Osaki OS 4000LS vs Titan Pro 8500 Review: My Honest Thoughts!

Are you looking for a nice and relaxing massage chair for your home? You don’t want to put your money on a chair that doesn’t meet your requirements or doesn’t last long.

When it comes to massage chairs you might have heard some brands. And they all claim to be the best of the best. But not all of them deliver the goods when we talk about performance.

One brand, however, does live up to its claim and it has amassed a cult following among the people who look to have some relaxing time in their busy schedules. It’s Osaki!

In this comparison, we are going to review and compare two of the top-selling massage chairs from the leading brand. We’ll explain all the minute details you were looking for in this comparison of Osaki OS 4000LS vs. TP 8500.

Massage chairs Osaki OS 4000LS Osaki TP 8500
Roller track 42” 53”
Airbags 24 36
Preset programs 6 6
Foot Ottoman Spring Loaded Spring Loaded
Massage intensity 7.5/10 8.0/10
Inbuilt memory No Yes
Weight 272 lbs 300 lbs
User height 5’1-6’4 ft 5’0-6’1 ft
Max weight capacity 265 lbs 285 lbs

Osaki OS 4000LS vs. TP 8500: A Competitive Analysis

Executive Summary

OS 4000LS

This massage chair from Osaki falls into the category of mid to high range. It has been around for more than a couple of years now; the chair hasn’t lost its shine yet. That means this chair is equipped with the latest airbag technologies and roller tracking.

If you love a high-intensity massage, then this chair is the right choice for you. On a scale of 1 to 10 for massage intensity where 1 is mild and 10 is strong, this chair is on 7!

TP 8500

This massage chair is the latest edition and it also falls in the same category of mid to high end like the OS 4000LS. Being the latest, this model also comes with the modern technologies of rollers and airbags.

The massage intensity of this chair maybe around 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is high intensity and 1 is low intensity.


It’s pretty even-steven here but the TP 8500 has a bit of an edge over the OS 4000LS because of slightly intense massage, of course, if you want that!

Roller technologies

OS 4000LS

This massage chair comes with S-Track and L-Track rollers. With S-Track roller, there is an S-curvature in the back to match the shape of your spine. The massage chair ergonomically massages your back for muscle relaxing and pain-relieving.

And here’s the thing… the OS 4000LS also comes with L-Track rollers. To avoid the confusion, an L-Track is a simple extension of the S-Track with tracking going all the way from your neck to glutes.

Due to the shape of your buttocks, it is called the L-Track. The L-Track of this massage chair extends to a 42-inch span which is pretty impressive.

TP 8500

If you think that 42-inch OS 4000LS is good, then things get even better with the TP 8500 because this massage chair features an L-Track roller technology that goes up to 53-inch. This is by far the largest roller range available on a massage chair. This bad bot can give you a rolling massage of almost 5 feet.


The winner here, without a shadow of a doubt, is the TP 8500 because of its massive 53-inch rolling massage span.

Space Saving

OS 4000LS

The space-saving feature is pretty common in the L-Track massage chairs and it allows these chairs to slightly slide forward in reclined or normal positions.

The 4000LS only needs a clearing space of 3.93-inch from the wall. This is a pretty compact design because most of the chair needs a lot more clearing space than that.

TP 8500

Again the TP8500 has the upper hand here with a clearing space of a mere 3-inch. With the latest design, Osaki has really improved from the previous editions and they were no bummers by any stretch of the imagination. As you lean backward, the chair slides forward and it provides you with a lot more options where you want to place your chair.


The winner here with a margin of 0.93-inch is the TP 8500.

Zero Gravity

OS 4000LS

The Zero Gravity feature is pretty common in all Osaki chairs and similar is the case with the OS 4000LS.

This chair can comfortably recline to a weightless position and you can get that astronaut feeling each time you get on your massage chair. This is a suitable position to reduce spinal stress and overall muscle tension.

TP 8500

The TP 8500 massage chair also comes with the same Zero Gravity technology as most of the Osaki massage chairs. This concept is borrowed from NASA and it is the position where your body experiences the least of stresses and strains.


There is no winner here because both the massage chairs feature the same technology. So we can call it a tie.

Airbag technology

OS 4000LS

The 4000LS massage chair from Osaki features a reduced number of airbags but they are large in size. Each airbag is able to cover more space. You might think that reduced airbags is bad news but it isn’t.

Due to a reduced number of airbags, the massage chair won’t consume much power. The 4000LS has 24 airbags in it.

