Ootori N500 Massage Chair Review

Welcome to our review of the Ootori N500 massage chair! We’ll get into the specific features and benefits of this massage chair a bit further down in this article, but first, we’d like to introduce the N500 and provide a bit of general information about Ooroti.

The Ootori N500: Introduction

The Ootori N500 is an immersive massage chair with plenty of the features of a one-thousand-plus-dollar chair for a much more affordable price.

With an eight-roller system, zero gravity feature, and inflatable airbags, the amount of tension it takes off your body is phenomenal.

Ootori gets it right, down to the details.

From their acupuncture-inspired foot massage setting to a 3D surround sound system to blast relaxing music while you’re getting all the kinks worked out, this massage chair is a lifesaver for anyone who spends hundreds of dollars at a time going out for professional massages.

Ootori N500 Massage Chair

Ootori: What the Company is All About

Massage chairs seem to be their niche. Ootori has been in the business of manufacturing massage chairs for six years and offers fantastic service to boot.

Their customer support works 24/7, everything from them comes with a 3-year warranty, and everything is shipped free and typically arrives quicker than you’d expect.

They make their chairs out of high-quality materials, and several of their products are FDA approved, including the Ootori N500.

Ootori N500 Specs

  • Chair dimensions: 48 x 31 x 46 inches
  • Net Weight: 120 pounds
  • Gross Weight: 156 pounds
  • Maximum user height: 6 feet
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
  • Colors available: Black, brown, and gray

Ootori N500 Main Features

Zero Gravity

One of the best features of this chair is the zero-gravity tech. The chair has three different recline settings to meet your preference and can get all the way down to a recline of 180 degrees.

Zero gravity works by propping your feet up ever so slightly above the level of your heart, providing that feeling of weightlessness and taking a whole lot of stress off the spine, particularly.

The only downside is that the armrests don’t move with the chair as it reclines. You’ll either have to stretch your arms, cross them over you, or squish them by your sides.

Eight-Roller System

The eight-roller system in the massage chair is where all the magic happens.

The rollers work all along your back, spine, neck, and shoulders to release all the tension that builds up throughout the day. The massage techniques it can perform are kneading, tapping, and vibrating.

The rollers can be a little bit rough, but if you’re someone like me, who carries all of the tension in my neck and shoulders, that might be what you need to get your muscles to finally relax.

Air Bags

This chair has 30 airbags that inflate and deflate to provide you with an air massage that accompanies the work of the rollers.

The airbags work mostly around the limbs and extremities, like your hands and feet, but are a fantastic supplement to the rollers, making sure every part of your body gets treatment.

Foot Rollers

One of the more unique features of the chair is the foot roller system, which takes its inspiration from the art of acupuncture to hit specific pressure points and soothe the aching muscles in your foot.

This feature is fabulous to come home to after an eight-hour or ten-hour shift on your feet.

Your ankles also get some massaging, but the rollers don’t go up your calves. You’ll be out of luck if you’re also looking to get a calf massage.


The N500 has four different massage settings. The first three are pre-programmed, automatic massage settings, and the fourth one is where you can customize your massage.

You can choose the intensity and speed of the massage, and the locations where you need the massage most, and pick whether you want a five-minute, 10-minute, or 15-minute massage.

Waist Heating

Heat therapy works wonders on the muscles, and the N500 provides that kind of treatment to your lower back, where you do all your bending.

The heat lets oxygen flow better through your blood vessels by opening them up more. In turn, the heat feels so good on your aching muscles.

Sadly, the heat mainly only targets the lower back and is relatively weak. It would be nice to see a stronger heating system with more range, but it’s still a nice feature to have regardless.


  • It comes in three packages but is very easy to assemble.
  • The zero-gravity feature works like magic.
  • The foot rollers are fantastic for people on their feet all day.
  • Made with sturdy material and feels good to sit it.
  • The company provides outstanding customer service and can replace or repair individual parts with little to no hassle.


  • If you’re taller than six feet or shorter than five foot two, the chair won’t work with your body shape well.
  • The longest massage is only 15 minutes.
  • The lower-back heating is somewhat weak.
  • Armrests don’t recline with the chair during zero gravity.
  • The rollers might be too intense for some people.

Ootori N500 Conclusion

The Ootori N500 is where you want to put your money for a high-grade and affordable massage chair.

Whether it’s because you work long shifts at a restaurant or because you work out regularly, this chair works is a saving grace for when you need to sit down and relax for a second after coming home.

With rollers, a heating system, air massage, and zero gravity technology, the N500 delivers working all the stress of the day out of your body.

Is the Ootori N500 isn’t quite right for you? Check out our article about the best Ootori Massage Chair Reviews¬†to find the right massage chair for you!


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