Osaki VS Kahuna: The Battle of the Gods

Every industry there are always two equally opposing forces clashing in the competitive nature of business.

In the computer world, it’s Apple vs Microsoft. We’ve seen these two butt heads time after time.

In the massage world, it’s Osaki VS Kahuna. These two guys have both made their mark in the massage chair market.

We’ve researched hundreds of chairs from each brand. We’ve even interviewed and worked with some of their staff.

Today, we’ll compare these two brands side by side. We’ll give you a curated list of the best massage chairs between the both of them.

Let’s get started.

Our Number One Osaki Massage Chair Pick: Osaki 3D Pro Cyber

Osaki 3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair

Made with Japanese-inspired design, the Osaki 3D Pro Cyber is a beautiful massage chair with high-level functionality.

One thing I really liked is they re-engineered air bag system. Osaki is revolutionizing massage chairs by significantly reducing the number of air bags required without sacrificing coverage.

L-track is definitely the talk of the town and the Pro Cyber has it. It also provides 2 stages of zero gravity. During this state, your legs will rise above your heart, decompressing your spine and increasing blood circulation.

The 3D rollers provide the capability to extend out from the chair, giving a deep tissue massage. The users are able to control the extension up to 8 cm using an intuitive remote control.

The tablet control interface is intuitive and provides 6 different massage techniques and 9 different automatic programs to choose from.

Our Number One Kahuna Massage Chair Pick: Kahuna LM 6800

Kahuna LM 6800 Massage Chair

The Kahuna LM 6800 is one of the highest ratings for a massage chair on Amazon.

It’s packed with great features like zero gravity, Space saving technology, a fully elongated L-track, computerized body scan, advanced air cell technology, and more.

My favorite part about this chair is that it’s designed to mimic the motion of a human hand.

It’s cool and almost freaky that it’s able to accomplish it so well. It uses a complex 4 roller system to accomplish this.

There are 3 stages of zero gravity and health benefits associated it with it like increased blood circulation and decompressing the spine.

The LM 6800 is ahead of the air massage technology. They offer the most minimal amount of air bags without losing surface coverage. The squeeze massage these things provide is refreshing!

Another thing we liked is that Kahuna added an additional 2 years warranty since 11/22/19. That means 3 years for parts and labor, 4 years for parts, and 5 years for structural frame.

Kahuna doesn’t just make a model and leave it be, they will constantly add more features and update it.

Osaki and Kahuna: Who are they and what do they stand for?

Through our years of analyzing massage chairs, we’ve noticed that companies who dominate the market are those who have a long term goal. Some would even say it’s a mission.


Osaki falls under two brands. OTA World LLC and Titan World LLC. They do business as Osaki and Titan.

If you’re browsing through Amazon and find a chair that belongs to Titan, know that it’s actually Osaki rebranded.

They are one of the leading distributors of massage chairs.

They have other products such as handheld massagers, fitness machines, foot massagers, and back relief products.

Osaki massage chairs

Osaki’s number one goal is to help customers relax.

They recognized that life is stressful and sometimes one needs to take a break.

For them, the break comes in a form of a beautiful leather relaxing chair.

Osaki is very prolific.

They have more than 70 models of massage chairs.

Many of their massage chairs seem to have similar features so make sure to read our analysis below to get the best bang for your buck.


Kahuna is the number one Amazon seller for massage chairs.

They have the most reviews and the highest ratings for their products on Amazon.

They are not as prolific as Osaki but have more flagship products that are memorable. They’ve been doing business since 1997.

Kahuna’s official business name is AJX LLC. They stand for digitality (A word they kind of made up) and pragmatism.

Their chairs are indeed practical and they do have quite the presence online.

kahuna massage chairs

Their focus is on the people. And it shows. They are quick to update their products based on customer feedback.

kahuna massage chair reviews
Kahuna is constantly updating their products on Amazon description page – Kahuna LM 6800

Kahuna customer service is next level.

We called their support line on several occasions and a pleasant gentlemen talked to us and helped us find the perfect chair for us.

He could tell you the difference between different models and such. Good companies will always hire good support staff and not outsource it to third world countries.

Also, it’s reassuring that many celebrities endorse Kahuna.

One person stood out in particular to me: Neil Patrick Harris.

kahuna vs osaki massage chair reviews

Best Kahuna Massage Chairs

Kahuna Hubot HM-078

Kahuna Hubot HM-078 massage chair

The Hubot HM-078 is one of the most beautifully crafted and designed chairs we’ve seen.

It’s an exquisite luxury chair and labeled the best 3D L-track by Kahuna themselves.

It’s the end-all-be-all massage chair, providing the rejuvenation you’re looking for after a long arduous day.

This chair far exceed the standard specifications that other massage chair has.

kahuna hubot massage chair review

We’ve seen massage chairs that have 40, 50, and even 60 air bags. This chair has… 107 airbags.

Like synchronized swimmers, these air bags work in unison to provide compression massage.

The Hubot HM-078 has a HSL track, which stands for Hyper SL-track.

This track differs from regular S tracks in that it is curves all throughout the track and naturally follows the curvature of the spine.

Some cheaper models out there only curve the neck and hip portion of the track.

Full-body automatic scanning ensures that people of all shapes and sizes can adequately use this massage chair in the most optimal operation. It can fit up to 6.2 feet and 250 lbs.

