Osaki OS Aster Review

Welcome to our review of the Osaki OS Aster Massage Chair!

We’ll get into the pros, cons, features and benefits of this massage chair a bit further down the article, but first, let’s discuss who Osaki actually are, and why you might want to consider the OS Aster in the first place.

Osaki OS Aster – Introduction

The Osaki OS Aster is the newest Osaki’s massage chair with modern features, design with slick line and enhanced capabilities that will give you smoother massage experience.

With this massage chair, you get to take pleasure in a comfortable feel and a wide range of settings to customize your massage experience at an affordable cost.

It has a combination of an S track roller system that works for any kind of spine shape and L track roller design that well fits the body curve.

The zero-gravity feature promotes comfort during the massage.

The Osaki OS Aster has 5 distinct massage features, 6 pre-selected programs each with unique features, air massage and reflexology massage to improve your overall experience.

It also has a  manual settings option that gives you all the control of your massage experience.

Do you want to know what more you can get with Osaki OS Aster? Let’s look into the details.

Osaki OS Aster Review

Osaki OS Aster – Pros

  • The hybrid S, L roller track that massages you spine curvature, back, glutes, and hamstrings

  • 6 auto programs and 5 massage techniques that will give you a satisfactory massage

  • It combines air and reflexology massage that will soothe your aching muscles to relieve

  • With its numerous settings to customize speed, intensity, and location, you are in control of your massage experience

  • It is designed with a durable well-constructed leather material

Osaki OS Aster – Cons

  • It does not allow you to save the settings from your previous massage session because all default settings are restored when the chair is turned off

  • Another disappointment is that it lacks MP3 support that allows you to listen to your favorite music during the massage session

  • It has no 3D massage option that mimics human hands to give a deeper and accurate massage

  • It is also unfortunate that overweight people cannot enjoy a massage with the Osaki OS Aster because it can only hold 260 lbs user weight

Osaki OS Aster Feature Review

Osaki OS Aster roller track diagram

S and L Track Roller Design

The Osaki OS Aster is designed with a  47 inch S, L backrest 2D roller track.

The S track massages every grove of your tailbone, concentrating on the back area and the L track extends the massage coverage to glutes and hamstrings.

This massage chair gives a comprehensive and consistent massage starting from the neck area, compressing and kneading of your spine muscles to the lower back.

The same sensation continues to the glutes and hamstrings to relax your thigh muscles.

It is very rare to get a massage chair with a hybrid roller track at this price range.

The Osaki OS Aster is a good choice for budget-constrained shoppers.

Five Massage Techniques

osaki os aster massage chair

The Osaki OS Aster offers you an opportunity to take pleasure in five different massage techniques.

These include kneading, knocking, tapping, kneading and tapping and shiatsu.

With the help of the manual mode, you can pick out the point on your body where you want to have a particular massage technique.

Have a look at what each massage technique can do:

Kneading relieves muscle tension, soreness, and increases flexibility by doing circular motions on both sides of your spine to promote deeper blood and lymph circulation.

It reduces pain by breaking down and realigning collagen fibers in the muscles.

Knocking applies repeated knocking motion in short pulses and applies pressure to relax tense and aching muscles.

Tapping offers gentle strokes in a simultaneous movement that stimulates connective tissues and muscles to remove stiffness, break up scar tissues, and improve blood circulation.

Kneading and tapping combine both tapping strokes and kneading to improve the overall massage experience. This massage aims at decreasing pain in gentle motions and burst pulses.

Shiatsu promotes full-body restoration by applying figure pressure, gentle manipulations, stretching, and rotating. This massage reduces muscle pain, stress, anxiety, and depression as well as ease blood flow.

During the tapping, shiatsu and knocking massage, the width between the two kneading balls can be customized in three levels (wide, medium, and narrow).

The intensity of these massage techniques is also adjustable with the remote controller or manual settings.

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Zero Gravity

Comfort is an essential factor for a massage session.

With the zero-gravity feature on the Osaki OS Aster, you will have a luxurious and comfortable massage because this chair aligns your back relative to your thighs.

In this position, blood circulation is increased and massage also optimized when your full-body weight is supported by the backrest.

The spine discs and back muscles are decompressed to relieve back pains.

This position also compliments the rollers and the massage track hence improving the massage experience.

Air Massage

osaki os aster massage air bag diagram

It is designed with 18 full-body airbags located throughout the chair to ensure that you get a satisfactory massage.

