Real Relax Massage Chair (Shiatsu Favor-04) Review: What I Really Think!

Today, I’ll review one of my personal favorite massage chair brands: Real Relax.

Real Relax came across a problem many have encountered in pursuit of the “perfect” massage chair. Massage chairs can be extremely expensive (at least the ones that fall into the category of “perfect”). The result? They made their own.

I’ll go through all the relevant features and as well as some improvements that it could work on.

Let’s begin.

Product Specifications

  • Package 1 dimensions: 43.9”(length) X 29.1”(width) X 26.6” (height)
  • Package 2 dimensions: 49.4”(length) X 26.1”(width) X 10.2” (height)
  • Total Weight: 210.6 LBS
  • Contents: Real Relax Chair, user manual, and remote control


Real Relax Favor 4 Massage Chair

8 Massage Point System

RealRelax is one of the few brands on the market that offer a massage chair without the track and roller system. This is how they are able to offer low priced massage chairs. The 8 massage point system is really just a technical way of saying “8 massage balls that rotate in place.”

All of the 8 points are on the backrest so you don’t get the buttocks area like you would from a L-track. However, it still does give – surprisingly – a powerful massage.

Air Bag System

Like other luxury massage chairs, this chair offers compression massage through a series of 50 air bags. These air bags are located on the shoulders, waist, arms, legs, and feet.

The chair has an average to smaller frame so the airbags squeezes your body pretty well.

I would say the shoulder airbags are the least effective. My shoulders weren’t confined in a space in order for them to be effective like the legs and arms slots.

Auto Massage Programs

The four kinds of auto programs this chair offers is sleep, mild, relaxing, and strong mode. They are in order of massage intensities.

On top of the auto programs there are manual programs that allow you to massage specific parts of the body.

Remote Control

The Favor-04 comes with a remote control with 19 buttons. Most of which is to target specific parts of the body. You can choose between massage types like kneading, shiatsu, and rolling. You can increase speed, strength, and reclining the chair.

Although the remote control is wired, there is a convenient slot where you can put the remote. I wouldn’t say it’s the nicest remove I’ve ever seen but it’s functional and useful.

Zero Gravity

How can we forget about one of the most sought out features of a luxury massage chair? The zero gravity allows you to feel weightless. There’s some evidence saying that it leads to better back issues because it relieves the pressure on the spine.

There’s nothing crazy special about the zero gravity feature in the Favor-04 but it’s worth noting that I fell asleep while in zero gravity mode. And they say you can’t sleep on clouds!


The warranty is covered for 3 years but coverage is broken down by year. The first year the warranty covers free maintenance and repair to only workmanship or materials. The 2nd and 3rd year covers free shipping on replacement parts. Note that the cost of parts is not free.

Extraneous Features

So far the features I’ve talked about are pretty standard on the massage market. Next, I’ll go over some small difference that RealRelax put into this chair that make the whole experience better.

The RealRelax Favor-04 comes with wheels on the chair. It’s massive and weighs around 250 lbs so it’s nice that there are built in wheels to haul this thing into your home.

Bluetooth capability. The chair has built-in bluetooth so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes while being super relaxed.

The chair uses high quality dense foam so that it conforms to your shape and size.

The noise is quiet because of the type of motors they use.


At the end of the day we all want a relaxing massage experience without digging deep into our pockets. RealRelax provides an economical and ergonomic solution to this problem. It has all the standard features like zero gravity, airbag system, and heating.

Frequent Answer and Question

Q: Is the foot part and backrest independently controllable?

A: No.

Q: How much does the chair weigh?

A: The package weighs around 200 lbs

Q: S-Track or L-track?

A: Neither. The massage balls roll in place.

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