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Welcome to our article about Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs!

Medical Breakthrough has several high-quality massage chairs on the market.

But which one is right for you? And why should you consider Medical Breakthrough over other brands, to begin with?

Let’s look at the features, pros, and cons of the top 6 Medical Breakthrough massage chairs below, so you can get a proper idea of their similarities and differences.

But first, an introduction to who Medical Breakthrough is as a company.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs: Introduction

Chiropractors deal with all types of pain, so it’s no wonder they are such experts in relieving it.

After spending 36 years in the industry waiting for someone else to make a decent massage chair to relieve their patients, a group of chiropractors decided to take matters into their own hands, and Medical Breakthrough was born.

Of course, creating these massage chairs was no easy task. Countless models were designed, built, and tested without meeting the requirements set.

Though these earlier models had some benefits, they didn’t offer the healing capabilities these experts sought.

Then, after 14 years and high investment costs, the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Series was born.

The first model hit the mark when it came to nearly full-body pain relief.

New chairs followed, all of which were tweaked and upgraded to give their clients the perfect chair to deal with the pain they were feeling.

Medical Breakthrough uses only the best manufacturing materials and practices to ensure the highest quality chair possible.

They believe in improving your physical and mental health through massage therapy.

Their chairs are the way they accomplish this, reaching people all over the world to increase their health by lowering their pain and stress levels.

Thoughts on the Medical Breakthrough Brand

Having been in the massage chair industry for several years now, we have tested several Medical Breakthrough massage chairs.

First and foremost, the chairs are built to a very high quality. They simply feel nice to sit in.

The quality of the massage they provide is also very good. It’s strong enough to get deep into the muscles without feeling too painful.

This is predominantly thanks to the body scan, which does a great job of identifying the shape and requirements of your body and adjusting the chair’s massage accordingly.

It’s no secret that the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs aren’t cheap. You won’t find it in this article if you’re looking for an affordable massage chair with no frills.

Recommendations for a less expensive massage chair are the iRest SL Track or the Osaki OS 4000.

That being said, there are some more basic options that Medical Breakthrough offer. Let’s now dive into their range and have a look at the chairs they have.

Summary of the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs

  • Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 (Most affordable)
  • Medical Breakthrough Vending 5 (For Business)
  • Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 (Best Mid-Tier)
  • Medical Breakthrough 7
  • Medical Breakthrough 8
  • Medical Breakthrough 9 (Most Luxurious)

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2

The Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 is the most basic model in the Medical Breakthrough range.

This chair is best for those who want a good quality massage and a few nice features such as heating, zero gravity, and foot rollers, without an excess of bells and whistles.

If your budget is moderate, but still want a chair that will help relieve your aches and pains, consider opting for this model.

Medical Breakthrough Vending 5

The Vending 5 is not for home use – it’s designed specifically to be put in an office or business common room.

This chair offers a great range of features while being sturdy enough to endure constant use by a range of different people.

Interestingly, Medical Breakthrough has included a business-grade massage chair in its range, not seen from any other massage chair manufacturer.

It’s an excellent option if you’re looking to bring in an additional revenue stream to your business while encouraging stress relief and calm in your employees at the same time.

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4

If you’re looking for a mid-tier massage chair, think about the Medical Breakthrough 6 v4.

This model has most of the features that the 4 v2 version has but also includes 3D massage, Foot reflexology, and a full body stretch.

If you’re someone who regularly experiences aches and pains and has a higher budget to play with, this is the model worth investing in as its wider range of features are more likely to help you find pain relief.

Medical Breakthrough 9

Finally, the most luxurious option of the Medical Breakthrough massage chair range is the Medical Breakthrough 9.

This chair is one of the most expensive massage chairs on the market, but it comes with more features than any other Medical Breakthrough model (and most models from other manufacturers too, for that matter!)

Most people don’t need to purchase this massage chair, as most of its features can be found in the lower models, which also come with a much lower price tag.

 If you have the money to spare, and enjoy purchasing expensive, luxury items then this chair could be the one!

