Titan Ti-Comfort 7 Full Body Massage Chair Review: Should You Buy It?

The first time I bought a massage chair, I made a huge mistake. I bought a chair made in China and the brand didn’t have any authority. Needless to say the chair didn’t last very long.

Osaki / Titan is a brand that’s been around for decades. They are one of the most prolific massage chair distributors and manufacturers. They have Japanese-inspired designs and engineering to make sure the most innovative and quality chairs get through their doors.

Today, I’ll go through head to toe review of the Titan TI-Comfort 7 massage chair.

Let’s begin.

Top 3 Reason You Should Buy The Titan TI-Comfort 7

Titan Ti-Comfort 7 Full Body Massage Chair Review
  1. It’s a slim profile design. Bulky massage chairs can make delivery and installation very difficult. If you’re renting, this can mean a hassle every year. Compared to other chairs, The TI-Comfort 7 is slim and lightweight.
  2. It’s affordable. Some chairs like the Human Touch Super Novo costs more than a car. This chair is one of the cheapest S-track massage chairs on the market.
  3. It’s packed with innovative features. With the exception of the L-track, this chair has all modern, contemporary features. You can expect computerized body scan, full body air compression massages, and an intuitive, easy to use remote.

Titan TI-Comfort 7 Massage Chair: An In-depth review

One of the first things you notice about this chair is its slim back design. Other chairs are bulky pods or have wide backs that don’t serve much purpose. The style is simplistic; there isn’t much going on. No LED lighting. No Bluetooth speakers. Just a quality massage chair.

It sports an S-track that is longer than the industry average. This S-track is the surface where the rollers move on to ultimately provide the massaging experience. The track follows the curvature of your spine for a more effective and smooth massage.

When you engage one of the automatic programs, the first thing you will hear and see is the body scan turning on. It use sensors to determine where your body is in contact with the surface of the chair to provide you an optimal massage. Without this feature, the rollers may go past your head.

One important thing to note is that the footrest and backrest recline together. They are not controller independently. I really liked that the foot rest is electric instead of spring loaded. In zero gravity, you won’t have to constantly apply pressure using the bottom of your feet to the foot slot.

The seat vibration is pretty mild and its a nice touch to the entire massage experience.

One of my favorite parts of this massage chair is being able to massage specific zones. To do this, you’ll hold down the spot key and release when the rollers hit the specific spot.

There are several forms of customization: massage type, speed, location, and intensity are all controllable.

There is also a favorites button to hold your favorite massages!

Neck, seat, foot, and hand can be controller independently of one another which is awesome.

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