OOTORI Massage Chair: Brand Inspection [Updated 2020]

When searching for ‘massage chair’ on Amazon, the first few results are OOTORI massage chairs. We figured that if this brand was popping up frequently, it was worth reviewing.

So, we decided to a brand inspection on OOTORI.


There are several things that make OOTORI stand out as a massage equipment company. First, they are factory direct. This means that they bypass retailers and ship directly from their warehouses. For customers, this means the prices are lower than competitors because the retailers who normally add mark up do not exist.

Second, they are the only massage chair company that we have seen that will let you try out the massage chair before purchasing. They offer a 3-day trial where they will drop off the massage chair and pick it up after 3 days if you don’t like it.

Third, they have amazing customer service. Other brands had customer support but they were often not easily reached or they did not speak english very well.

OOTORI Customer service responded immediately

OOTORI has 11 models at the time of this writing:

  • SL001
  • Nova N800
  • Asuka A900L
  • S3
  • Asuka A600
  • Sofia S5

  • Sofia S8
  • Asuka A810L
  • N900
  • Nova A90
  • Nova N500

Nice Features

For this review, we’ve selected the Asuka A600 to review since it was the most popular model on Amazon.

This chair comes pre-assembled. You don’t have to worry about hurting your back or buying your neighbor drinks for helping you move it in.

A combination of rollers, vibrations, air bags, and heat provide the massage.

The A600 has 3 stages of zero gravity. Initial, Comfort, and Deep Zero gravity. It’s nice to gradually work toward Deep Zero gravity as some may not be comfortable going straight to the deepest level.

The Smart Scan will adjust your neck, back, and waist. This feature is really nice because it makes for a continuous massage. Before this technology, the rollers would go past your head or your waist and the massage felt “laggy” with intermittent times where it wasn’t actually massaging your body.

Because the rollers are constructed in pairs, the distance between them can be adjusted. Wide or narrow shoulders, you can easily adjust the distance between 4 cm and 21 cm in 3 levels.

There are foot rollers in this chair. Combined with the air pressure massage, the foot rollers deliver a nice massage which is awesome after a long day of work. Additionally, there’s also a leg extension component to this chair for those who are on the taller side.


A 3-year warranty comes with this chair. It covers all parts and labor cost. They do offer an on-site repair service.

It’s important to know that they don’t cover the shipping expenses. Nor do they cover any accidental damages to the massage chair.

The warranty isn’t bad compared to what I’ve seen in other chairs. Other chairs on the market won’t cover the parts many times or they’ll only cover it in the first year.

Some Improvements

Because I’ve done so many massage chair reviews, I can tell you that there are definitely areas of improvement for this chair.

First, this chair gives hard massages. If you’re not used to deep tissue massages, you’ll probably want to dampen it with a towel. The airbags squeeze your arms and legs strongly.

This chair sports the S-track. This is somewhat of an outdated track design. The biggest flaw with S-track’s is that they don’t go all the way down to your butt. It stops in the lower back so you don’t get the full body massage experience.

Lastly, the body scan doesn’t seem so obvious. There’s no indication that the machine is scanning your body so it’s tough to believe that it’s actually taking your body into consideration before providing the massage.

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