Master Massage Santana Massage Table Review

Welcome to our review of the Master Massage Santana Massage Table is an incredible brand that makes high-quality massage tables. Their tables are built to last, follow safety regulations, and have high-density foam to provide the ultimate comfort for your clients.

It’s a brand led by a veteran named Michael Friedman. This guy is passionate about every piece of the massage table. He does a bunch of massage table quality comparison videos on Youtube. One of my favorite videos is him comparing one of Master Massage tables against a cheap Chinese manufactured table.

Today, we’ll be during a comprehensive review of the Master Massage Santana table.

This table is thick, durable, and has a heating element built into it (which is patented). It also passes a bunch of safety regulation tests and is one of the few brands in the industry that do that.

It’s a reliable table for massage professionals to own for their business. Many tables are made out of cheap thin plywood and it would be embarrassing for the table to collapse while servicing a client.

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Let’s begin.

Master Massage Santana Massage Table – Introduction

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy

  1. Thick safe cushions. Many massage tables on Amazon are drop shipped which means they tack on labels on the same cheap table. Typically these types of chairs have 1 – 2 inches of foam. This table has a thick 3-inch foam, including a layer of memory foam. It’s also oil and waterproof, CFC-free, and ETL/CETL certified.
  2. Built-in heated top. MasterMassage has its patented heated bed. There’s a convenient small white remote that plugs into an outlet that controls the heat. This is useful for relaxing and warming up those muscles which makes for a better massage experience.
  3. Strong support. This table has Reiki leg panels that are double the thickness of regular leg panels. Patented extra strong DUO-PLANE Hinges which better support the connection of the table frames better than the traditional piano-hinge.
Master Massage Santana Massaage Table

Master Massage Santana Massage Table – Benefits and Features

Measurements: 31 inches width, 84 inches length, 24 – 34 inches adjustable height

The first thing you notice about this massage table is that it does not look like the other tables, especially on Amazon. This means they have their design process and don’t use a cookie-cutter manufacturer. It’s made out of European Beech Wood with a Hi-gloss Elm Colored finish.

The cushion is 3 inches thick and is made of multiple layers, one of them being memory foam. It’s oil and waterproof so you don’t have to cover it with fitted sheets time after time.

The upholstery is made primarily of polyurethane and is mountain red in color.  It’s also abrasion resistant meaning it won’t rip when there’s constant motion

The patented Therma-Top is a great additive to the table and impresses new clients with a warm fuzzy feeling (pun intended). This feature is quite impressive since it introduces a lot of test requirements, making it tough for the brand to make. It’s one of the only heated massage tables we’ve seen. It is UL-tested and low EMR. It has over 10 settings and it can get pretty hot.

One thing I liked is the Reiki Panels. These are panels designed to be perched a little higher and closer to the cushion. This allows the therapists to put their feet under the table, allowing them to grab a better massage angle.

The shiatsu cable release allows the cable to be detached so the legs can be folded and the table can stand a lot closer to the ground. This is called a tatami experience where the table stands without its legs.

The hinges on this table are patented and provide extra durability to the structural framework. These hinges clasp the wood on three sides instead of one from a traditional piano hinge. When the unit is under stress, this hinge will give away later than traditional hinges

The face cradle contours the face and is adjustable. The pillow is slanted inward so that it fits the face nicely. If you use a pillow that doesn’t have this contour, it often leaves marks on the face and is uncomfortable.

I like the armrest shelf on this table. Its padding is thick and fully adjustable. Some tables have an armrest on the side and it’s not as comfortable as an armrest beneath the face pillow.

The carrying case is also pretty nice. The adjustable strap comes with a little comfortable padding. There are a total of 3 handles in this case as opposed to the typical 2. A large zipper compartment on the side for essential oils and sheets and a bolster case beneath it.

We’ve tested this chair with a client that is 6’4 and over 300 lbs and there are absolutely no signs of stress or creaking.

One of the few drawbacks to this chair is that it is large and heavy. Master Massage focused heavily on quality and durability so the mobility aspect took a hit.

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