SereneLife SLFTMSG35 Foot Massager Review

Welcome to our review of SereneLife SLFTMSG35 Foot Massager which is based in Brooklyn and built by New Yorkers.

They have a wide range of products ranging from Sports & outdoors to Electronics & Gadgets. They aren’t particularly focused on the massage equipment industry but they have innovative products, nonetheless.

One of their products, SereneLife Foot Massager G35, is one of the most popular foot massagers available on Amazon. It’s got a futuristic modern style with nice comfortable inserts for your feet. The massage is strong and can help with conditions like neuropathy.

Besides the SLFTMSG35, SereneLife has 3 other foot massagers: G20, G45, and G25. They are all except the G20.

3 Reasons You Should Buy SereneLife G35 Foot Massager

  1. Relief From Neuropathy. Many customers found relief from Neuropathy from this massager. It’s strong enough to reduce swelling in the feet and ankles after a long hard day.
  2. Luxury Spa Design. Many foot massagers look like some toy or have bland designs. SereneLife’s foot massager looks like it belongs in a high-end spa. It gets you in a relaxed state of mind as you’re conditioned to when you enter a spa.
  3. Sleek Remote Control. When sitting down, it’s a hassle to reach down to the foot massager to operate it. It’s great that this product gives you a sleek remote. Many competitors do not. Even the remote has a nice flower design!
SereneLife SLFTMSG35 Foot Massager Review

2 Reasons Why You Might Consider Another Foot Massager

  1. It may be too strong. Some customers have said this foot massager is too strong for them. If you have sensitive feet this may not be for you. You may want to consider a foot massager with a larger range of strength adjustments and try out the lowest strength.
  2. The heat is barely noticeable. If the level of heating is a deal breaker then this product may not be for you. This foot massager, like many others, does not have strong heat. It’s because it’s insulated and the motion of the rollers naturally generates heat so many companies do not feel the need to up the heating functionality.

In this case, we recommend checking out Cloud Massager. We loved this foot massager and even more so when we found out it supports a family of 3!


cloud foot massager

Features And Benefits

The first thing you notice about this foot massager is that it looks sleek, modern, and contemporary. It’s got the shape and design of a foot spa and makes you feel like you’re in one when you use it. It comes with a nice sleek low-profile remote with a handful of buttons. It’s nice to be able to operate the massager while reclining in your favorite chair.

There are several health benefits associated with using a foot massager. It will relieve tension, relax muscle pain, and increase blood flow and circulation.

This model focuses on Shiatsu-style massage. It uses pointier mechanics to target pressure points and small knots. The G25 focuses more on the rolling massaging technique, and the G45 focuses on vibration massage.

It successfully targets the toes, heels, and ankles. Although it does not target the back of the heel properly.

One thing I liked is that this foot massager fits up to men’s size 13. Other foot massagers seem to be small, not being able to fit even a size 12.

There are 6 simple buttons on the interface which control the heat, pressure, speed, mode, and power.

The heat functions are convenient, especially during colder times. It’s not super powerful but it does the job.

There are several intensity and speed options. The range of intensity and speed is wide enough that you can tell the difference between each end of the spectrum.

The LED screen is useful for clearly showing the options you’ve selected.

There is a 30-day refund policy for this product and a 1-year warranty. Visit and contact their customer support if you have issues with your massager.

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