver a deep shiatsu-style kneading massage from the neck to the tailbone. The rollers follow the natural curvature of your spine, allowing it to massage every bone of your spine. The chair design also allows customization enabling you to choose specification location to massage by adjusting the direction and position of the rollers via the remote. Each massage is timed with a fixed fifteen-minute timer to provide you with just the right amount of massage you need.

2. Air Massage Technology

The Kahuna Hani 2200 also comes installed with airbags, which are essential components to massage the side of the body where the rollers can’t reach. Airbags and rollers massage in totally different ways. Rollers move and penetrate the body, while airbags inflate and deflate to press and squeeze the body, in turn, massaging it. Airbags massage is quite beneficial as it enhances blood supply by moving stagnant fluid out of the muscles and increasing the flow of new oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. The lower portion of the Kahuna Hani 2200 airbags consists of six airbags which provide compression massage to the lower back, hips, sides of the thighs as well as the buttocks. The airbags are arranged in “L” shape, ensuring that your entire lower back, including your hips and thighs, are massaged. The hip airbags inflate and deflate to squeeze and massage the pelvic area while a buttock airbag inflates and deflates to lift and compress the glutes as well as your lower back. These airbags are very effective and will certainly leave your entire lower back consisting of your hips, pelvic region, thighs as well as your buttocks full massaged. 

3. Heat Therapy

In addition to massage therapy, the Kahuna Hani 2200 massage chair also offers lower heat therapy. A large heating element is embedded in the backrest to provide heat therapy to the lumbar region. Heat is a form of relaxation therapy since it dilates the blood vessels in line increasing blood circulation to transport oxygen and nutrients to all body tissues, including damaged tissues. The chair provides soothing heat to your lumbar region, including the middle of your back and makes your muscle more relaxed and freer of pain. Additionally, once heated, your muscles respond more effectively to massage by the rollers and the airbags for a more relaxed, soothing feel. The fact that Kahuna Hani 2200 offers heat therapy at such a price range is such a selling point and offers more benefits to your lower back.

4. 3D Surround System with Aux Input and Bluetooth Connectivity

As earlier stated, the Kahuna Hani 2200 is an entertainment chair on top being a massage chair attributed to its outstanding entertainment features. It comes with a built-in 3D surrounding speakers which can be connected via Bluetooth or an Aux cable. Instead of two speakers as it most massage chairs, the Kahuna Hani 2200 has three powerful speakers located on the outside of the chair and positioned in a way that the sounds surround you-just like a real surround sound system. Control of the sound system is quite simple, and it’s achieved via a speaker control system which is located on the side of the chair. This control system enables you to adjust the bass and volume of the speakers depending on the atmosphere and the smoothness of the music. The Bluetooth connectivity feature allows you to connect your music device using either Bluetooth or aux cable. With such a powerful immersive 3D surround music system, Kahuna Hani 2200 delivers topnotch entertainment ideal for music lovers, gamers or movie enthusiasts. You can listen to soothing music or watch movies while enjoying a relaxing massage at the end of a long, stressful day.

5. Ergonomic Design-Lightweight and Compact

Weighing only 77 pounds, the Kahuna Hani 2200 is exceptionally lightweight, making it more portable or easily movable. It has a modern and ergonomic half dome design making appear classy and ideal for sitting. The leather-like polyurethane material is breathable, abrasion resistant, soft and highly stain-resistant, making the seat durable. The compact design ensures that it can fit a wide range of body shapes or sizes-anyone from minors to 250-pound adults.

6. Customization Options

Apart from the rollers which can be customized, Kahuna 2200 chair also comes with lots of other manual customization options listed below:

  • Neck Direction- You can select whether you want the rollers to move down or up towards the back.
  • Neck Rotation-You can customize the rollers to move either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Independent Air Locations-You can choose to have your hip or waist air massaged independently or combine the two and add them to any roller massage.
  • Independent Roller Locations-You can choose to have your neck, upper back, and lower back massaged independently or choose full back.
  • Heat-You can add lower back heat therapy to any massage or just use the massage option on its own.

7. User-Friendly Hand Remote

The Kahuna Hani 2200 massage chair comes with a handheld remote to control the chair’s function except for speaker volume and bass. The remote consists of 11 buttons fixed with an LED light to indicate when it’s active. The “Music” and “Power” button are on the top of the remote while the center of the remote consists of roller massage custom functions including neck direction, neck rise, neck down, full back, upper back, and lower back. The bottom of the remote consists of air massage options functions including hip airbag, waist airbag as well as the heat function. Using the remote is easy as it sounds, and you don’t need to learn to use it.

Which Features are not on the Kahuna Hani 2200 Massage Chair?

While Kahuna Hani 2200 comes with lots of excellent features, it lacks some elements of a massage chair. Some of the features lacking include:

  • No Recline- The Kahuna Hani 2200 does not recline. It stands an upright position but is still comfortable.
  • No Calf and Foot Massage-Kahuna Hani 2200 does not have an ottoman meaning that it doesn’t provide calf and foot massage.
  • No Arm and Hand Massage-It also does not provide any hand or arm massage
  • Limited Customization Options-While you can adjust several options as listed above, the customization options are limited. You are not able to make some critical adjustments, including intensity adjustments, massage technique choices, massage intensity adjustment, as well as roller speed adjustments.

Pros and Cons of the Kahuna Hani 2200 Massage Chair


  • Adjustable rollers.
  • Air massage for the hips and waist.
  • Heating therapy.
  • Easy-to-use remote.
  • Ergonomic seat design.
  • 3D surrounding built-in speakers.
  • Compact and lightweight movable from space to space.


  • Non-adjustable massage timer.
  • Limited customization options.
  • No pre-programmed massage routines.
  • Does not offer calf, leg, arm and hand massage.
  • The design does not offer therapeutic benefits for chronic pain sufferers.
  • No recline or zero-gravity position.

Bottom Line

The Kahuna Hani 2200 is indeed and ultimate entertainment massage chair under $ 200. Just from the word “Hani,” which means happiness in Hawaiian, be pretty sure to be quite happy when using this massage chair. Design features including modern and ergonomic design, customization options, easy to use remote control, heat therapy, 3D surround sound system, roller massage, and airbag massage make this massage chair stand out. Kahuna Hani massages your body and improves overall blood circulations and also benefits your body in numerous ways. It relieves fatigue and stress from your back body and also soothes tensed, and tired muscles relaxes stiff and aching muscles and overly benefits your body. While it may lack some of crucial features such as the recline function and massage customization or programs, this massage chair is an excellent choice for gamers and people alike who would love being massaged and the same time being entertained. 

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