TP 8500

As compared to the 4000LS, the TP 8500 features 36 airbags that Osaki has placed strategically to enhance your overall massage experience.

Due to the increased number of airbags, this massage chair is able to deliver more intense massage. But it also translates into more power consumption.


We would say that the winner here is the OS 4000LS massage chair because of its reduced airbag construction. It will not consume much power and will provide you with a relaxing massage.

But the choice is yours because with more airbags you will get a more intense massage if you need that.

Different massage modes and techniques

OS 4000LS

The 4000LS comes with six different auto massage modes preset and built-in.

  • There is the Full-Air compression massage and things can get pretty intense here. So if you are new to this, just start with the milder mode.
  • With the Stretch, you can focus on stretching your body a lot more subtle compression.
  • Using Relax mode you can focus on your back and choose tapping or kneading and also progress the intensity.
  • With Deep Tissue mode, you can get your full body massage even at high intensities.
  • Using Manual Air mode will enable you to use the Full Air massage but emphasizing on your preferred area.
  • Energy mode allows you to go for a full body massage with a low intensity tapping. This is a mild mode for sure!

It also comes with six different massage techniques including,

  • Shiatsu
  • Flapping
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Flapping and kneading combo
  • Knocking

TP 8500

The TP 8500 also comes with 6 modes just like the 4000LS:

  • Relax mode for tapping/kneading and varying intensity.
  • Full-Air with a high-intensity massage.
  • Manual Air for a focused Full Air massage.
  • Energy mode for full-body mild tapping massage.
  • Stretch emphasizing on stretching your whole body with compression massage.
  • Deep Tissue for a full body massage with high intensity.

These are following 6 massage techniques:

  • Kneading
  • Flapping
  • Flapping and kneading combo
  • Tapping
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu

Another tie here, because all massage techniques and auto modes are the same in both these massage chairs.

Built-in memory

OS 4000LS

Being a very popular massage chair among the people and one of the best sellers from Osaki, this massage chair doesn’t come with an inbuilt memory that allows you to save your settings. You will have to set the settings manually each time you get on it.

TP 8500

The TP 8500 solves this matter because it does come with built-in memory for you to save your massage settings. This massage chair is a good option for you when you have other family members who will also use the massage chair.


Clearly, the winner here is the TP 8500 because it allows you to save your massage settings and revert to them with less fuzz.

Weight and height capacity

OS 4000LS

This massage chair is best for people with a height ranging between 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 4 inches. The maximum user weight it can hold is 265 lbs. So this chair provides you with pretty good height and weight capacity ranges.

TP 8500

The height range for this massage chair is from 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 1 inch. Whereas, the maximum weight capacity it can hold is 285 lbs. So this chair is designed for bulky people.


In terms of height, the 4000LS is a better option to choose but in terms of weight capacity, the TP 8500 is superior. So you need to make your choice wisely here.

Osaki OS 4000LS vs. TP 8500: Pros & Cons

Osaki OS 4000LS – Pros

  • It only needs a clearance of four inches from your wall because of its space-saving technology.
  • The massage chair features a spring-loaded footrest and it can retract/extend according to your requirements.
  • The chair features quad rollers (L-Track 42-inch) and they go from your neck to glutes.
  • You can easily make adjustments to the shoulder widths for accommodating your body type.

Osaki OS 4000LS – Cons

  • This massage chair doesn’t prove you with the best value for money.

Osaki TP 8500 – Pros

  • The roller of this massage chair is able to track an area of 53-inch and that involves your neck as well as your hamstrings.
  • You can comfortable save different types of customized massage settings into its memory.
  • The chair comes with easily accessible control panels on the side and they allow you to make changes on the fly.
  • There are dual foot rollers for massaging your arch, heels, and soles.

Osaki TP 8500 – Cons

It is not the best option for tall individuals.


After going through all the specs and features of both these massage chairs from Osaki, you might have decided yourself which one comes out on top. In the comparison of Osaki OS 4000LS vs. TP8500, the TP 8500 takes the lead and by a fair margin as well.

Osaki has equipped the TP 8500 massage chair with the latest of the specs. From zero gravity to space-saving design and all the way to a range of different massage techniques and modes, this chair has everything. It provides a good weight capacity and should give you an intense massage after a tiresome day. The 4000LS, on the other hand, is made for a lot more comfortable massages.

Now it all boils down to your preferences and requirements.

So have you used any one of these massage chairs or do you have any others to mention. Leave your comments in the section below. Let’s hear what you have to say about it.

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