Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair Review

Welcome to our review of the Kahuna LM-7000 massage chair!

Before we get into the wide array of features and benefits this chair has below, let’s first discuss why you might want to consider the LM-7000 to begin with.

Kahuna LM-7000 Massage Chair – Introduction

Massages are expensive. And they only allow you to reap the health benefits outside the comfort of your home at a steep price, which you pay every time to receive services. Those massage appointments can add up…

Are you looking for a product that is cost-efficient in the long term and that you can use in the comfort of your home? The Kahuna LM-7000, then, is a product you should consider when investing in your health.

With stress from work, a sore body from exercise or sitting at a desk all day, or even just plain old muscle tension—among other things—this product will help you see results in lowering your stress levels, relieving tension, and helping you relax.

The Kahuna LM-7000 is a versatile massage chair that promotes health through special auto and manual features, it uses state-of-the-art technology that will save you space and give you a personalized and quality massage, and it is the people’s chair.

Kahuna LM-7000 – The Product

The Kahuna LM-7000 is an FDA-approved medical product, which means that it has been rigorously tested.

No product, according to the FDA, is risk-free; and any medical device that is FDA-approved must be associated with benefits that will outweigh any potential risks.

There are many negative side effects of stress according to the Mayo Clinic: headache, muscle tension or pain, chest pain, and fatigue.

And stress that is left in the dark can lead to more sinister health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

One way to battle this epidemic of stress is massage, and the Kahuna LM-7000 can help you with stress management by providing convenient massage on your schedule.

The Kahuna LM-7000 massage chair will help you take control of your health and assist you on your wellness journey. 

Here are a few unique aspects of the Kahuna LM-7000:

  • You are in control of your massage experience with an accessible remote
  • 4 types of auto programs
  • You only need to position the chair 3 inches from your wall
  • Specialized Body Scanner
  • 3 zero-gravity stages
  • Air cell massage technology
  • Heated massage
  • Bluetooth speakers

Kahuna LM-7000  – Special Auto and Manual Features 

kahuna lm7000 massage program


This is a signature program of the Kahuna LM-7000. It incorporates techniques that focus on spinal and nerve health.

Through the L-track massage system, your neck, back, and buttocks are given special attention by the 4-wheel roller system.

This design is meant to help decompress and reduce tension in your spine’s vertebrae. 

Yoga Stretching

This feature of yoga stretching loosens up tension and tight areas, stress relieving, and comfortable positions.

It is specifically designed to stretch your entire body vertically, holding your shoulders in place, while simultaneously pushing outwards for a deep stretch of the shoulders and neck.

Full Body Shiatsu 

Shiatsu utilizes the techniques of kneading, tapping, rolling, and a kneading/tapping combination.

Shiatsu means “finger pressure” and these different pressure techniques are targeted for a full-body experience including upper back, lower back, and lower body.

The specialized Shiatsu setting includes modes of massage that resemble a massage with fingers, thumbs, and palms. All of these assist in stretching and joint mobilization.

Foot Massage

There are 10 airbags as well as dual foot rollers, included in the foot massage. The type of massage you receive here is a compression massage.

This area compresses tightly for a few seconds and then releases, leaving your feet feeling refreshed. If you need to size adjust the foot massage, you can easily adjust the length as well.

The creators of the Kahuna LM-7000 understand how important it is to keep your foot massage area clean, so they made the area’s pads detachable, so you can wash them and keep possible odor-causing bacteria at bay.

Heat Therapy

This feature makes the Kahuna LM-7000 stand out. Heat therapy is applied to the lower back and legs.

These areas, especially hold a ton of tension, so these areas must receive the attention they deserve with the relaxing component of heat. 

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Kahuna LM-700 – Technology

kahuna lm7000 shiatsu massage program


Space Saving Technology

You will only need to place the chair a whopping 3 inches from your wall to use the Kahuna LM-7000.

If you were to use any other massage chair, you would need at least 15 inches of space from your wall. This will enable you to save space, and add it to any room with furniture as an accessory, or on its own as a room’s relaxation centerpiece.

Body Scan Technology

The specialized body scan technology gives you a more tailored and specific massage experience.

