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Kahuna LM 6800S Massage Chair Review

Today we’re talking about the Kahuna LM 6800s Massage Chair.

Finding a perfect massage chair is not easy. Nowadays, massage chairs have so many features it can make your head spin.

Luckily for you, we’ve tested and experimented with all sorts of models and brands of massage chairs.

Although the industry is flooded with cheap Chinese products, we’ve reviewed several brands that constantly push the boundaries of massage chair technology.

One such brand is Kahuna.

Our experience with the Kahuna staff has been nothing but pleasant.

Kahuna has so many different models, it can overwhelming at times. However, the support team is knowledgeable and will recommend a specific model just for you.

Let’s dive into one of our favorite massage chairs, the Kahuna LM 6800S. Note that this is slightly different from the Kahuna LM 6800.

Let’s begin.

Kahuna LM 6800S – Short Summary

The Kahuna LM 6800S has vast improvements in user experience as demanded by customers of the LM 6800.

It introduces 12 new auto programs (compared to the 6 that LM 6800 had).  These auto programs make it that much faster to get the massage going and every one of these feels unique.

Another thing is that 6800S gives you way more control with extended adjustment levels.

Due to popular demand, this model increases 4 new stretching programs.  These are customer favorites because it does a good job of tossing and turning your entire body.

Overall, this is an excellent massage chair that has health benefits like improving blood circulation, relieving stress, and decompression tensions in your back.  

Kahuna LM 6800S – Specifications You’ll Want To Know

  • Dimensions (Length X Width X Height): 52 X 31 X 48 Inches
  • Weight without packaging:  228 lbs
  • 45-inch L track
  • 29 airbags
  • Can work 3 inches from the wall
  • Manual 6-inch leg extension
  • Recommended height: 6’2
  • Recommended weight: less than 250 lbs

Kahuna – Who Are They?

about kahuna massage chair company

Kahuna is an industry leader in the massage chair market.  They pride themselves on diligent workmanship.  And it shows.

They’ve been in the massage chair business since 1997.

They have an A+ rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

They are endorsed by many celebrities including Martha Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Amanda Cerny, and more.

martha stewart using the kahuna lm 6800s massage chair

As a brand, Kahuna’s chairs are more focused on quality and aesthetics than their competitors. 

They also care about you after you buy the chair.  Their customer service is always willing to work with you for the best massage experience.

Not only do they take care of their customers.  Their employees have the coolest office space! 

Kahuna LM 6800S Competitors / Similar Chairs

Kahuna LM 6800
Kahuna SM-7300
OOTORI Massage Chair

Kahuna LM 6800S Core Features

We won’t cover features that are very common in modern massage chairs like zero gravity, space-saving technology, SL-track, etc…

We’ll provide some core features that make the 6800S different from other massage chairs on the market.

12 Auto Programs

Kahuna LM 6800s massage chair

The Kahuna LM 6800S has 12 new auto programs.

They are divided into 3 different categories:  Basic Daily Programs, Elite Target Positions, and Stretching Programs.

Basic Daily Programs:

  • Refresh
  • Energize
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sleep Aid

Elite Target Positions:

  • Upper Body
  • Back
  • Lower Body
  • Senior Mode

Stretching Programs:

  • Yoga
  • Active
  • Dynamic
  • SV-Chiro

As reviewers, we are not big fans of auto programs.  They tend to do more or less the same in each program.

We usually don’t feel a huge difference between programs.

However, with the LM 6800S, we felt a huge difference between the Stretching programs and Elite Target programs.  The stretching does a great job of pulling your body to both ends of the chair.

Custom Memory Capability

In the age of wearable technology and microdevices that are capable of calling and texting, it’s reasonable to expect that a massage chair can store custom settings.


Many massage chairs, even expensive ones don’t have this capability.

So it’s nice that the LM 6800S can customize and save programs.

control centre diagram of kahuna lm 6800s

Quick Heating Technology

Most massage chairs have heating capability.

However, few of them give sufficient heat.  It usually feels lukewarm and only targets the back.

example of how kahuna chairs massage

The 6800S heating technology is quick and heats the back and the legs.

The heat helps with blood circulation, helping oxygen and nutrients to get to your muscles.

38 Air Bags

It seems like in every review I read about massage chairs, the reviewer usually implies that more airbags are better.  We don’t think that’s the case.

The LM 6800S has 38 airbags, as opposed to 50 airbags which seem to be the norm.

However, the air compression massage seems par or even better than chairs that have 50 airbags.

We’ve seen several massage chairs that have defective airbags probably because having so many requires overhead from the operating system.

Because of that, we feel that less is more in this case.

Another thing we liked about the airbags is that it doesn’t crush your bones.  Many competitors’ chairs air on the side of strength but Kahuna does it just right.  Not too strong, not too weak.

Adjustable Shoulder Air Bags

Adjustable airbags are hard to come by.  It’s somewhat reasonable since most of the places where they are located aren’t placed where adjustments are needed.

They are near the waist area, legs, and shoulders.

The shoulders are where adjustments are needed since everyone’s height is different.

The LM 6800s has adjustable shoulder airbags.  You can adjust up to 4 – 6 inches.  

shoulder air bags display for kahuna lm 6800s massage chair

LM 6800S – Pros and Cons


  • a lot of little niceties(castors, foot zipper coverings, acupressure points, etc…)
  • Massage strength on the stronger side (easier to dampen than to make it stronger)
  • Variety of automatic programs (who wants to sit there and tweak settings when you want to relax and enjoy a massage)
  •  Tons of adjustment options (5-speed levels, 5 levels of air pressure, 3 levels roller width, shoulder airbag adjustment)
  • The operating system is not from the ’90s.  It can store custom settings
  • 3 levels of zero gravity
  • Great for those experience muscle/nerve damage


  • Foot rollers are strong, painful for some
  • It’s pretty big so shipping/assembly can be a hassle

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers are active and busy with their life so they can’t always find the time to schedule an appointment and commute to get a massage.

This particular customer appreciated the fast delivery, strong deep massage, and Bluetooth speakers that sync well with a smartphone.

He’s not wrong about the chair being on the stronger side.  He also makes a good point that one would rather be too strong than too weak.  It’s easy to decrease the intensity and/or dampen it with a towel.

kahuna lm6800s customer review

A different customer had a difficult experience because they shipped it to the wrong address.

However, because Kahuna excels in customer service, they can handle it within 24 hours and solve the issue.

customer review kahuna lm6800s


The Kahuna LM6800S is a great buy for those suffering muscle and nerve aches.

Or you are just a regular person who wants to relax after an exhausting hard day at work.

It is fully equipped with the most up-to-date features like zero gravity, a computerized body scan, and a wide spectrum of customization.

It’s built by a trusted brand that treats its employees well and has great customer service.

All in all the 6800S is a great massage chair that will help you relax.

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