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Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair:

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair could be the chair for you.

Finding the perfect massage chair is like finding the love of your life. It takes time.

Well, time is money. We review every massage chair with scrutinizing detail to make sure you don’t waste time on finding the perfect relaxation station.

Osaki is one of the most reputable brands in this market. They are very prolific, manufacturing over 70+ models of massage chairs.

They also go by their alias: Titan.

Today, let’s talk about the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim and why you should invest your hard-earned money into this beautiful massage chair.

Let’s begin.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair: 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy

Osaki os Pro Maxim massage chair

We recommend buying Osaki Pro Maxim because:

  1. Osaki is a trusted and reputable brand. Although they do have manufacturers in China, they are far from off-brand Chinese companies that will never respond to customer support. They’ve been around for decades.
  2. Innovating Engineers. Osaki’s engineers worked on the Pro Maxim to down-size their airbag quantity without sacrificing the quality of the air compression massage. Their features are up to par with the latest and greatest massage chair technology. There’s no secret to a quality product, only hard-working engineers.
  3. Beautiful Design. It’s in human nature to appreciate beauty. The Pro Maxim is simplistic and minimalistic in design. It’s covered in high-quality faux leather and works with many kinds of decor.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair – Benefits and Features


A very simplistic, minimalistic style, this chair is covered in high-quality faux leather. This is probably the highest quality of leather you can get on a massage chair at this price.

This chair goes well with most decor so you can be reassured it won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your living room.

SL Track

Osaki Maxim SL track rollers

From the neck down to the hamstrings, this chair uses an SL track where the rollers glide on a two-dimensional plane to ultimately provide the massage.

The great thing about the SL track is two things: 1. the track follows the curvature of your body and spine for a more consistent massage. 2. It massages your butt, glutes, and hamstring area.

Computerized Body Scan

In a spaceship movie, a pilot gets in a spaceship and the robotic computer says something to the effect of “initializing settings…. commencing lift off..”

Well, the Pro Maxim does something similar. It uses a body scan to customize the massage just for you. Using a combination of sensors and an intelligent microprocessor, it can tailor a massage experience just for you.

This is great if you want a lot of people to enjoy the chair. Highly recommended for those with a big family!

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim – Efficiently Engineered Air Bag System

osaki pro maxim air bag diagram

At one point, Apple was trying to make their devices smaller and smaller.

Well, Osaki’s engineers are trying to require fewer and fewer airbags for the airbag system. This reduces the load on the air valves and uses less overhead.

This model has a total of 22 airbags and covers just as many as its competitors. This makes it one of the most efficient airbag systems out there.

This means less noise and less power from the massage chair.

Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Auto Programs

pro maxim massage chair auto programs


There are 12 auto programs in total. They are General, Deep Tissue, Recovery, Wake-up, Sleeping, Healthy, and Stretch. There are 4 stretching programs: Health, Beauty, Vitality, and Vigor.

My favorite program is Stretch. During this program, the chair will use the airbags to clamp your feet and recline the chair, effectively pulling your body in opposite directions. It’s an intense and refreshing feeling.

On top of that, there are 5 different massage techniques: Swedish, Tapping, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling.

2-Stage Zero Gravity

zero gravity position

The OS-Pro Maxim has 2 stages zero gravity feature. Initially adopted by NASA, this technology will make you feel weightless and floating in the air. It’s got several health benefits associated with this type of positioning.

In the second stage zero gravity elevates the feet above heart level and relieves pressure off the spine.

Many massage chairs only have one stage and some have 3 stages. 2 stages are a perfect sweet spot.

Chromotherapy and Bluetooth Speakers

osaki pro maxim bluetooth speakers

The Bluetooth speakers make it easy to relax to lofi, chill-step, or any tunes that help you relax while getting a massage.

Chrome therapy is using electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases. On the side panel, it emits a blue light which is associated with relaxation and therapeutical benefits.

I truly believe that relaxation is beyond just a good massage. The environment, mood, and ambiance have to be there as well. Osaki’s OS-Pro Maxim takes that into account.

Manual Mode

One of my favorite things I enjoy about the OS-Pro Maxim is the freedom of control.

The manual mode allows the user to select areas or specific parts of the body to massage. From neck to feet, you can select full or partial sections to focus on.

The airbags can be controlled in isolation. Shoulders, arms, back, and foot/caves are independently operated.

Osaki Os Pro Maxim Review – Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the Osaki OS-Pro!

This sleek, modern massage chair is well worth the investment, and we hope this article has helped you see its amazing features and quality build.

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