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Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Review

Welcome to this Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Review Article. We’ll get into the features and benefits of their MK-II Plus Massage Chair a bit further down this article, but first, an introduction to who Relaxonchair are in the first place.

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus – Introduction

Relaxonchair is one of the highest quality off-brands on the market.

They are one of the few brands that operate in the US. 

They’ve operated in California from the very start of their company.

They are also one of the few companies directly shipping and manufacturing from its factory, passing the savings on to the customers.

They are especially known for their bigger and taller audience. 

It is one of the few brands that will accommodate customers taller than 6 feet 5 inches and heavier than 350 lbs.

We had a chance to speak to Relaxonchair.  They are definitely about saving costs while retaining high-quality features. to quote their response –

“We created Relaxonchair to embody affordability with exceptional quality.

Our goal was always to provide our customers with top quality products that have the same features of top-tier chairs that are almost twice the price”.

Today we’ll review one of their popular models:  The MK-II Plus.

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Summary

MK-II Plus has all the features of a modern luxury massage chair without the expensive price tag. 

It’s got 3 stages zero gravity, computerized body scan, air compression technology, lower lumbar heating, and more.

This chair is reliable, can fit taller and bigger people, is flexible in programmability, and has excellent seat wearability.

Because of its cheaper price, you can save a ton of money compared to getting a massage by a masseuse. 

The average price of a massage is around $100 per hour.  For 100 hours, that’s $10,000! 

You can get this massage chair for a 5th of that cost and get much more mileage out of it.

We especially liked the 3 stages of zero gravity on this chair.  Why?  I’m getting older and my body is putting a lot of pressure on my spine. 

I’ve been working out, so my upper body is quite heavy ;). 

In zero gravity mode, the chair elevates your legs above the level of your heart, giving your spine a break.

We do recommend getting their white glove delivery.  You wouldn’t want to break your back or assemble your chair incorrectly(although there isn’t too much to do).

Relaxon MK-11 Chair


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Relaxonchair MK II Plus Specifications

  • 4 Preprogrammed Massage modes
  • 5-Unique Massage Techniques – Rolling, Tapping, Kneading, Combined Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu
  • 3-stage automatic zero gravity
  • 3-levels of Speed Control and Airbag Intensity Control
  • Heat Therapy at the lower back
  • Computerized Body Scan
  • 30 minutes max duration
  • 65 x 30 x 40 inches (l x w x h)
  • Rated to accommodate 6’2″ Tall and up to 280 lbs
  • 2-color variations – Charcoal and Chocolate 
  • 3-year warranty

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Pros and Cons


  • Best value for money
  • Single-handed remote control
  • Great reputation among customers, more than 90% recommend it
  • Includes L-track massage system, computerized body scan, heat therapy, zero-gravity positioning, and multiple Airbags that premium-priced chairs offer


  • Foor rollers not suitable for sensitive feet
  • Not fully illuminated remote control which presents navigation problem in low-light
  • Makes sound while in operation
  • Not a space-savers as it requires 11.8 inches of free space from the wall to its frontside and 19.5 inches to the backside

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Feature Review

Features are one of those only things that make it or break it. Let’s have a detailed look at what it has to offer:

Three Stage Zero Gravity

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus true zero gravity position


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Zero-Gravity? What does that mean? You can’t zero Earth’s gravity!

Then why do they say zero gravity?

It may sound confusing at first but it’s very simple to understand.

You are constantly pulled downward by gravity 24 hours a day, which means your spine is under stress during that time and your heart has to struggle to pump blood.

The zero gravity feature is there to relieve this stress and to ease blood circulation.

In the zero-gravity position, your legs are lifted above your heart slightly.

3rd stage puts you in a nearly flat 180 degrees position, releasing the strain on the spine and pressure on the body.

It also allows a more comforting massage on your back.

Your heart also works less and blood circulation improves resulting in ultimate relaxation.

Now you know that zeroing gravity doesn’t zero Earth-Gravity by some super scientific method but puts you in a position that Zeroes the negative effects of gravity on your body.

