Real Relax Favor 03 PLUS Review

Welcome to our review of the Real Relax Favor 03 Plus Massage Chair!

Finding an affordable massage chair under $1000 is not easy. Most chairs in that price range are cheap Chinese massage chairs with little or zero customer service.

Real Relax is different. They are on a mission to manufacture affordable massage chairs and they do it well.

Their most popular models are the Favor series. Most chairs in this model line use a fixed-point massage mechanic as opposed to a roller mechanism that more expensive massage chairs use. This means you won’t feel the massage rollers gliding across your back.

Real Relax Favor 03 PLUS – 3 Reasons To Buy

Real Relax massage chair
  1. It’s cheap without sacrificing quality. The Favor 03 is one of the highest-rated massages under $1000. It’s got a bunch of features like zero gravity and lower back heating that you find in high-end chairs.
  2. It gives deep tissue massage. It’s easy to forget that the most important thing about massage chairs is the massage itself. It gives a strong massage so rest assured you will be satisfied when you get a massage from this chair. You may dampen it with a towel if it’s too strong.
  3. Easy assembly and fits taller people. It’s delivered in two boxes and the assembly takes 30 minutes tops. It’s a leg extension to accommodate tall users. We were able to seat a 6-foot-5-inch man comfortably in this chair.

Features and Benefits: A Closer Look

Height Limit: 6 feet 2 inches; weight capacity: 400 lbs.

The Favor 03 updated 2020 version added Bluetooth capability, LED lighting of the Real Relax logo on the side panel, and an additional 2 automatic programs.

The first thing you notice about this chair is that it is aesthetically pleasing. It comes in 3 color choices: blue and Khaki (my favorite), Black, and Brown and Khaki. It’s covered in high-quality synthetic leather that is breathable and comfortable.

One thing I liked about this chair is that it gives a powerful deep-tissue massage. Personally, nothing can substitute the strength of the massage, since that’s what makes a massage chair effective. I would recommend stuffing a thin pillow/towel near the lower back and using max settings minimally.

The foot portion of the chair can work independently of the backrest reclining. This gives you a little more flexibility in using the chair.

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This chair comes delivered in two boxes. The assembly is fairly intuitive and easy although the manual is not super helpful. There are a few bolts and some tubes(for the air compression massage) to connect but that’s it.

Real relax 2020 massage chair unboxed

The remote has a high-def VFD display and is fairly simple and basic.

The 5-inch foot extension is nice for taller users. However, keep in mind that this is spring loaded so during zero gravity you’ll have to apply pressure to keep the leg portion extended (if you’re tall).

The new Bluetooth capability that was added in 2020 is a nice touch to the chair. If you have noisy neighbors as I do, controlling your surrounding sounds becomes a necessity!

Also new in 2020 were 6 automatic programs and LED breathing lights, which is the Real Relax logo that lights up on the side panel.

Real Relax Favor 03 PLUS massage chair review

There is heat in the lower lumbar and leg portion. This helps promote blood circulation and loosens up the muscle for a more penetrating massage.

The biggest improvement to this chair is the arm linkage design. Because the opening to the arm slot is horizontal, it makes it difficult for the arms to stay in. Occasionally, you’ll have to exert effort to make sure they don’t slip out.

Real Relax Favor 03 Plus Massage Chair – Conclusion

The recent revamp of this chair has made an already awesome massage chair even more amazing. You can tell that Real Relax has thought about the experience of the user, and the little extra additions have made this chair an absolute dream to own.

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Incredibly, this chair is still priced under $1000. The high-tech features coupled with its deep, soothing massage make this one of the best value-for-money massage chairs available today.

We highly recommend the Real Relax Favor 03 Plus for anyone looking for a reliable yet affordable massage chair. 

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