Kahuna Massage Chair

kahuna massage chair

Today, we’ll be taking a deep look into the world of the Kahuna Massage Chair.

When researching this company, I found several interesting things:

Speaking to customer service, you can find out a lot about the chairs. This is nice as many of the competitors might get someone who knows almost nothing about the massage chair (if you can even get through to them).

Kahuna has over 12 models of high-end massage chairs: Kahuna Spirit, SM Series, LM Series, and HM Series.

The LM Series contains older models that are slightly smaller and narrow. The SM models have wider and bigger chairs. The HM Series has a true 3D capability which means the protrusion of the rollers is a couple of inches more, providing deep tissue massages.

Keep in mind that some of these massage chairs have quite a hefty price tag.

I’ll do a deep dive into the distinguishing features of Kahuna massage chairs.

Let’s start.

Kahuna Massage Chair – LM SERIES

Out of all the Kahuna massage chairs, the Kahuna LM Series are the older and least expensive of the lot.  However, since Kahuna is known for their higher-end chairs, the LM models are still jam-packed with cool features not found in other chairs.

KAHUNA LM 6800kahuna lm 6800 massage chair

Computer Scan Technology

LM 6800 comes with computer body scan technology.  This allows the chair to adjust based on your size (since everyone is shaped differently).

Isolated muscle group programs

Not many chairs can independently operate based on the muscle group.  The LM 6800 certainly can.  This means you don’t have to get a full body massage if your neck is the only part of your body that is strained.

The 5 different programs on this Kahuna massage chair include:

  • Neck to waist
  • Waist to lower back
  • lower back to butt
  • neck to butt
  • butt to mid-back

36 Airbags

This chair features a total of 36 airbags.  All these airbags engage in what’s called compression massage; it squeezes your muscles and body parts. The airbags by the feet and calves are especially strong.

The airbags by the shoulder are unique, as many chairs on the market don’t offer compression massages for the shoulder.

Zero Gravity

The LM 6800 features full zero gravity.  The image of the woman laying on the chair does not do justice.  The chair can recline as far as the back as your legs is 4-6 inches higher than your heart.  This relieves a lot of pressure on your back, giving you that therapeutic sensation.

Another interesting thing about Kahuna’s gravity chairs is that it’s remarkably space-saving.  You would expect the chair to need about 15 inches from the wall for the chair to have enough space to go into full zero gravity mode.  However, Kahuna’s chair only requires 5-6 inches from the wall.

L-track system

The standard L-track system is in play here.  This means the rollers of the chair extend to your buttocks as opposed to just stopping at the base of your spine.


The amount to which you can control the chair is quite amazing.  There is a total of 3 levels of speed and pressure.  This is handy for households with a lot of people to accommodate a variety of preferences.  It has multiple automatic programs as well as manual control of the massage rollers.

The automatic programs emulate the popular types of massage therapy:

  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Tapping
  • Kneading/Tapping


There is a 5-year warranty that comes with this Kahuna massage chair.

User Testing

In this segment, we have our user testers use the chair in many ways and have them dish out the good stuff and the bad stuff according to them.


The Yoga mode setting is new and something not seen on the market.  The chair will mix stretch and massage you for 30 minutes and it feels like you’re bending your back over an exercise ball.

You would expect this to have a big footprint in your house but it doesn’t.  When they say it saves space, it does.  I was able to install this in my bedroom with no issues with space.

Many chairs are noisy.  They ‘click’ and ‘clack.’  This chair is quiet; I can fall asleep it in while getting a plentiful massage.


The foot rollers are pretty painful.  It’s probably because the fabric between your feet and the rollers is so thin that it feels like the rollers are directly on your skin.  Luckily a towel will dampen it.

The massage chair only runs for 15 minutes at a time, after which the chair position resets to upright.  When you’re really into the massage, it takes away from it.  Although I do understand the time limit has something to do with power safety.

You can also read about the LM 6800’s sister chair, the Kahuna LM 6800S

KAHUNA LM 7000kahuna lm 7000

The Kahuna LM 7000 adds several features to the 6800.  The first thing you notice is that they offer it in Brown Ivory and Ivory Black, which is much more aesthetically pleasing than plain colors.

3 levels of Zero Gravity

In the LM 6800, they featured two levels of zero gravity which allowed the chair to recline in two positions.  The 7000 allows the chair to recline in 3 positions.