One thing we really liked is that the air cells move in a rhythmic pattern.

It’s designed to promote blood circulation and increase oxygen levels.

kahuna hubot massage chair

The Hubot is one of the few massage chairs that incorporate a head massage.

There is a semi circle shaped head rest and two mini air bags that deliver this head massage.

best massage chair kahuna hubot

The heat therapy is in both the shoulders area and the lumbar area.

The entire chair pretty much heats up and it’s one of the few chairs on the market that goes to that length.

In total there are 15 automatic programs in this model.

It’s comprehensive and covers a wide variety of massage techniques and air bag rhythms.

Kahuna LM 6800S

Kahuna LM 6800S massage chair

The LM 6800 was a huge hit, it’s one of Kahuna’s flagship products. And it’s one of the more affordable chairs in Kahuna’s product line.

It was very popular with the customers so much so that Kahuna decided to deliver a 2nd version of it called the 6800S.

The 6800S has more features and customization for a couple hundred dollars which is well worth it.

It’s a full body massage chair with 3 zero gravity positions. The zero g is considered true zero gravity, as it’s able to raise your feet above the heart.

In all there are 12 new auto programs to enjoy. These fall into 3 categories: Basic, Elite, and Stretch.

It’s great that a third of these programs is stretch, which is the most effective automatic program that many customers (including me) love.

One thing I liked is that the pillow can be folded and unfolded.

This makes it possible to control the strength of the massage in the head / neck region without using a towel.

The automatic computerized body scan is great for receiving a customized massage.

However, it’s not as accurate as Hubot. Periodically the rollers may go past your head by a couple inches.

Another thing I really liked is how hard it massages. The air bags and the rollers do a fantastic job of providing a strong massage.

Even customers with big stature need to lower the intensity.

Kahuna SM 7300S

Kahuna SM 7300S massage chair

The SM 7300s is for big users and individuals who enjoy a strong massage. It’s got an elongated SL track and a stronger bigger roller mechanism.

It features a SL track+ which means the track is a bit longer than their other models. It also has 6 rollers instead of 4. Customers have said the difference between 6 and 4 “makes a world of a difference.”

This chair is able to accommodate an astounding 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches.

It’s relieving that it can fit American sized users.

The foot massager compared to the 6800 is much more effective.

It comes 3 difference massage techniques at once: scraping, rolling, and kneading.

The airbags in the foot area apply a good amount of pressure so that the rollers will touch the arch of the foot.

Much like most of other models, the 7300S incorporates space saving technology. It’s especially nice for those with tighter living quarters.

The one other big difference is that this model has triple hip air bags. This means a stronger massage around the waist / hip area.

Also, it has bluetooth / app connectivity for those who like to use their smart phones for everything.

Best Osaki Massage Chairs

Osaki rebranded themselves as Titan Massage Chairs so don’t be alarmed when you see a Titan chair make our list of the best Osaki massage chairs.

Titan Chair Apex

Titan Chair Apex Massage Chair Review

The Titan Apex is L-track chair that goes out of its way to comfort your daily needs. It’s features a reflexology specific foot roller and the ability to build custom massages.

It’s one of the cheaper L-track massage chairs but it’s got just the right amount of features to be worth it.

I’m pretty tight beneath my hip and the L-track was especially helpful in this chair.

This is the first chair we’ve seen where they have a name designated for the foot rollers.

They call it the AP-Pomp. It’s strong and effective; it’s able to hit the arch of your foot which some chairs are notorious for not able to do.

The zero gravity is great for those who want to evenly distribute the weight of their body. It’s a refreshing feeling and helps with blood circulation.

It has 4 automatic programs and 6 different massage techniques. I always like to mix and match the programs and techniques to try switch it up.

One thing I like is that it’s designed to save space. Especially for someone who lives in a small studio in the heart of Chicago, this is great news!

The lower Lumbar heat is great for loosening up your skin so that the rollers can penetrate deep into the muscle issues.

It’s a little disappointing that it doesn’t have shoulder heating.

The computerized body scan is great for those who want a custom tailored massage, no matter shape or size.

Osaki OS-7200H Pinnacle Massage Chair

Osaki OS-7200H Pinnacle Massage Chair Review

The Osaki Os-7200H is a luxury full-body massage chair with all the bells and whistle of a high-end chair.

It has a computerized body scan, automatic leg scan, massive air bag system, chrome therapy, and much more.

Keep in mind that the OS-7200H Pinnacle is different from OS-7200 (yeah we were confused as well!).

The body scan is great for guests and family because it allows accommodate for all types of body shapes and sizes.

The Automatic leg scan is great especially for those who have experienced having to apply pressure because the leg extension was made with cheap string action mechanic.

My favorite part about this chair was the quad rollers that mimic human hands. This type of roller design produces the most effective massages. We’ve reviewed ones with 6 rollers from Kahuna that felt especially soothing.

51 airbags work together to provide the air compression massage. It’s very strong and complements the overall massage very well.

The remote control has a lot of buttons but it’s intuitive enough to find your way with it.

Osaki vs Kahuna – Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed this head on comparison between Osaki and Kahuna, two giants in the massage chair world!

Both brands are highly reputable and product beautiful, quality chairs.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in deciding which brand is right for you, but ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either. 

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