Where To Purchase Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs

You can head to Amazon to purchase the Medical Breakthrough 4 v2, Vending 5, and 6 v4.

Best Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair Reviews

Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Massage Chair

medical breakthrough 4 v2


The 4 v2 massage chair by Medical Breakthrough is one of the earlier models, so it may not have all of the bells and whistles that later chairs have to offer.

One of the best features included with this massage chair is the full body scan, which is designed to be used when you first sit down.

The scan maps your entire body, from head to toe, and then it customizes the position of the internal massage rollers.

When it’s finished, you’ll get the exact massage you need to ease those aches and pains, delivered right where you need it.

Inside the chair is an L-track massage system combined with 167 air cells.

This revolutionary design covers more areas of your body with each massage, so you can get the relief you need, no matter where the pain is.

The rollers reach from your neck to your buttocks, while the airbags take care of the rest.

For the massage options, the 4 v2 offers a full body massage for relief that extends from your head to your toes.

There are also preset options, like the 4D arm massage that takes care of your arms, hands, and fingers, massaging all sides at the same time.

You can also try the lower back massage, shoulder massage, or 3D massage for deep tissue relief.

Even your feet can be taken care of using the Custom Foot Reflexology Massage System.

The Zero Gravity option adjusts the chair’s position for even weight distribution, giving you a weightless feeling that aids the relaxation process while the rollers work their magic.

There is also a Chiropractic Back Stretch that uses inflatable bags that lock onto your hips while the chair gently stretches out those back muscles.

The only drawback of this chair is the limited pre-set options. In addition, a lot of users have complained that the instructions aren’t the clearest.

These cons are not deal breakers, and considering how affordable the Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Massage Chair is,  it’s a great no-frills chair for those who want a mix of quality and affordability.


Medical Breakthrough Vending 5 Massage Chair

medical breakthrough vending 5


Though it is intended for business use only, the Medical Breakthrough Vending 5 is still a fantastic chair worth trying out in your place of business.

You can place it in an office waiting room or any store for your clients or customers to try out, giving them a relaxing massage while they wait. This chair accepts both cash and credit cards.

With regular use, it can pay for itself before you know it, and become not only a point of attraction for your office but an income-generating asset as well!

The Vending 5 is easy to set up, so all you need to do is plug it in and wait for someone to put it to use.

When someone does sit down in the chair, the Medical Body Scan is triggered, scanning their entire body and then adjusting the rollers accordingly to give them the perfect massage for their height and shape.

Once it’s been customized, the massages chosen will be matched to that person.

There are a few basic options to pick from, so you won’t get the variety of a more expensive personal chair, but the ones the Vending 5 offers are still quite advanced.

These include the Head-to-Toe, True 3D Deep Tissue, Lower Back, Full Body Reflexology, and Quiet massages. It also offers Hip Twist and Zero Gravity functions for even more relaxation options.

The Vending 5 does lack a few massage options, like arm, hand, leg, and foot massages.

Of course, your customers likely won’t expect to get the most thorough massage possible in a busy waiting room, especially when you consider the variety of options they do have to choose from.

Since this chair is designed to be used all day, every day, by a variety of people, it needs to be incredibly sturdy to last for at least a few years.

Luckily, the makers of the Medical Breakthrough massage chairs have taken this into account.

This chair is built using high-quality medical-grade materials that can handle regular use, even if there are dozens of people sitting in it every day.

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Massage Chair

medical breakthrough 6 v4


Like the other massage chairs from Medical Breakthrough, the 6 v4 is designed by a team of medical professionals who know everything there is to know about pain and how to relieve it.

Though it has many of the features the other chairs in this line have to offer, this one is the most advanced, incorporating techniques from around the world into one fantastic chair.

The many worldly options featured in the 6 v4 include Japanese shiatsu 3D Neck and Shoulder massage, Turkish Treatment, Ancient Roman Therapy, Greek Stress Relief, Ancient Egyptian Massage, Indonesian Deep Tissue Therapy, Swedish Air-cell Therapy, New Delhi Yoga Stretching, and Hawaiian Sleeping Massage.