Longer L-track

In response to customers’ complaints about intensity, they created a softer roller and as well a longer track.  This allows for a fuller, more pleasant massage.

Premium speakers

What’s better than a quiet massage chair?  One that plays music, noise that you want to hear.  The 7000 comes with built-in premium Bluetooth speakers.  It also comes with a charger plug for your phone so you can charge it while getting a massage.


It’s so comfortable I fall asleep in it.  It’s also convenient that it has a cable for the phone to charge my phone.

The Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to the chair.  They are positioned well by the head so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while in the most relaxed state of mind.


If you purchase this chair, make sure you or someone you know is a good handyman since if something breaks – it inevitably will – the chair can be fixed.  The assembly is not super intuitive like IKEA products and they don’t exactly snap into place (screw holes don’t seem to align very well).

The instructions are not clear.  They aren’t written in proper English so it was a little difficult to set up.


kahuna lm 7800

The LM 7800 is an extension of the LM 6800 and the LM 7000.  The two most important features are the 30 min maximum time interval and that it comes out of the box assembled.

There is not a whole lot that has changed from the previous model.

Slightly improved L-track system

The L-track is included and it’s the longest it’s ever been up to this point 42 inches.  The rollers are set on 4 wheels, which makes it faster for them to go to the targeted area of the body.

Auto leg extension

Since customers complained about previous models not fitting taller people, they added the automatic leg extension.

Strongest massage of the LM series

The company boasts that this chair is the strongest, especially comparing it to the Kahuna Spirit.

Kahuna Massage Chair – SM Series

Kahuna SM-7300

Kahuna SM 7300Quick Glance

  • 6 roller system on a 48″ SL-track
  • Space saving zero gravity
  • Bigger seating and wider shoulder area
  • 36 Air Bags
  • 3 levels of speed and pressure adjustable by remote


  • Heating on the back
  • Extendable footrest
  • 238 lbs
  • 46 X 28 X 47 inches
  • Fits 5′ to 6’5”
  • Weight limit: 320 lbs
  • Computerized body scan
  • 6 auto programs

The SM-7300 comes in two colors: black and brown. The dark brown coloring is only visible on the side panel and then on the headrest.

It fits up to 6 feet 5 inches in height, 320 lbs in weight, and 24 inches in shoulder width. If you’re on the taller / bigger side, it’s nice to be able to fit comfortably in the chair. In particular, those with long legs will enjoy the 12-inch manual leg extension that this model offers.

48″ inch SL-track follows the curvature of the body and massages to the upper thighs. It’s not the longest SL track we’ve seen but it’s up there.

38 airbags to increase blood circulation and provide you with air compression massage. Kahuna specifically made this chair use fewer airbags. The difference between 38 airbags and 50 airbags isn’t noticeable especially if the smaller amount has bigger airbags to cover up the same amount of surface area, which is the case here.

One stage zero gravity with spacing saving technology allowing it to be 3 inches from the wall.

The foot massager uses 3 techniques to target 3 parts of your feet: scraping for the ball of your feet, rolling for the arch, and tapping for the heel. Feet can get smelly so they have a zipper leg extension covering to easily unzip and wash.

Kahuna SM-7300S

The Kahuna SM-7300S is a slight upgrade from SM-7300. It provides new auto programs, an improved timer, several zero g positions, an app, and more.

Kahuna SM 7300S

Quick Glance

  • 4 new programs
  • 60-minute timer
  • 3 levels of zero gravity
  • Android App
  • Lumbar and leg heating

13 total auto programs in SM-7300S as opposed to 6 auto programs in SM-7300. 4 out of 7 of them are stretching programs: Yoga Stretching, Active Stretching, SV-Chiro Stretching, and Dynamic Stretching. The stretching programs are effective in extending your whole body. It uses the airbags to grip your feet and then the chair’s back recline and the leg portion pulls inward, effectively stretching your body.

This model comes with a 60-minute timer, whereas the maximum timer the 7300 allowed was 30 minutes. Although seemingly a small change, this likely effective a lot of the quality assurance process as manufacturers want to avoid overheating the chair.

3 levels of zero gravity allow users more control over the angle they want to recline their chairs. There’s a bit more angle to tilt you even further back.

An Android App makes for an untethered experience. It’s also just nice to have a secondary remote. It seems like many of the massage chairs on the market are outdated, so it’s nice to be able to download an app as the controller.