Smart Computerized Body Scan

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus l track massage system

So what benefit would an electronic body scanner impart to MK-II Plus, interesting huh?

The scanner is a device used to identify something to perform further operations.

The same is the case here, a computerized scanning system identifies targeted locations as specified by the user for massage.

Secondly, it also measures the length of your spine to give you a more enhanced therapeutic experience.

Without a scanning system, you can just desire those massaging rollers to touch your desired spot.

Buttock L-Tracking System

You know it relieves stress when pressed at a hurting point, but it doesn’t feel good if pressure is applied for too long at that particular point.

That was the problem with those fixed-point massage chairs. Rather than relieving pain and stress, you could have long-term bad effects.

Buttock L-tracking technology has emerged to solve this problem.

Here, the rollers glide down under the seat from the neck and shoulder area to provide a smooth and seamless massage.

It is specially designed to provide you with a continuous wave of relief right from the upper back to your buttocks covering all the points in between.

Air Bag System

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus air bag system

Yes, MK-II Plus is fully loaded with airbags.

Airbags inflate and deflate according to the user’s command and are programmed to do so either simultaneously or individually.

3 intensity levels are depending on the pressure in airbags that provide a human-like feel of massage. 

These airbags are smartly placed across the chair to support feet, calves, hips, shoulders, and arms.

Airbag massage aids in blood circulation through these body parts to speed up the healing process of exhausted muscles.

Airbag technology falls in the must-have category.

Auto Programs

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus massage chair auto programs

MK-II Plus has 4 automatic preprogrammed modes that have been prepared, keeping in mind the paramount purpose of massage and comfort. 

These 4 intelligent programs are Deep Massage, Comfort, Recovery, and Decompression.

Each of these 4 programs run for a 30-minute session.

Let’s see what these programs are about:

  1. (Auto I) DEEP MASSAGE –  Air pressure is applied to acupressure points and alternation is carried out between all 5 manual massage modes (Rolling, Tapping, Kneading, Dual or Combined Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu) to provide deep full-body massage.
  2. (Auto II) COMFORT – Fixed point massage is achieved by applying air pressure on all positions, alternating between all 5 manual massage modes, and varying the motion of each mode.  
  3. (Auto III) RECOVERY – Provides an energy boost and helps in blood circulation by alternating between all 5 manual massage modes and reclining then inclining the Backrest and leg/foot-rest back and forth at the same time.
  4. (Auto IV) DECOMPRESSION – Your whole body is decompressed to release strain by enabling all 5 manual massage modes while reclining the backrest to its maximum position and lowering the leg/footrest simultaneously to give your legs and back muscles a stretch.

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RELAXONCHAIR offers a 3-year warranty for MK-II Plus and it breaks down as follows:

  1. During 1st year, all parts and labor including transportation to and from the authorized repair center (if on-site maintenance is not available) are covered.
  2. For 2nd year, only the defective components or parts are covered. 
  3. 3rd year covers only the main structural body.

You can avail of additional/extended warranties at some extra cost. 

While it’s cool to have a warranty, keep in mind that it doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, damage due to misuse, not installing or using according to provided instructions, any second-hand owner, and most importantly, the commercial use ends this warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the massage really good?

Massage can be intense for first-time users but you can control lower the intensity level to solve this problem. There is a complaint regarding foot rollers for being too tense.

How well will someone with 6’5″ height fits in?

You will fit in it without any problem but a neck massage may not be that good.

Is it easy for me to get up and out of this chair?

Yes, it’s easy because it returns to an upright position after the session ends.

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Relaxonchair MK-II Plus – Conclusion

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus simply offers you a complete package. It has great customer feedback and is also an Amazon’s Choice product, which means it qualifies in all areas. 

It does have some downsides but not greater than its upsides.

If you are after a massage chair that doesn’t hit the wallet hard, yet comes with rich features, then it’s the MK-II Plus that you want.

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