Snailax Memory Foam Massage Mat

Welcome to our Snailax Memory Foam Massage Mat Review.

Snailax is one of the biggest brands in the massage industry. They make back massagers, neck and shoulder massagers, massage mats, handheld massagers, foot massagers, and more. They are one of the most prolific and high-rated brands on Amazon.

Who is Snailax?

Snailax is a term that combines the words “Snail” and “Relax.”

They are on a mission to slow down the pace of life. Especially if you are tuned into social media or live in an urban place like Chicago or New York City, you can be overwhelmed with societal pressure.

Their products offer a non-surgical solution to the high-paced stress of life.

They are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As someone who has dealt with foreign customer service.

It’s a relief to know that Snailax is operated and provides support from their team, here in the States.

My favorite thing about Snailax is their honesty and transparency with their products. On their Amazon page, they are upfront and honest about what a product does and does not do. Snailax Memory Foam Massage Pad

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We’ve tested customer service by asking them what product they would recommend to someone with back issues.

April, a customer representative, recommended the SL-233 which is a product that relieves muscle pain, especially in the back, shoulder, and neck.

It also had a 2-year warranty!

Snailax Massage Mat customer service

Snailax Memory Foam Massage Mat – Features And Benefits

The first thing you notice about this massage mat is that it’s ultra-plush   (soft polyester), making it very soft to the touch and comfortable to lie down on. It’s made out of .8 inches of memory foam and . 4 inches of high-density base foam.

The mat can be used upright or laid down horizontally. It’s foldable and flexible so it can be used on most surfaces, including chairs, couches, and recliners.

Color is dark grey, which fits well with most decor.

There are a total of 10 massage motors and 6 heating pads.

The motors and heating pads are more heavily distributed near the headrest where one’s torso would be.

You can adjust the vibration (3 levels) and it is decently strong at the highest level. Also, even with that many motors, it’s not loud at all.

The massage hits 5 parts of the body: shoulder, back, waist, thigh, and legs.

It doesn’t offer shiatsu-style massage, but it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s nice to not be wrangled back and forth by a spaceship-looking massage chair (although if I do feel like I want to be tossed around I recommend the Kahuna SM 7300).

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Although against instructions, I found myself falling asleep a lot. It’s very comfortable and soothing, enough to put me to sleep. The auto shut-off timer of 30 minutes comes in handy because it’s so easy to fall asleep!

The heat is effective, unlike other massage products that feel lukewarm.

It can reach a max temperature of 124 Fahrenheit, although it may take several minutes (up to 5) to get there.

A bonus is that the heat operates independently of the massage.

Many massage chairs do not have this luxury, which makes it frustrating to just enjoy one function of the product!

Several things can be improved.

First, it’s not super long and wide.

The total length of this is 5 feet 9 inches (12 inches headrest and 57 inches body).

If you’re super tall, this isn’t for you.

Also, it is 24 inches wide, which is fairly wide for most people (as a comparison, the average massage chair has a 22-inch wide seating).

Second, the power cord isn’t super long so I recommend getting an extension

It’s reported that many customers with back issues (even serious conditions like degenerative disc issues) are relieved from using this product.

It’s not medically endorsed by any MDs but certainly, it has some capability to ease the pain.

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