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All About the Kahuna LM6800T Massage Chair

Welcome to our review of the Kahuna LM6800T Massage chair!

Choosing a massage chair can be an overwhelming and daunting task as there are many brands, models, features, and types of massage chairs available on the market today. 

We aim to provide you with a comprehensive review of this massage chair so that you can decide if this is the right chair for your particular needs. 

So let’s dive in with a little about Kahuna massage chairs

Kahuna is one of the largest manufacturers of massage chairs in the USA as well as Canada and strives to retain a 5-star rating from customers. They pride themselves on listening to their customers and responding with upgrades and improvements. They are easy to contact on their Customer Service lines.

The Kahuna LM6800T comes in 3 different color choices – White Camel, Black Camel,  and Black White.

Cleaning is easy, just a damp cloth will clean up most spillages on the faux leather fabric.

Kahuna LM6800T Massage Chair Specifications

60”D x 45”W x 29”H

Weight is 210 pounds.

Kahuna LM6800T massage chair


Kahuna LM6800T – features

  • 3D 4 roller on SL track with auto leg extension
  • 24 Auto programs to choose from
  • Multi-levels of Zero Gravity – 4 in all.
  • Full body scanning and heat therapy
  • 5 different portions of body massage programs
  • Body scanning technology
  • 36 airbag massagers for all-in-one full-body massage
  • Quick heating for back and legs
  • Roller massage for buttocks

If you love a deep massage then this is the chair for you! Set the timer and away you go.

Next time, the timer will automatically remember, so there is no need for constant adjusting.

Also, the air-cell system located in the shoulders, arms, and waist with triple hip air cells will give you a real relief massage.

The 3D roller system provides a deeper massage into the shoulder and neck areas.

24 auto programs to choose from, including

  • Relax
  • Yoga Stretch
  • Recovery
  • Chiro Stretch
  • Office Clerk Mode
  • Housewife Mode
  • Game Player Mode
  • Sports Man Mode….the list goes on.
Kahuna LM6800T features


The SL track gives you the best of both worlds. In other words, the S track refers to the length and shape of the massage rollers.

The L track refers to a longer track that extends from the neck down to the glutes and upper thighs. Combining the 2 tracks benefits those who suffer from lower back pain with a more thorough massage.

Benefits of Zero Gravity

Kahuna LM6800T SL Track


By taking the pressure off your spine, zero gravity helps reduce back pain while stimulating circulation at the same time.

Inspired by NASA technology the Kahuna LM6800T gives you 4 levels of zero gravity, so choose which one suits you best.

The LM6800T looks very different from the previous model LM6800. Kahuna, in their wisdom, looked at all the reviews of their LM6800 series and upgraded to this current model.

Kahuna LM6800T Heating

The upgrades include:

  • The chair comes fully assembled – straight out of the box – ready to use.
  • The foot rollers have been adjusted for a gentler massage.
  • In the T version, the airbag inflation system has been softened to a gentler intensity.
  • There are now 4 levels of zero gravity to choose from.
  • The foot extension has been increased by 6 inches. This allows taller people, up to 6’2” to enjoy a comfortable massage.
  • You can choose the end position, either leaving the chair in zero gravity mode after the massage has finished or returning to the upright position. The choice is yours.
  • Bluetooth capacity allows you to enjoy your favorite music to the very end.
  • Last, but not least, Kahuna has added LED lighting to the chair so you can enjoy some mood lighting as well.
  • They have thought of everything!!

Heating Therapy by Ondol system embraces the whole body for a soothing warm massage, increasing blood circulation, and leaving you relaxed!

The heating is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from stiffness in the lower back regions.

Bluetooth Speakers – listen to your favorite music to enhance the entire experience of the massage.

We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Kahuna LM6800T.


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