Real Relax Favor 03 Review:

Welcome to our review of the Real Relax Favor 03 Massage Chair. Below we’ll get into why you would want to buy this massage chair, and why you might not. But first, let’s take a general dive into this massage chair.

Real Relax Favor Introduction

The Real Relax Favor 03 looks spectacular. It’s also pretty cheap (relatively speaking).

It looks great and works well but durability falls short. Also, their customer service and warranty policies are not the best.

The features of Favor 03 are pretty similar to the previous models. We’ll go over the features and benefits.

If you’re looking for a cheap massage chair and want to take a chance at durability, then this is the chair for you. If not, we have some good options that are in the same ballpark price.

Let’s begin.

3 Reasons You Should Buy The Real Relax Favor 03

  1. It is relatively inexpensive. There are massage chairs that cost thousands of dollars. The Favor 03 doesn’t hit 4 digits and still has high-quality features.
  2. It’s got a strong massage. For those massage fanatics and tough-skinned people, this thing is strong. Some customers describe it as bone-crushing. Make sure to have a towel available to dampen areas where the massage is too strong.
  3. High Amazon rating and fits big people. Most massage chairs cannot fit American-sized people. Real Relax can because they were made by an American. The Favor 03 fits up to 6 feet 3 inches and can hold up to 440 lbs. At the time of this writing, the product had a 4.4/5-star rating on Amazon.
Real Relax Favor 03 massage chair

3 Reasons You Should Consider Another Massage Chair

  1. It does not have an L-track. The mechanism that provides the massage is based on a cheaper design. On average, people prefer the SL track with quad rollers because they mimic the human touch and feel more accurately.
  2. No Space Saving Technology. For those who live in close quarters, maybe in the heart of Chicago, space is a precious resource. The Favor 03 doesn’t have space-saving technology so you might need to allocate a good chunk of your living room to make this functional/fit.
  3. Manual leg extension. The leg extension is manual so you have to provide pressure to keep it where you want it to be. It’s a little cumbersome, some don’t mind it but just know it requires a bit of work if you are on the taller side.

In these cases, check out our Kahuna Hubot review.

 real relax favor 03

Real Relax Favor 03 Review

I’m a huge fan of the new color scheme for this model. Blue and Khaki. It looks nice but it may be a little tough to fit into the decor of some homes. There is a piece of metal or aluminum on the side of the chair where the Real Relax logo lights up in LED fashion. It’s purely aesthetics but it’s noteworthy that Real Relax went that length for this chair.

This massage chair is cheaper because it uses 8 point massage system. This system consists of a fixed massage node that rotates and vibrates to provide the massage. This feels great for some but for others, the expensive roller system may be worth considering. We recommend checking out our Osaki massage chair reviews.

One thing we appreciated is that this chair fits up to 6 feet 3 inches tall individuals. Size is sometimes an issue with massage chairs as many of them are built in foreign countries where the average person is slightly smaller than the average American. The weight limit is 440 lbs, which is way above average.

There are 50 airbags placed throughout this chair that provide air compression massage. There are proven benefits associated with air compression massage such as increased blood circulation, and providing more oxygenated blood for your body.

There are 6 automatic programs. The key thing about programs is to look for ones that feel distinct. Often, the company will make them feel similar which isn’t useful for the consumer. These are pretty distinct and you will be able to tell the difference between each of them. There are chairs like the Kahuna Hubot that have 15 automatic programs.

The arm massager and sleeve are comfortable and don’t slip your arm out. It would be nice if the opening faced upwards rather than sideways so you didn’t have to apply much effort to keep your arm in place.

The remote is pretty intuitive and compact; it fits into the palm very nicely. The buttons are easy to press, not mashed together. It is a tethered remote.

The foot rollers are effective and is well-made, especially for this price. The airbags provide the right amount of pressure on the right angle to apply pressure to the foot.

There are heating pads located in the lumbar, and lower back regions. It’s great for loosening up those muscles to make the massage much more effective.

Also, you can enjoy your favorite music with Bluetooth speakers. Don’t expect high-quality Bose speakers but it does set the scene.

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