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Master Massage Table Review:

Welcome to our review of the Master Massage Table.

When we came across an amazing portable massage table by a brand called Master Massage Table, we wanted to share it with you.

They know what they’re doing when it comes to massage equipment.

It’s a company led by a man named Michael Friedman. There is a series of youtube videos where he compares his tables with his competitors. He goes into minute detail outlining flaws of cheap competitors’ massage tables. There is something about him that makes you want to keep watching and listening. He’s a master craftsman.

If you’re looking for a top-notch luxury portable massage table, I highly recommend you check out Master Massage Equipment.

Here we will go through what makes Master Massage different from other brands.

Let’s begin.

Master Massage Table Review – The Good Stuff

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A handful of awesome specs:

  • 30-inch wide tables (So your arms don’t dangle or even worst, fall off)
  • 3 inches thick cushions with a layer of memory foam
  • Working weight: 750 lbs
  • Numbered leg adjustment holes
  • Strong hinges
  • Adjustable face cradle
  • Heating

When hunting for a house, our first impression of the house is the curbside appeal. Similarly, our first impression of the table is its upholstery.

It is super shiny.

master massage galaxy table head rest

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The upholstery is Italian style and looks like genuine leather but is faux leather with many characteristics like antimicrobial, UV protection, oil, and waterproof. It has that luxury feel to it.

This massage table is engineered for stability. They have patented its hinge- the Duo-Plane Hinge.

When weight is exerted onto the table, the hinge grasps the wood tighter instead of giving out. Other tables have a piano hinge or something similar with less steel. According to Michael Friedman, it is the strongest part of the table.

Aside from the hinge, the joints are also another place where stability relies on. Master Massage uses what’s called a box joint to connect their woods. This is known to be a stronger construction of wood and when you look at it you understand why.

galaxy table wood joint close up
Example of cheaper massage table joint construction

Cheaper massage tables use butt joints, a weaker construction of joining wood pieces.

If we asked you to tell us where the most stress is placed on a portable massage table while carrying it, what would you say?

That’s right. The handles.

If the handle breaks on a portable massage table, much are lost. Carrying the table effectively becomes very difficult. This is why Master Massage uses what’s called a T-nut to fasten the handle to the board.

master massage galaxy table t nut example

Another delight is the way Master Massage makes its knobs adjust the table height. The more you adjust a massage table, the more likely you will wear the inside of the thread since it’s been screwed and unscrewed many times throughout its life. Their knobs are made out of rubber material, ergonomic, and have a brass piece inside it with a threaded insert. Many competitors, by contrast, use plastic pieces with aluminum threads.

We know we talked a lot about the composition of the table so let’s step back a little bit.

One of the cooler features of Master Massage tables is that they can heat up. It has an electrical cord with a small panel where you heat the table. It’s pretty neat.

Master Massage Table Review – The Not So Good Stuff

This table is heavy if you’re not a regular at the gym. It weighs 38 lbs and it’s a bit on the bulkier side.

Some of the Master Massage tables whistle when in use and it’s not because of a manufacturer error, it’s because of the design.

Also, the customer service is not the best. We had trouble contacting them and getting through.

All that being said, this certainly is a fantastic massage table overall! If you’re interested in finding more information or checking the price, click the button below

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The Master Massage table isn’t quite right for you. Check out our review of the Sierra Comfort Massage Table here, it might be a good alternative!

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