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Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair Review:

Investing in a quality massage chair such as the Kahuna SM 7300 is one of the ways to promote your overall well-being; enhance your peace of mind and ensure you are physiologically fit. Massage has a lot of benefits for the body and mind but let’s not get to that now. 

You need the Kahuna SM 7300 if you suffer from painful back and muscles or you just want to stay away from expensive massage spas. Of course, there are hundreds of massage chairs out in the market with each promising a wide range of features, great prices, and a wide range of massage options. We created this guide to help you make the right choice when shopping for a massage chair.

The Kahuna SM 7300 is one of the most popular massage chairs and for a good reason; it comes with a wide range of cool features. Some of the features that give this massage chair an edge against competitors include accu-point detection, zero-gravity reclining, and an advanced track roller system.

Kahuna SM 7300 – Strengths and Weaknesses

kahuna sm 7300 side view


  • Sports a space-saving design that fits in small spaces
  • All you to time it for continuous massage for up to 30 minutes
  • Comes with an easy-to-use LCD remote control 
  • You get a generous two-year warranty from the manufacturer with the purchase of this chair
  • Offers full body massage; with calves and feet included
  • Accommodates up to 320 pounds heavy and 6 feet 5 tall users


  • The chair only offers single-point heat therapy while some other units offer two-point heat therapy

Key Features

Kahuna SM 7300 – Advanced SL-Track Six-Wheel Roller System

Most conventional massage chairs come with either L-Track or S-Track roller systems. This way, they are not able to cover your whole back. The Kahuna SM 7300 comes with both L and S tracks ensuring that the chair covers your whole back. With this advanced track, the chair can offer the benefits of both S and L tracks reaching out to all areas that a single track wouldn’t reach.

kahuna sm 7300 massage settings

Switch Between Manual and Automatic Massage Programs

If you just want to operate your massage chair hands-free, you can choose the automatic massage chair programs. You can also operate the chair manually.

Each chair comes installed with 6 manual programs which include tapping, kneading, and knocking among others. When you need a massage, you just need to choose between the different manual massage options. A good combination of massage options should embrace your whole body.

Additionally, the chair comes preinstalled with 5 automatic programs including yoga, recovery, pain relief, relaxation, and senior mode. This way, the user can employ any program they deem fit to cover their whole back. 

If you buy the upgraded version of this chair, you will enjoy four more programs including Office Person, Athlete, Dynamic, and Golfer. These new programs were created to offer enhanced massage for different groups. For instance, golfers have a set of muscles that need massage and so do athletes and office people. These are the sets of muscles that the different advanced programs offer. The Dynamic program was designed for everybody. 

With all these massage programs, the massage chair gives the user autonomy on the kind of massage they receive.

Zero Gravity Reclining

The Kahuna SM 7300 was designed with the needs of all users in mind. The Zero-Gravity reclining feature was designed to cater to the uneven distribution of body weight especially the back and the hips. When there is an uneven distribution of body weight and inactivity. 

With the zero-gravity reclining feature, the Kahuna SM7300 can distribute weight evenly and relieve shortened and tense muscles of pain and spasm. This massage chair occupies less space seeing that it is designed to slide forward whenever you recline it to zero gravity. This means that the chair only occupies minimal space. 

Wrap-Around Squeeze Massage

The Wrap-Around Squeeze Massage feature is an emblem of Kahuna massage chairs; there are no other massage chairs that offer the same feature on the market today. To do this, the chair is fitted with airbags that massage the user. The chair is fitted with 35 air cells evenly distributed on the back platform of the chair to give both intense massages. 

The double airbags fitted on these massage chairs inflate in synchronized motion to offer intense massage. Squeeze massage is great for people who suffer chronic calf pain. The leg extension upgrade allows which is made possible by the installation of air cells around the calf section. The squeeze massage extends from the back region to the foot offering to knead, scraping, and rolling massage.

Accu-point Detection

Of all the many features offered on this massage chair, acupoint detection is one of the best. It is a feature that allows you to personalize and customize your massage programs. The detectors can sense where the pain lies on your back to offer targeted and focused massage. 

These rollers also come with acupoint bumps to deliver intelligent and refreshing massage. With acupoint detection, you will enjoy a massage session that luxuriates and comforts your body. What you get with acupoint detection is personalized massage. 

Yoga Stretch

There are extensive massage options offered by the Kahuna SM 7300 aimed at all the body muscles to keep you physically and physiologically fit. To add to these features, Kahuna included the Yoga Stretch function. This function is designed to offer massage to those who have chronic back pain. 

This function can offer immediate relief by taking pressure off the spine and making your feel relaxed. While this feature is so strong, it offers great results for those who have back pain. Even when you do not have back pain, the feature can help you alleviate tiredness and keep your spine well-aligned.

