Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Review

Today we’re talking about the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair.

Are you tired of cheap massage chairs that break down in a week and are unable to reach customer service?

Osaki / Titan is one of the leading distributors of massage chairs. They have over 70 massage chairs and an international audience.

The Osaki os-7200H is one of the latest models and it’s jam-packed with health benefits and a hassle-free experience from the warehouse to your room.

We’ve done a comprehensive review of this chair’s features and benefits so that you can be a well-informed consumer.

Let’s begin.

Osaki 7200H massage chair

Osaki OS-7200H Pros and Cons


  • Advanced operating system for more accurate massages
  • Chromotherapy
  • Multi-layer pillow and removable head covering
  • heat therapy & stretch mode
  • a Large number of airbags


  • Does not include SL-track

Osaki OS-7200H Features and Benefits

This model comes with an advanced operating system/micro-computer that provides precise massages and a more accurate body scan.

The computer body scan takes into account the curvature of your back. It is smart enough to avoid working in parts of the chair that is not in contact with your body.

There are two stages of zero gravity. Zero gravity reclines to the point where your thighs are in line with your back. It provides spinal decompression and decreases tension in the spine area.

It is equipped with twin rollers for a total of 4 roller mechanisms. Imagine crab pincers with wheels attached to both sides. It’s able to move, turn, twist, and ultimately mimic the feeling of a masseuse.

A total of 51 airbags provide air compression massage. Imagine the sensation of your arm when you get your blood pressure measured. Now imagine that sensation across your entire body. This promotes good blood circulation. The bags are located in the neck, shoulder, back, arms, calves, hands, lumbar area, and feet.

One of the higher-end features we enjoy is the automatic leg scan. Because people have different heights, the leg portion can automatically sense the pressure of your sole on the foot massager and adjust the leg extension accordingly.

The side panels emit blue ambient light which provides chromotherapy. Some studies prove chromotherapy can cure various diseases.

The neck and head area has 2 pads and an air pillow. The pads are removable and provide the user to adjust the intensity of the massage. Removing pads increases intensity. Two airbags in the pillow provide head/neck massage. Also, the removable head cover is convenient for washing and keeping it clean.

My favorite part of this chair is the stretch mode. It is a mode where the airbags grip the calves and then slowly extend and pull down. It feels like someone is grabbing your legs and stretching the muscles from your knee to your toes.

There are two heating pads and they are located in the shoulder area. The heat promotes additional blood circulation. Although this is nice, I do prefer heated rollers and/or heating in the lumbar region.


zero gravity

  • Dimensions: 35.4 inches x 45.3 inches x 58.3 inches (Width, Height, Length)
  • Chair weight: 232 LBS
  • Recline Angle: 120 – 170 degrees
  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Timer: 5 – 30 minutes
  • Seat Base Width: 17 inches
  • Maximum shoulder width: 17 inches
  • Colors: Full black, cream * beige, brown & black, Charcoal & Beige


3-year standard warranty covers:

  • covers all parts, labor, and framework
  • parts costs and labor for the first year at no cost
  • parts costs covered only for the second year
  • structural framework covered for all 3 years

To take advantage of the warranty, you have to provide proof of purchase.

Thinking that the 7200H might not be quite right for you? See how it compares with the OS 4000CS or check out its sister chair, the OS 7200H Pinnacle by Osaki

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