With so many to pick from, you’ll never have any trouble finding the right pain and stress relief, no matter what your day throws at you.

Before choosing one of these techniques, the chair uses the Medical Body Scan when you first sit in the chair.

This maps your body, customizing the rollers to your specific size and pinpointing those problem areas to ensure the rollers give you the best massage possible.

The 3D L-track rollers cover your entire body, from your shoulders to your butt, kneading every muscle for a more thorough deep tissue massage than any other chair in this line.

Other great massage options include the Chiropractic Back Stretch, which uses inflatable airbags to stretch you out safely and comfortably, and the Zero Gravity option for even weight distribution, though there is only one setting for this one.

It also includes a heating function, customizable cushions, and Bluetooth connection.

The Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 is extremely well-made, using the best medical-grade materials possible for its internal mechanisms.

It also uses thick, soft leather for the cover to ensure the highest comfort level possible when you’re in the chair enjoying the many massage settings.

Even the stitching is exceptional, so you won’t need to worry about this chair falling apart any time soon.

Medical Breakthrough 7 Massage Chair

Though it has a decent amount to offer, the Medical Breakthrough 7 Massage Chair is somewhat basic when it comes to the massage options it includes.

There are still some good ones to try out, starting with the Smart Full Body Medical Scan when you first sit in the chair.

The full body, lower back, arm, quiet, and deep tissue massages are also available to relieve those tense muscles.

It also includes full body stretch, heat massage, and both foot and hand reflexology systems.

Of course, most of these features are also included in the previous, less expensive models.

It does have a few extras that may make it worthwhile, though.

These include the Human Hands option, the Champissage head massager, and Bluetooth compatibility.

Though it lacks the hip twist of other models, it does include longer massage rollers, which offer similar relief in that area of your body.

Keep in mind that the 7 is the heaviest model this brand makes, so don’t expect to move it on your own.

Medical Breakthrough 8 Massage Chair

The Medical Breakthrough 8 Massage Chair has everything the previous models have to offer, except the world massage technique presets of the 6 v4.

Its functions include full body scanning, full body massage, 4D deep tissue massage, stretch function, hip twist, heat massage, and Human Hands.

Of course, for the higher cost, this chair also needs to have some improvements over previous models.

It weighs 26 pounds less than the Medical Breakthrough 7 and is only slightly larger, so it won’t take up too much extra space in your home.

It also includes 167 air cells to provide you with the most amazing and comfortable massage possible.

Another upgrade from previous models is the Chiropractic Body Twist Technology, which holds your body safely in place using strong airbags while twisting you at the waist and hips for a lovely, relaxing stretch.

It also includes the Extreme Customization System that allows you to adjust between 5 intensity levels and 5-speed levels for the massage options offered.

The massage hands also have 3 width positions, so you can alter them as you see fit.

Medical Breakthrough 9 Massage Chair

Medical Breakthrough claims that the 9 is the best medical chair there is.

Though it is a great chair with lots to offer, this claim may be a bit premature. As mentioned above, the 9 offers almost identical features to the 7 and 8, with a few exceptions.

The 7 has the Champissage Head Massager, which the 9 lacks, though it still includes a strong neck massage.

The 9 also has only Bluetooth capabilities rather than the built-in USB/MP3 and headphone ports of the 8.

This chair does have a few new technologies to offer, though, otherwise Medical Breakthrough couldn’t justify the much higher price tag.

This includes its Advanced Medical Care System, which is made up of a few systems not found on previous chairs.

The Aches & Pain Relief System provides pain and tension relief from head to toe.

The Fatigue Recover System works almost all of your muscles to exercise them when you can’t fit a workout in.

Lastly, the Arthrosis Joint Care System massages the joints for increased flexibility.

Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs: Conclusion

To conclude, the 4 v2 is best for those wanting a cheap option, the 6 v4 is best for those wanting a mid-tier option, and I only really recommend going for a higher model Medical Breakthrough chair if you have the spare cash and want to invest in a luxury massage experience.

Hopefully, this article has helped you identify the right Medical Breakthrough massage chair for you!

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