Massage Recliner By Best Choice Product Review

Welcome to our review on Massage Recliner By Best Choice. Advanced massage technology can be a bit too much for some folks…

There’s so much complexity to it: zero gravity, computerized body scan, 4d rollers. It’s a lot to understand and all you want to do is sit down on a chair, push a button or two, and relax after a hard day at work.

Massage recliners relieve the headache of time-consuming assembly and technical set-up by offering a very simple solution. It’s a chair that has an ottoman and a simple massage function controlled by a remote with several buttons. No fancy-schmancy L-track roller system to deal with or air tubes to connect. It’s a perfect massage chair for the elderly.

Today, I’m going to review the massage recliner by Best Choice Product. It’s a massaging leather recliner and ottoman that is super comfortable and has swiveling capabilities. But there are several cons to this chair so make sure to read my full review!

Reasons real customers bought this recliner by Best Choice Product

  1. Easy Assembly. It took us 10 minutes to assemble this chair. Although the instructions are hard to read, there are several bolts and nuts for the base of the chair and a handful of bolts and metal stems for the ottoman.
  2. Soothing vibration massage. This chair is NOT one to toss you back and forth with deep penetrating 4d rollers. It’s a recliner with an ottoman that has a light vibration massage. It’s not meant to help you recover from an athletic injury.
  3. Comfortable. The main ingredient of this chair is that it’s comfortable enough to sit in for hours. It’s a little bit higher quality than cheap fabric and comfortable enough to sleep on.


Things You Should Know Before Buying

  1. It smells of a strong odor the first few days. We recommend placing this chair and its component in the garage or somewhere where there is a lot of air circulation. It will go away after a week or so but if you want to expedite the issue, you can use Febreze or a bottle of vinegar.
  2. Moderate massage. This isn’t a full-blown massage chair like the Kahuna SM 7300. It won’t wrangle your body nor give you a deep tissue massage. It’s meant to provide a light vibration massage that feels soothing.

Features And Benefits

The first thing you notice about this chair is the smooth black PU leather. It’s easy to clean because inevitably you will spill something on this chair, especially if you enjoy it. It’s also made out of a durable steel frame so you know it will last for a while. I also like that it has an executive design. It’s not too loungy looking.

The backrest pads are double layered and it feels extra cushiony.

best choice products massage recliner backrest pads

The remote is simple and has a few functions. At the top, there is an LED display that shows the time remaining for the massage. Also, you can target individual target leg, thigh, lumbar, or back massage, and there’s a graphical display indicating the current location.

remote control of best choice products massage chair

There are 9 automatic programs and 5 intensities to choose from. Having reviewed a ton of massage chairs, I can assure you this amount is plentiful. For instance, OOTORI chairs have an average number of 8 programs.

Without much forethought, you know that this chair can swivel. The swivel function is smooth (no squeaks and no abrupt stops). This helps those who want a little more mobility than hunky massage chairs. The swivel isn’t super sensitive either so you won’t need to anchor yourself from not spinning (we had this worry as well!).

The massage on this chair is not deep or strong. You can expect a decent level of vibration that will be focused on the back.

You can also operate the heat and vibration separately, which is a nice feature for those who want one but not the other.

Chairs manufactured in China tend to run on the smaller side. However, testing this with a 6-foot-5-inch male, we can safely say that this will fit taller people comfortably.

This massage chair does not knead or use any other techniques except vibration and heat. Be aware of that.

All in all, this is a good massage chair recliner with an ottoman to purchase if you’re looking for something affordable and one that gives a light massage.

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