MassaMAX 2023 Massage Chair Review

Welcome to our review of the MassaMAX 2023 massage chair.

A massage chair sounds like a significant investment, but it’s nothing compared to the feeling of having something to look forward to after a long day at work.

On top of this, if you work long hours and feel stiffness in your neck, or have sore shoulders, and back pain, a massage chair can effectively help with pain relief and muscle stiffness. 

Many fancy massage chairs come with more functions than you’ll need, and with so many choices, from technology to the stitching of the fabric, choosing a massage chair can be a daunting task.

After reviewing tens of massage chairs released this year, MassaMAX 2023 massage chair comes with fewer gimmicks and more features.

Before getting into what makes MassaMAX 2023 a top contender, let’s discuss the company’s origin. 

MassaMAX Introduction

MassaMAX is a small massage chair marketer covering North America and Europe markets. The manufactured chairs are stored in one of the many warehouses across Europe and the USA and shipped conveniently to your doorstep.

Although a new store, MassaMAX chairs, are sold under Massage Chair Max, the company has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Amazon. 

One of the recent buyers had this to add, Love everything about this purchase!”

MassaMAX 2023 massage chair








MassaMAX 2023  

MassaMAX a321 massage chair mimics a realistic masseuse.

Unlike most 2D chairs at this price point, the MassaMAX 321 is a 3D massage chair.

With more features unlocked and true deep tissue massage, MassaMAX can relieve stress in your muscles, ease the built-up tension in your neck and shoulders and provide effective lower back pain relief. 


What’s The Difference Between a 2-D and 3-D Massage Chair?

2-D massage chairs are the most common type of massage chair available.

You’ve probably used them at the airport or a lobby.

The roller in a 2-D massage chair moves side to side and top to bottom.

Intensity of the massage is controlled by the speed of the rollers kneading or massaging.

However, in a 3-D massage chair, the rollers can also move in and out toward your body, just like a masseuse trying to reach your deeper tissue.

MassaMAX 321 can combine this 3-D movement with airbags, SL track, and zero gravity features to unlock a world of comfort just a seat away.  

Aesthetics and Specs of MassaMAX 321

Massage chairs are pretty hard to ignore given their size and soft cushions.

The MassaMax 321 has a black color with silver accents which blends with an office space or your living room. 

In the upright position, MassaMAX MD321 has a length of 60.98” and a width of 29.53”.

Also, the massage chair is loaded with features like zero gravity and yoga stretch which can add 7.5” to the length when reclined.

The maximum height of the chair in all modes can reach 45.08”. 

MassaMAX 321 has a seat width of 20.08” which is slightly larger and more accommodating for people.

It can comfortably seat people up to 6’ 1” and supports a maximum weight of 260 lbs.

MassaMAX massage chair dimensions


Feature of MassaMAX MD321

MassaMAX 321 has all the basic features you’d expect in any great massage chair but there are a few head-turners of MassaMAX 321 which are hard to find in other massage chairs.

Let’s start with the best features of MassaMAX 321.

3D Smart Rollers

MassaMAX 321 has rollers that can move up and down the length of your spine and glutes along with a side-to-side motion typically used around the shoulders.

Moreover, the rollers are capable of moving in and out.

This protruding motion can reach deeper tissue and help with muscle knots.

You can also reach places previously ignored by handheld massagers and 2-D massage chairs.

What seals the deal, is the ability to control the pressure when the rollers hit any trigger points on the back depending on your level of comfort. 

StrackvsSLtrack massage

SL Track

  • SL track or L track defines the movement of the rollers that provide the actual massage.
  • SL track rollers used in a 321 follow the S curve of your spine and run underneath the seat towards your glutes making an L shape.
  • SL track extends the massage features to the whole body, just like a day at the spa. 

Zero Gravity

In our reviews, zero gravity has become an essential feature for massage chairs and MassaMAX 321 just needs a 2” clearance from the wall to completely recline and transform the experience from a chair to a massage table.

The zero gravity feature suspends your body and the rollers can better penetrate under your body weight.

You can also control the recline angle using a dial on the right or leave it in auto mode.

Yoga Stretch

You won’t find a combination of zero gravity and yoga in any other massage chair.

Yoga stretch is a MassaMAX feature that stretches your upper body and extends the legs.

It can also hold this stretched position for an interval.

Yoga Stretch Features

Unique Calf Rollers and Foot Rollers

One reason you’d be fixated on this massage chair is the drainage massage for your legs.

The foot rollers provide much-needed reflexology and the airbags hug your calves decompressing in a way that kneads the calves and provides a deeper leg massage. 

Voice Control and Bluetooth

Voice control on a massage chair is one of the most underrated features.

It’s particularly hard to control the massage chair using remotes or touch screens when you’re reclined or vibrating but the 321 can be controlled using voice commands like “go little down” and “stretching mode”.

There are built-in speakers which can be connected to your mobile’s Bluetooth for music.

Massage Programs

MassaMAX 321 in black has 8 automatic massage programs and 5 massage techniques.

In addition to this, you get the option to take control of each massage mode and customize it according to your preferred speed and style. 

One of the 8 automatic massage programs that is interesting is the back and waist massage. This area is among the most complained about by older and working people.

MassaMAX has infrared heaters which can provide substantial heat therapy and simulate warm hands. 

The massage styles include 

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Shiatsu
  • Knocking 
  • Rolling
  • Tapping and Kneading


What Are The Pros of MassaMAX 321?

  • Rollers in the ottoman for a foot massage
  • Remote controller
  • USB charger
  • Dial to adjust the reclining angle and shortcut buttons like pause and heating.
  • Bluetooth speakers (as you won’t be able to use any headphones).
  • Full body scan to adjust length and leg extension.
  • Versatile Massage.
  • Automatically adjusting ottoman (no spring loading mechanism).
  • Complete reclining.
  • Yoga stretch.
  • Space saving (require 2” to recline completely).
  • 3D massage.
MassaMAX massage chair controls


What Are The Cons of MassaMAX 321?

  • The chair is heavy to move around. 
  • Its lower-back airbags might not be effective on thin or petite people.
  • Not ideal for tall people (above 6’1”).
  • The aesthetic might not match your room.
  • Cushioning isn’t very comfortable in the foot rollers.
  • Not from an established or old company

Overall Verdict And Comfort Rating

MassaMAX 321 looks very promising, but not trusting the expectations and going by reviews and testing, this chair is far above the standard at the $2,299 price point.

If you’re someone who likes a little force and ‘strong hands’ in your massage sessions the thinner cushioning would be perfect for you.

The comfort for most people would be just above average, but that’s because it has 3D rollers which are intended to provide a deep tissue massage.

MassaMAX 321 is technologically convenient and will relieve stress after a long day’s haul.

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