These airbags are mainly located on the shoulders, arms, feet, and calf areas.

If you are looking for a gentle squeeze and compression massage that will relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve blood circulation, this is the right massage chair for you.      

The air pressure massage function works in 3 modes: full body air pressure, arms air pressure, and leg air pressure, with 3 adjustable intensities (mild, medium, and strong).

These features enable you to choose target massage areas for  a satisfactory selective massage.

Foot Roller

osaki os aster foot massager

After a whole day in shoes squeezing your feet, a good foot massage is all you need to soothe the ache and fatigue.

The Osaki OS Aster comes with a two roller reflexology massagers that will knead your feet to relaxation.

The acupuncture points are stimulated and airbags inflated to give a deeper foot massage when the rollers spin.

Some people complain that the foot roller can be so intense, with the remote controller you can adjust the intensity to mild mode.

Extendable Footrest

If you can’t find a sizeable massage chair in the market suitable for your height, the Osaki OS Aster is the right option for a luxurious massage.

It has a footrest that extends up to 7 inches to enable tall people to enjoy a comfortable massage session.

You can adjust the footrest to suit your leg length.

Manual Massage Setting

What’s not to love about a massage chair that gives you the freedom to customize your massage options?

The Osaki OS Aster has a manual control function that helps you adjust mode, width, position, speed, and backstretch plus many other options to customize.

This chair has a fixed point and partial module where you can pinpoint a massage area.

The massage ball moves up and down to adjust the selective massage point accurately.

It doesn’t stop at that, you can also control the air massage, foot roller, and time setting.

Adjustable Shoulder and Back Roller

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For a more accurate shoulder and back massage to hit those sore spots, the Osaki OS Aster is designed with a subtle shoulder and back massage option.

It targets the whole lower back, back of the shoulders and waist leaving your muscles de-stressed.

6 Massage Auto Programs

The Osaki OS Aster allows you to enjoy 6 massage auto programs that give the most effective massage around your pelvis. This is how it works.

Comfort: If you feel fatigued and have tense muscles after a busy day, this massage option will loosen all the tension leaving your muscles calm and lax.

Relax: This massage option targets key acupressure points. It offers deep tissue massage on those hot spots and sore areas to relieve pain and body aches.

Full body: This option offers relieve to tense muscle, reduces muscle cramping, back pains, and soreness in your whole body.

Neck and shoulder: The Osaki OS Aster will give you a gentle and smooth massage on your stiff shoulders and neck that will make you feel renewed and invigorated. It is also the perfect choice for chronic neck and back pain sufferers.

Back and waist: The Osaki OS Aster aims at relieving ache, fatigue, and stress on your back and waist, which are the centers of human body navigation.

Stretch: This is a massage program that aims at stretching the legs, reducing fatigue and re-energizing the body.

With the air pressure massage coupled with backrest and footrest lifting together, your muscles are stretched to relieve tension and reduce compression on nerves and discs.

Space Saver

Most people living in towns and cities are adamant about buying a massage chair because they are worried about space.

Good news is that the Osaki OS Aster is a space saver.

This chair is engineered to slide forward as it inclines, you will only require a 10-inch distance from the wall when the chair is fully inclined.

Now, you can always enjoy a massage in the comfort of your home.

For those living on the upper floors of a building, this chair is heavy.

Get an extra hand to help you move the parts (packed in separate boxes) up the stairs.

Assembling the chair also requires two people if you don’t get a white glove offer.

Since the chair is heavy especially at the base, put a pad on the four corners of the chair to avoid staining of the carpet or floor.

Easy to Use LCD Remote

Osaki OS Aster comes with a simplified and user-friendly remote controller with an easy to view screen that displays functions when the chair is activated.

With the remote controller, you can customize massage type, location, speed, and intensity.

You can also operate the functions independently on manual mode.

On the downside, the display screen does not have enough lighting and this is a problem for people with poor eyesight.

Some users have complained that the letters are too small and almost invisible under dim light.

You can resolve this by using a brighter bulb in your massage room.

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Osaki OS Aster – Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you need a massage for therapy or just for relaxation, Osaki OS Aster is for everybody.

It gives you a soothing and relaxing massage, a perfect treat for your tired and aching muscles.

It comes with a slick, smooth, and stylish design that well blends with any kind of house interiors.

This massage chair brings style, functionality, and comfort to your home.  

For a pretty good value of your money, you can wash away the stress after a busy day by getting the right massage.

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