Lastly, additional heating in the leg area with the ability to toggle the heating in the leg and lumbar area.


The warranty for the 7300 & 7300S is the same. You must register within a month of purchase and the warranty lasts for two years. It covers all parts and labor and Kahuna offers on-site repairs.

The warranty does not cover accidental damage or wear and tear.

kahuna sm 7300 massage chair warranty

Kahuna SM-9000

The Kahuna SM-9000 is a big leap in price from the 7300S.

And for good reason: This Kahuna massage chair has got new patented technology, auto zero gravity, and more.

kahuna sm 9000Quick Glance

  • Air Float 3D+ Signature new SL-track
  • 6 Infrared heated rollers
  • Auto Zero Gravity
  • Acupoints
  • LED Remote
  • 48 X 28 X 47 inches
  • 5′ to 6′ Recommended height

Let’s address the elephant in the room: patented Air Float 3D technology. This technology incorporates airbags underneath the track that inflate to lift your body in zero gravity. Hence the name “Air Float.”

The SM-9000 is one of the few chairs on the market that offer infrared heated rollers. This means you’ll feel the heat more on your body and it will feel more like a masseuse since the point of contact where the heat is applied moves around. It imitates hot stone therapy. This promotes blood circulation and allows muscles to relax.

There are little bumps on the inside lining of the arm pads. They call these Acupoints. They aid in massaging acupuncture points. Some may or may not believe in acupuncture but one thing is for sure: Kahuna cares enough to design down to the most minute detail part of the chair.

One thing we liked about this chair is the detachable and washable leg coverings.


The Warranty is the same as the other SM models except it lasts for 5 years.

kahuna massage chair sm 9000 warranty

CM-HANI Series

There’s a big — pun intended — problem in the massage chair industry: the chairs are bulky. This makes it difficult to move them around especially if you live in an urban setting like Chicago.

Kahuna saw this problem and designed the CM-HANI chairs. These are compact massage chairs that are lighter with fewer features than standard massage chairs. It’s the MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro.

Quick Glance

  • 3 models: CM-HANI, CM-HANI3200, CM-HANI3800
  • Weighs around 100 lbs
  • Ergonomic and modern style
  • No Leg / Foot massager
  • L-track


The Kahuna massage chair CM-HANI is the base model for this series and is one of the cheapest chairs you can buy from Kahuna.

As you can see, there is no foot massager and no airbags. However, the design and mobility of this chair make up for the lack of functionality. It’s got a C-shaped pillow that contours nicely around your neck. It comes in brown/black and red/black.

One thing I like about this chair is that it is contemporary. I’ve got a very modern place with open floor planning and stainless steel appliances. It’s nice that a massage chair like CM-HANI can fit into the decor of my place.

Another thing I like is that this is made of high-end solid steel. One may think that cheaper means weaker but it’s not in the case of this chair. Kahuna made sure that durability was not compromised.

This Kahuna massage chair is missing some core features that one would expect but they had this in mind when they designed this chair. So if you’re looking for zero gravity, longer L-track, and air compressions massages, this isn’t the chair for you.

CM-HANI 3200

Kahuna cm hani 3200


The CM-HANI 3200 added several enhancements to the base model. It comes in red, black, and brown.

The most obvious difference is the addition of an ottoman. I haven’t seen much popularity in this concept as it is kind of a hassle to manage two components for a massage chair.

With this model, you can adjust the roller location, height, width and time. You can use the up and down buttons to manually target your body parts.

Unlike the base model, this model does have the 50-inch L-track so it has full coverage from head to butt.

CM-HANI 3800

The CM-HANI 3800 is significantly different from the 3200 and the base model. It comes in a new color gold, has zero gravity capability, and is a foot massager.

Kahuna decided to build the 3800 when they realized they’ve comprised too many features for the benefit of compactness.

Standard zero gravity feature with reclining control so you can easily adjust the angle of the chair with a touch of a button.

Full-length L-track with shiatsu-style rollers. These are designed to follow a circular motion.

Lastly, there is a heating element on the back side of the Kahuna massage chair. Although it would be nice to have them on your arms and feet, it’s still great to have them in such a compact chair.


The warranty has the same rules as all of the Kahuna massage chairs except all of the CM-HANI chairs last for one year.

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