When you lie back in the Kahuna LM-7000, a built-in computer scans your body’s unique dimensions, for a customized massage experience.

Zero Gravity Technology

Zero gravity helps to improve relaxation through the positioning of the body.

This positioning also promotes blood circulation and takes the stress of the day off of your feet, legs, and back by positioning your legs above your heart.

Air Cell Massage Technology 

The high-tech air cell technology creates a higher quality massage that is more efficient and dampens the noise levels produced by the chair.

It utilizes 36 airbags that give you a whole-body massage experience.

The air cell technology also allows for movements such as twisting and deep stretching; this is made possible by the airbags.

They operate independently of each other with multiple compressors that are dedicated to each set of airbags, so while one side is inflated the other side might be deflated, allowing for a deep stretch to occur.

The airbags also inflate and deflate at varying speeds, simulating different massage techniques, and giving a more thorough massage experience that will help alleviate tightness and stress.

L-Track 4-roller Massage System

This specific design is meant to roll over the major areas—neck, back, buttocks—to evenly massage these areas of the body that hold onto a lot of tension and stress.

Bluetooth Speakers

What can be better than a specially designed massage chair that will fit your health and stress relieving needs? A massage chair that comes equipped with premium Bluetooth speakers! This special feature further customizes your experience and offers something unique that will help you relax.

Remote Control

The remote control that comes with the Kahuna LM-7000 helps to further customize your massage experience.

It allows you to adjust the 3-level airbag massage to suit your liking, you can also control the 3-speed levels to the consistency you prefer, and you will also be able to adjust how long your massage lasts (anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes).

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Kahuna LM-7000 Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 49 inches; 258 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 273 pounds
  • [ Rated Voltage ] 110-120V
  • [ Rated Frequency ] 50/60 Hz
  • [ Rated Power Consumption ] 230W Max
  • [ Box Dimension ] (LXWXH) 69 x 30 x 35 Inches
  • [ Chair Dimension ] (LXWXH) 51 x 28 x 46 Inches

Five Year Warranty

  • First 2 years: “It covers all parts and labor costs. Customers do not pay anything within the two years. We offer on-site repairs.”
  • 3rd year: “Warranty covers parts. However, customers need to repair their own or ship their products to our company. Customers pay one-way shipping cost.”
  • 4th and 5th years: “Warranty covers structural framework.”

Area of Improvement

Some of the cons of this product include the difficulty assembling the product and a poorly written instruction manual, which was expressed by some customer reviews on Amazon.

Customer Service

The creators of the Kahuna LM-7000 (AJX.LLC) understand their customers are investing in their health and they want to give you the best experience possible.

On their website, the “About Us” section, shows how the creators of the Kahuna LM-7000 are committed to their customers: 

“We value individual customers highly and we have a high customer satisfaction rate by assisting customers by human, not automatic message system.

Any inquiries we respond to within 24hrs and easy service requests make us different.”

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Here are some customer reviews that showcase their dedication to customer support and satisfaction:

One customer, Cindy, who purchased a Brown Ivory Kahuna LM-7000, wrote in her review, on Amazon, that “overall, the customer service is very good, always respond, I think this [massage chair] will be priceless.”

Cindy’s response is a testament to the values of the company that creates the Kahuna LM-7000, showing that they undoubtedly value their customers’ experience with their product. 

Another Amazon review, given by Norman Chin, explains how he has “only used it [the massage chair] for a few days so far, but [he is] very happy with [his] decision to purchase this item.”

Not only does Mr. Chin’s review reveal his satisfaction with the product, it ultimately shows that this product’s quality is worth the health investment.

Kahuna LM-7000 – Final Thoughts

The Kahuna LM-7000, without a doubt, is a tool that anyone can use to promote their health and wellness.

The fact that it is FDA-approved helps reduce stress (a nationwide epidemic) and can be used at your convenience making this product worth the health investment.

This product is versatile, utilizes cutting-edge technology, puts you in control of your experience, and is created by people who care about their customers’ experience model this as a worthy addition to your household, business, or relaxation room.

It’s true: Customer reviews don’t lie.

There is a reason people invest in this product and its Amazon rating is as high as it is; it is because this product is awesome and gives beneficial results! Click here to check it out!

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