Heat Therapy

Kahuna offers massage chairs with two heat therapy sections. The Kahuna SM 7300 is different in that it offers heat therapy at one location; just the lumbar region. 

This function is more than beneficial, and all those suffering from chronic back pain welcome it with open hands. Although it has one heat therapy region, the chair can distribute heat throughout a large region of your back and lower legs. This way, the chair can offer better massage at all times.

However, because this chair has so many features, having a single-point heat therapy is a little disappointing. Chairs with two heat therapy regions are better at heat therapy ensuring that users get enough intense massage. Again, you cannot regulate the temperature when doing heat therapy; you either turn it on or off without heat regulation features. 

Foot and Calf Massage

The Kahuna SM 7300 offers full body massage; for the back, the calves, and the feet. This foot and calf massage feature is linked to the squeeze massage where there are air cells connected to the calf and feet section of the massage chair. 

Through rolling, kneading, and squeezing, the foot massage function can keep your calves and feet relaxed. Since all the massage techniques work at the same time, the feature can offer a relaxing experience. 

Most massage chairs do not offer this feature; you do not get the full body massage with most chairs. If you have leg problems, or you engage in strenuous exercise or strenuous sports, this is a great feature for you. 

Remote Control

While this feature is not so unique, it still makes it highly convenient for you when you are using this massage chair. It is easy to use the remote; it might take some users a few days to learn how to get around the remote but after a few days, you will be good to go. Seeing that this massage chair comes loaded with features, you may not learn all the functions on your remote on the first day. 

Nevertheless, the remote sports a beautiful lightweight design. 

LED Lighting

This feature is also not so unique but a great feature nonetheless. It is an added feature that users may find very useful. The LED lights fitted on the sides of the chair are designed to offer a calming glow in darkness or dim light. This glow helps you relax and boosts your massage experience. 

Accommodates Taller Users

You can use the Kahuna SM 7300 irrespective of your height; well, at least the average tall people are accommodated on this chair. You can make numerous adjustments to the chair to not only accommodate your height but also your massage needs. Averagely tall people can enjoy all the features of this massage chair. 

The chair weighs 238 pounds. While this is heavy, it is still low than most other massage chairs on the market today. This makes it easier to set up and move. 

Read more about massage chairs for larger people 

Added Features


Kahuna has upgraded their chairs to include more features and accommodate more people and their needs. The latest unit can comfortably hold people 6 feet 5 with about 320 pounds. There are many more features including spot massage where the seat can offer massage at one single point; if there is a single affected area, you only massage that section. 

The Kahuna SM 7300 – Against the Competition

Kahuna SM7300 competes with other massage chairs they have designed. One of the chairs in its category is Kahuna LM6800 which comes with almost the same features as the SM 7300. The SM 7300 has more advanced features offering better full-body massage. This makes it a superior massage chair.

Other massage seats struggling in the market with SM 7300 include Hubot HM-078, Kahuna HANI3200, and the Kahuna SM-9000. What makes the SM 7300 is that it has been greatly upgraded to offer better features. Kahuna ensured that this massage chair offers a wide range of massage options for full body massage. 

Kahuna SM7300 – Frequently Asked Questions 

Does this massage chair offer good massage to shorter users?

The Kahuna SM 7300 is designed for users between 5 feet and 6 feet 5. Though people shorter than 5 feet can still use the massage chair, it may not give them massage as good as people between 5 and 6’5. For tall people, there are integrated extensions to accommodate their height.

Does the massage chair offer a smart body scan?

Kahuna SM 7300 offers smart body scans in form of Accu-point detection. Accu-point detection is a better version of a smart body scan. It can detect points on your muscles that need a massage. 

How is the upholstery of the chair?

This massage chair is covered with high-quality faux leather. The interior of the seat is vinyl for durability and the seating area is made of mesh for breathability. 

Does the manufacturer offer a warranty?

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for parts and labor. Ensure that you have to get the warranty details filled up at the time of purchase.

Does the chair fit in small spaces?

It is easy to disassemble the chair and fit it in small spaces, especially small doors. The massage chair ships in several sections so you can assemble it inside the exercise room. Once you carry it into the room, you can assemble it as desired. You can slide the chair to fit into small spaces.

Does this chair massage the legs?

The Kahuna SM 7300 is designed with air cells on the thigh section to offer compression therapy. However, it does not offer decompression or heat therapy among other forms of therapy that massage chairs offer. If you are experiencing thigh pain, this chair might not offer you the therapy you need. 


If you are looking for a versatile and full-feature massage chair, the Kahuna SM 7300 is a good option. It is offered at a relatively good price. The massage chair can stay ahead of the competition through its numerous upgrades; the quality of the Kahuna SM 7300 has improved over time as the manufacturer adds more and more features. Granted, you need to buy the latest version of the Kahuna SM 7300. 

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