Osaki TP-8500 Review

Welcome to our review of the Osaki TP-8500 Massage Chair!

The Osaki TP 8500 is a great classic product from Osaki.

It’s got modern massage technology and provides a fairly strong massage (8/10).

The design of this model is unique and the features are abundant.

If you want to invest in your relaxation, this might be the chair you’re looking for.

Osaki TP 8500 – Features and Benefits

One thing that’s unique about this chair is the quick buttons.

Right beneath the arm massager, there are a series of 5 buttons and a USB port where you start the massage and change the position quickly without fussing around with the remote.

The USB is nice for charging your phone, mine seems to be always low battery!

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When you first assemble and plug in this machine, you’ll hear some cranking noise. That’s the computerized body scan working to cater to the massage just for you.

It can detect where your head is so the rollers don’t go past it. It also optimizes other variables of body size and shape.

The track is an SL track or simply an L-track that is 53 inches in length. It follows the curvature of the body and massages go all the from the neck to the butt/hamstring area.

The rollers are the standard quad-type rollers that have the best performance for mimicking the human hand.

The LCD remote is a cool red and black schema and has small buttons that are intuitive and helpful.

It also has a small portrait of a person laying down on the chair so that it’s clear what the buttons are doing.

Osaki TP-8500 massage chair


There are 4 airbags for the upper body, 8 bags for the lower arm, 4 bags for the calf rest, and 10 bags for the feet. A total of 26 airbags.

Also, 7 pieces of solenoid valves and 1 air pump. The number of airbags is a lot less than the average but this is possible because of Osaki’s revolutionary engineering team.

We find it much more soothing and effective with a lesser number of airbags.

The cool thing about this chair is that it has an ankle massager.

Also, the foot massager isn’t a standard scraping roller. It’s a disc-shaped roller with little balls protruding outward and it rotates in a clockwise fashion. It’s a pretty effective foot roller.

Also, the head pillow is adjustable. This adds another way to reduce/increase intensity on top of the remote functionality.

I liked that there are soft covers on the chair that are removable and washable.

The zero gravity and space-saving technology are pretty standard among most Osaki models. You can place the chair 3 inches from the wall and have it operate perfectly.


  • Voltage: 110 – 120V
  • 48 inches X 30 inches X 34 inches (Length, Width, height)
  • Timer: 20 minutes
  • Gross weight: 300lbs
  • Massage strength 7-8 / 10


  • SL-track with space-saving technology
  • True zero gravity angles
  • Adjustable shoulder position
  • Minimal airbags
  • Unique foot roller design


  • Small amount of automatic programs
  • The timer could be longer

Osaki TP 8500 Review – Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the Osaki TP 8500 massage chair! 

For the price, this massage chair is jam-packed with features while still being a space saver – what more could you want?

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